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July 28, 2005

Vol 3 • No 28


Most American cinema fans know the 1968 movie “True Grit,” starring John Wayne and Billstown native Glen Campbell in his acting debut.

Making sense of legislative divides

The politics of the Arkansas legislature surely makes little sense to the casual observer. Republican senators vote against one of their own for president pro tem, and for a Democrat, because the senior Republican who is in line for the largely honor

Editorials July 28

A courageous middleweight from Little Rock wins the world championship. His defeated opponent, who spent the weeks before the bout sneering at Jermain Taylor’s home state, petitions boxing officials to overturn the decision. A fabulous bird, long thoug

The week that was July 20-26

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … ARKANSAS SCHOOL KIDS. The 2005 Iowa tests showed kids in grades K-9 scored above the national median in virtually every grade and category of reading and math. Just call us Lake Woebegone.

Orval July 28

Sin is in

With a name like Josh the Devil and the Sinners, it’s no surprise that frontman Josh Smith names the punk/gore rock bands HorrorPops and Necro Tonz as cohorts and influences. Smith and his iniquitous bunch will be headlining a show at Juanita’s Cantina B

Exact change

It was a “Lord God” moment. Even rarer than a sighting of the ivory-billed woodpecker (called the “Lord God” bird for the reaction it inspires) is a politician who changes his mind, admits doing so and does it for the right reasons.

Smart Talk July 28

Remember when New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams complained about the amenities in Little Rock during a trip to see the Clinton Library? This is from her July 7 column:

The Observer July 28

It is not just mad dogs and Englishmen who go out in the midday sun. Arkansans do it too, for Jermain Taylor.

Making sense of legislative divides

The politics of the Arkansas legislature surely makes little sense to the casual observer. Republican senators vote against one of their own for president pro tem, and for a Democrat, because the senior Republican who is in line for the largely honor

Hits and misses at Gypsy's

Denis Seyer, one of the heralded folks behind the great Restaurant Jacques and Suzanne in the 1970s before — as all those J&S folks did — branching out on his own, is celebrating 25 years in the same location.

For the ballpark tax

Polls indicate that next week North Little Rock people will vote to build a modern baseball stadium on their waterfront for the Arkansas Travelers. If so, voters will be raising their sales tax by 1 cent for two years, but will create an attraction th

How hot is it?

It’s so hot I was out fishing and the worms started volunteering. It’s so hot that I’ve been thinking that Nixon, on the whole, was not that bad a president. It’s so hot the tree frogs only sigh.

Students’ work on display at Presidential Center

Eight students from Marvell who are participating in the One Shot art program will have their visions of life in the Delta exhibited at the Clinton Presidential Center on Tuesday, Aug. 2, from 6-8 p.m.

Words July 28

Mauzel Beal of Conway writes: “I continually hear people using the nominative case of personal pronouns when it should be the objective case. Many newspaper articles make the same mistakes. Examples: They invited Tom and I (should be Tom and me). Here

A little girl, a big voice

Folks who attended the “Wings and Wishes” benefit auction, dance and dinner for the Make-A-Wish Foundation on Sunday night were treated to a performance by an up-and-coming Little Rock talent, Bailey Hefley.

Wanna be cool?

If you frequent one of the hip clothing boutiques in Hillcrest or the Heights, odds are you’ve come across the T-shirts and/or pajamas of be6 designs. (If not, see the accompanying photo or surf on over to

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Blue Coast Burrito. Capsule reviews: Beechwood Grill, Tom's Twelfth Street Bar-b-q.

No fantasy ‘Island’

By late July, the summer blockbusters have started to wear as thin as the seat of your favorite Bermuda shorts. After July 4, the explosions lose their bang, the CGI effects all go flat, and even the most fanboyish of moviegoers begins to long for somethi

Booze news

We witnessed a bit of power politics last week. After more than four hours of testimony, the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission did as expected. Led by a couple of the Rev. Gov. Huckabee’s chief money men — J. J. Vigneault and Ron Fuller — the C

Letters July 28

I enjoyed Max Brantley’s comments about the banning of “Angels in America” at Arkansas Governor’s School. This is probably the one area that fundamentalist governors can affect public education the most. Whereas we used to challenge our high school stud

TV highlights

BEING BOBBY BROWN 9 p.m. Thursday, July 28 Bravo (Comcast Ch. 50) The reality show genre marches on. This time, someone said: “If we can’t get a famous person to do our reality show, let’s get a famous person’s spouse!”

The Insider July 28

Rick Calhoun will run for lieutenant governor. He said his campaign offices will officially open Aug. 2 above the Flying Fish restaurant, although he will not announce his candidacy until later.

More picks July 28-Aug. 4

The week's highlights include cardboard boat races in Heber Springs, an Asia Festival in Little Rock, chuckwagon races near Mayflower, a grape festival in Altus, Twisters football at Alltel, super cars at the Fairgrounds and Little Rock Zoo fun.

This Modern World July 28

Editorial cartoon July 28

Forget the tax cut

With the state government suddenly sitting on a surplus of $125 million, about 2 percent of the state budget, there was the inevitable cry for tax cuts or for sending part of the money back in tiny checks to lots of taxpayers.

War in Jacksonville

On a recent rainy afternoon, Mervin Robinson leaned on the receptionist’s counter at the Jacksonville Museum of Military History and laughed about one of the darkest days of his life. As a boy in Coventry, England, Robinson was in a corrugated underground

Meet the 'Beatles'

Created by two Akron, Ohio, bandmembers as an outlet for their love of Beatles music, “1964” … the Tribute is now in its 21st year entertaining fans of the Fab Four’s music. In fact, “1964” which performs one show at Robinson Center Music Hall on Thurs

The Rep goes hip-hop

The Arkansas Repertory Theatre’s main stage will be jumping with “The Hip Hop Project,” opening Saturday, July 30, and also running Aug. 3-6.

Cape Fear

It was one of those ideas just stupid enough to appeal to me: put together a team of filmmakers and write, shoot, edit and score a four- to seven-minute film in 48 hours.

Conservative think-tanker to head UA school-reform operation

FAYETTEVILLE — When University of Arkansas Chancellor John White announced in January what he called “a bold new venture” — the creation of a UA Department of Education Reform — friends of public education in Arkansas were not all cheering.