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August 11, 2005

Vol 3 • No 30

A beaming monument

War and peace are supposed to be diametrical opposites. In a little less than five months, though, if everything goes well, the two will come together on North Little Rock’s downtown riverfront.

True grill

The food at Savanah’s River Front Cafe isn’t small-town. An impressive array of steaks and seafood dishes highlights a diverse and sophisticated menu.

Editorial cartoon Aug. 11


The sponsors are calling it a “scream,” but such rising young stars as Omarion and Bobby Valentino will have some of the crowd swooning to ballads in the classic R&B style when BET’s Scream Tour IV: The Heartthrobs invades Alltel Arena on Thursday, Aug. 1

With the rise of the Internet, a lot of things have changed. First: You no longer have to keep your secret magazines in the old underwear drawer — they’re all online (www. Second, and more importantly: Privacy has become a thin

Orval Aug. 11

Onofrio goes to the circus

Sculptor Judy Onofrio's fantastical works crafted with beads, buttons, shells and other found objects are coming to the Arkansas Arts Center.

This Modern World Aug. 11

Elvis preserved

A recording of Elvis at Robinson Auditorium but preserves the sound of his early career.

Smart Talk Aug. 11

Now that Gov. Mike Huckabee is exploring (at least unofficially) a 2008 presidential race, you can expect him to spend time on the road getting exposure.

Getting ready for Hillary

It’s 33 months until anyone starts voting for the next president of the United States, but many people are already talking about it. What’s really interesting is that a lot of them think the next president will be Hillary Clinton.

Texas guitar great Johnson in ‘Bloom’ at Juanita’s

What's Cooking Aug. 11

Two new Tropical Smoothie Cafes are in the mixer: One in Conway, on Club Lane opposite McDonald’s West, and another in Little Rock, on Sam Peck Road and Highway 10.

Words Aug. 11

In the Aug. 4 column, we quoted a classified ad: “ENGINEER, P.E. Application deadline: Aug. 6, 2005. Grade 22 — Salary is commiserate with experience.” Then we (and by we, I mean I) said, “They mean commensurate. The engineers won’t notice.”

Let’s be a hot spot

I called Traci L. Morgan, the new director of Little Rock’s Information Technology Department, to ask her if she intended to provide low-cost Wi-Fi access throughout the entire city. She said she didn’t know yet. It was her first day on the job, and I ha

Siren song to shoppers

There are some back-to-school rituals I’m absolutely glad to be shed of. Buying new jeans, for instance. (I’d honestly almost rather go shopping for a bathing suit.) But give me a dorm room to furnish again, and …

Letters Aug. 11

I appreciate the Arkansas Times reviewing Gypsy’s. However, I would like to point out that the comments on old oil were completely inaccurate.

Bring on Costco

Meet Costco Wholesale, the nation’s leading warehouse retailer. Yes, leading. It has a bigger market share than Sam’s Club, the Wal-Mart warehouse arm. I wish Costco would come to Arkansas.

Something less kind

One of the illegal Mexican immigrants rounded up at the Petit Jean Poultry Plant near Arkadelphia last week and plopped on the other side of the border was a young mother with an infant son, a natural-born American citizen.

The Week That Was Aug. 3-9

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … NORTHWEST ARKANSAS. A report from the Federal Reserve Bank said the number of high-paying jobs in the region grew 256 percent from 1980 to 2000, the second-highest growth rate in the nation.

The August slows

I was once a country correspondent for a glib New York newspaper that required me to submit articles by dictating them over the telephone. A voice-activated robot on the other end recorded and transcribed them. Or it tried to.

TV Highlights Aug. 11

HIGH NOON (1952) 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 13 AMC (Comcast Ch. 31) There are Westerns, and then there’s “High Noon.”

One for the music, two for the show

Sunday night’s Brooks & Dunn/Big & Rich concert was an interesting contrast: The latter, following the opening act Warren Brothers with a seven-song set, entertained with a black cowboy rapper, a midget, fireworks and a hooky, drawn out rocking hit song c

Travs could upgrade fun

No matter how the tax vote for a new stadium in North Little Rock turned out Tuesday (after our press time), wherever the Arkansas Travelers are playing games in the coming years, they could stand to look around at major and minor-league baseball now and

Just say no to ‘Yes’

The poster for the movie “Yes” is deceptive. Joan Allen is pressed against the wall by a bare-chested Simon Abkarian, and he looks like he’s whispering something tantalizing and illicit into her ear. Look at the poster again and you’ll realize that the se

The Observer Aug. 11

Standing on the corner of Second and LaHarpe the other day, waiting for the red hand to turn into the little man so we could walk, The Observer saw a junk trailer go by. They’re pretty common down in these parts, what with our proximity to Sol Alman’s scr

True grill

Savanah’s River Front Cafe isn't small-town. An impressive array of steaks and seafood dishes highlight a diverse and sophisticated menu.

Energy (companies) bill

Eager to change the subject from the faltering war in Iraq, for which his approval rating had sunk to 38 percent, President Bush flew to New Mexico Monday to sign the omnibus energy bill and to proclaim a bright energy future — many years from now, that i

Editorials Aug. 11

There is a moment in the Woody Allen movie “Bananas” when Allen’s character realizes the rebel leader he’s followed to victory is nutty as a Snickers bar. “From now on, everyone will wear clean underwear every day!” the commandante announces to a cheering

Picking, strumming, hammering

Dulcimer champs are lined up to teach at the 2nd annual Little Rock Dulcimer Getaway at Pulaski Heights Baptist Church.

Cherokees oppose mascot

Both before and after the NCAA cracked down on the use of Indians as mascots for athletic teams, Dean Lee, director of athletics at Arkansas State University, told reporters that he had met with members of the Cherokee Nation and they had approved of ASU’