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August 21, 2014

Vol 22 • No 26

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Gyronne Buckley was sent to prison for life on the word of a cop who has been called a disgrace to the state

So why did the legislature turn down the award the Arkansas State Claims Commission said Buckley is owed?

Cargill holding firm on hog farm in Buffalo River watershed

Cargill, the agri giant, has not attention of backing away from support of a hog feeding operation in the Buffalo River watershed. The company said this in a letter to veteran water chemist Joe Nix, who commented in sharing the letter, "sit back and know how it feels for your state and some of its most valuable resources to be screwed by big business."

Alarms sound about talk of merging state employee and teacher insurance plans

A legislative task force next week will talk not only about insurance plans for state and school employees, but also the possibility of merging the two big state retirement systems. It's already raised concerns among teachers.

Oxford American will launch Kickstarter campaign to fund annual music issue

The Oxford American will turn to the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter this September to help fund its 16th annual music issue, slated for release on Dec. 1.


The Observer doesn't do a lot of movie reviews, but we're going to do one now, for director Richard Linklater's amazing, inspiring, somewhat depressing (depending on how far you are from childhood and parenthood) film "Boyhood."

Aaron Neville comes to Oaklawn

Also, Tyler Kitchen and The Right Pieces returns to Afterthought.

Clinton, Obama beef fake

I'm assuming that Hillary Clinton's running because of how ostentatiously she's not made up her mind. By sitting tight, she basically freezes potential Democratic rivals in place, passively using her lead in opinion polls to prevent others from raising money.

Mark Chesnutt comes to Juanita's

Also, Victor Ekpuk at the Arts Center, Made By Few at the Argenta Community Theater, Joe Buck at White Water Tavern, Jointstock 2014 at The Joint and Cheech and Chong at the Walmart AMP.

Voter fraud numbers: 31 faked IDs among 1 billion votes

Fans of Arkansas's voter-identification law and similar laws in other states should pay homage to a Tulane University professor who rounded up all the evidence of why such laws are needed, which has been lacking in legislative debates and in courts where the laws are challenged.

Desserts get their vote

Our food blog Eat Arkansas asked the Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates for their favorite recipes. We don't know who will win, Democrat Mike Ross or Republican Asa Hutchinson. As they say, results are uncertain: Eat dessert first. It's something both parties agree on.


ABC River Rats practicing for the 6 Bridges Regatta.

Arkansas needs to take responsibility

Recently, two Arkansas legislative committees approved a resolution opposing the proposed EPA carbon pollution standards (the Clean Power Plan), which requires states to develop and implement plans to reduce carbon emissions. I appreciate the Aug. 12 Arkansas Blog post by Benjamin Hardy, which presents facts about the EPA rule proposed in June, and suggests that the committees' resolution was a political stunt. A subsequent blog post by Hardy reported that a leading energy efficiency expert praised Arkansas efforts to develop a state implementation plan to curb carbon emissions.

What is it with Arkansas Republicans and the homestead tax exemption?

Plus, few Arkansas bartenders, confident private option predictions from Gov. Mike Beebe, Arkansas Democrats weak stance on curbing carbon emissions and Bonnie Montgomery and Martin O'Malley.

Johnny Cash boyhood home opens

ASU's Arkansas Heritage Sites program oversees restoration.

A Q&A with Pallbearer

Little Rock’s leading harbingers of doom return with a new album, “Foundations of Burden.”

Razorback season preview, part three

Two-thirds of the way through what the punditry expects will be another turbulent football season for Arkansas, Pearls has arguably applied a more optimistic sheen to things and projected a 5-3 record heading into November. To recap, we anticipate the Hogs will drop their first three rather brutal conference tilts against Auburn, Texas A&M and Alabama, but the slow scrape back toward the middle of the standings begins with a rousing win over Georgia in Little Rock and has the team buoyed for a big finish.

Faking it

'Let's Be Cops' arrives at a bad time, but offers accidental commentary.

Lulav: phoneless but in business

Now 'modern,' its menu appeals to any pocketbook.

Facts? GOP TV ads don't need stinkin' facts

More fact checks of Republican TV attack advertising finding the ads against Mark Pryor lacking in accuracy.

Add Microsoft to companies that have cut support for ALEC

Microsoft has joined other major corporations in ending financial support for the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Kemuri in Hillcrest is open

Hillcrest's newest restaurant, Kemuri, is open and ready to serve up Japanese fare.

The mean streets of Little Rock; ex-lovers' quarrel ends with tire shot out

The daily account of Little Rock police activities illustrates how often personal relationships turn into criminal activities. Consider this summary of a police report made Tuesday night.

A $1 million Powerball winner in Bella Vista

The Arkansas Lottery says David Dahlqvist of Bella Vista won $1 million on a $2 Powerball ticket purchased at Casey's General Store in Bella Vista.

How about that Sen. Rapert? Doctor with Ebola virus released from Atlanta hospital today

Happy news today in Atlanta. Dr. Kent Brantly, the medical missionary who contracted Ebola in Africa, was released today from the hospital. What would Jason Rapert say?

Attorney general candidate Nate Steel outlines legislative agenda

Does a candidate for attorney general need a legislative agenda? Democrat Nate Steel has a lengthy one.

Coal is NOT the only way to generate power; TVA switching to gas

TVA switches to gas to comply with new EPA clean-air rules. Why wouldn't it ever occur to an Arkansas politician that we could so the same?

Uber fact sheet hints at approach ride company plans in Little Rock

Uber, the phone app-driven ride service, has begun lobbying city directors about entering the city with a fact sheet that addresses questions about drivers, insurance, permitting and pricing.

Mitt Romney endorses Tom Cotton

“This looks fun,” said former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as he looked at the press gathered for Romney’s endorsement this morning in North Little Rock of Rep. Tom Cotton, challenging Mark Pryor for U.S. Senate. Why Romney? The main point seemed to be reminding voters of the man who defeated Romney, President Barack Obama, who remains the focal point of Cotton’s campaign.

Up against the wall: Where Victor Ekpuk will draw at Arts Center tonight

Nigerian-American artist Victor Ekpuk, whose work in on exhibit in the "12th National Drawing Invitational: Outside the Lines" exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center, will create a drawing on the wall of the Arkansas Arts Center and speak about his work at starting at 6 p.m. tonight.

Obamacare and the Mark Pryor-Tom Cotton Senate race

Yesterday, Sen. Mark Pryor did something that got national attention: he released an ad that actually took credit for the benefits of Obamacare. Cotton's response was surprisingly muted. Could this be the latest sign that the Obamacare attack doesn't pack the punch it once did? One key question of the Arkansas Senate race will be what is more politically potent, the name "Obamacare" (which Cotton will repeat while dodging policy specifics) or the law's more popular component parts (which Pryor is beginning to highlight while avoiding actually naming the law).

Billy Bragg is playing a free show at White Water Tavern tonight

Yup. You read that right.

Razorback football promises fan enhancements

Razorback football games will have many new bells and whistles this fall — from new band entertainment to new concessions. No promises about the W-L record, however.

Marriage equality comes to Florida

A federal judge has ruled Florida's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. The nearly unbroken honor roll continues. Time for Arkansas courts — state Supreme and federal district — to get off their duffs and onto the right side of history with Judge Chris Piazza and dozens of others.

Pulaski school desegregation suit ends for Little Rock and North Little Rock

Fox 16 reports on a federal judge's formal order today ending the Pulaski County school desegregation case as to the Little Rock and North Little Rock School Districts. 

Democratic Party poll has good results for Democratic candidates

The Arkansas Democratic Party today released a summary of polling done for the party by Opinion Research Associates of Little Rock, the veteran opinion research firm. It shows Sen. Mark Pryor with a lead, but within the margin of error, over challenger Tom Cotton and shows Democrat Mike Ross in a dead heat with Republican Asa Hutchinson.

The open line and video news roundup

The open line and video roundup for Thursday, Aug. 20.

LR matchmaker Christian Rudder of OkCupid dinged for web experiment

Christian Rudder, the Little Rock native who helped found the OkCupid matchmaking service, has come under fire lately for an experiment to see how unmatched couples might match up. The New Yorker talks to him about it.

Clinton Library planning 10th anniversary celebration; Arkansas Blog, too

The Clinton Library is planning a 10th anniversary bash in November. That'll be just after our own celebration of 10 years of the Arkansas Blog.

Forum planned for Pulaski county judge race

The League of Women Voters announces a candidate forum for Pulaski County judge from 6 to 8 p.m. Sept. 8 at the Quorum Court meeting room

Arkansas State delays opening Mexican campus

Problems with water and power delivery have delayed the opening of a Mexican campus of Arkansas State University until 2016, ASU said in a news release.

Legislative committee meets on grain dealer losses

A legislative committee is talking this morning about losses by farmers who sold crops to a Brinkley grain dealer but who have not been paid or received checks that bounced. The losses could be in the millions and reach other states.

Nashville gets its teacher back

John Schirmer, editor of the Nashville Leader, provides the final chapter in the story of a Nashville college teacher denied readmission to the U.S. after a mission trip to Central America. She arrives in Little Rock tonight.

Brinkley man sought in death of father, robbery of grandmother

The State Police and Monroe County authorities are looking for Dustin Heath Burrow, 29, of Brinkley as a suspect in the shooting death of his father, Carl Lynn Burrow,. 62, and armed robbery of his grandmother, Vaudean Burrow.

Woman hit in Bryant store lot dies of injuries

Josh Berry with KARK/Fox 16 reports that the Bryant woman injured by a hit-and-run vehicle in the Target parking lot in Bryant has died.

Obama administration offers Hobby Lobby workaround for contraceptive coverage

So the Obama administration proposes to allow employees of for-profit companies to get access to free contraceptive coverage from insurance companies as a way around the Hobby Lobby ruling that lets private employers refuse to offer such coverage.

Iced at Little Rock City Hall

The ALS ice bucket challenge continues to draw crowds and contributions, here with a mass ice bucket dump at Little Rock City Hall on the heads of various department heads.

Mayor suspends Jonesboro police chief 30 days without pay for comments about reporter

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin has suspended Police Chief Mike Yates for 30 days without pay for Facebook comments about a Jonesboro Sun police reporter who's since quit her job because she said she didn't feel safe. The chief has been ordered to apologize, to undergo training, to stay away from social media and to review information release procedures that the Sun complained about.

Friday feedback open line

Friday open line.

Friday night line. Plus, Huckabee speaks up for Common Core; lawsuit filed on police radio traffic

Here's your open line and the video news headline roundup. Topics from today's blog include the Jonesboro police chief; Brinkley farm woes; death from a hit-and-run; a family crime in Brinkley; the Hobby Lobby workaround, and the Clinton Library birthday.

The Civil Rights Come To Fayetteville Edition

The passage of a historic civil rights measure in Fayetteville, a surprise about-face at the Little Rock City Board, Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates’ derogatory comments about Jonesboro Sun police reporter Sunshine Crump, Mark Pryor inching towards saying the name that cannot be spoken and a coming legislative meeting on the Arkansas’s biggest retirement systems — all covered on this week's podcast.

Rate filings for Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace: carriers' proposals would decrease Marketplace rates in 2015

According to information previously available online via the Arkansas Insurance Department, carriers have submitted proposed 2015 rates for the Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace — the health care exchange created via the Affordable Care Act — to AID for review. The news is good: if the proposed rates are approved, they will lead to an overall decrease in insurance rates on the Marketplace. The information was not intended to be public but was posted online by AID's Rate Review division error. It has now been taken down. Based on the 2014 market share on the exchange, if the proposed rates were approved, the net impact on rates on the Marketplace would be a decrease of 3.5 percent. Given that premiums tend to increase annually, this would be huge news for the Marketplace and for the private option if it comes to pass.

Little Rock lawyer gets five years in federal prison for stealing from trust

The U.S. attorney in Little Rock says David Patrick Henry Sr., 71, was sentenced to 60 months in prison and two years of supervised release, plus ordered to pay $1.02 million in restitution for stealing from a trust.

Hillary Bus to join Democratic events today

The Arkansas Democratic Party will hold it state convention today at Philander Smith College and gather for the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner tonight at the Statehouse Convention Center, with remarks planned by Gov. Mike Beebe and Mike Ross, the candidate for governor, and Mark Pryor, the incumbent senator. A flavor of national politics will be added by the presence of the Hillary Bus.

City Board schedules meetings on University Avenue issues

The Little Rock City Board agenda schedules important votes on a controversial convenience store and motel on University Avenue, as well as discussion of private club closing hours.

Special prosecutor to investigate Rogers city attorney

A special prosecutor is set to investigate whether Rogers City Attorney Ben Lipscomb violated the law by allegedly trying to impersonate a Bentonville police officer to get special treatment at a concert at the amphitheater in Bentonville.

Brinkley murder suspect arrested in Colorado

Just in from the Arkansas State Police: News of the arrest in Colorado of a Brinkley man suspected of killing his father and robbing his grandmother on a farm near Brinkley.

Today, Asa likes teachers — some of them, anyway

Asa Hutchinson, the Republican candidate for governor, assembled some teachers who support him at the Capitol today. The Democratic Party was quick to remind voters of how Hutchinson insulted thousands of teachers after Democrat Mike Ross won the Arkansas Education Association endorsement in the race.

Two killed in Alexander Friday night

The State Police reports on a double homicide in a residence at Alexander last night:

Lower-than-expected 2015 rates would be huge news for the Arkansas Obamacare Marketplace

The proposed rates for the Obamacare Marketplace accidentally leaked by the Arkansas Insurance Department yesterday would represent a 3.5 percent DECLINE next year. If that turns out to be anywhere close to the rates in 2015...that would be a BFD.

The private option and 2015 Marketplace rates

The leaked rate filings we reported on yesterday suggested that the rates on the 2015 Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace might be lower than expected. If so, that's very good news for the private option. And the private option itself might deserve credit for lower rates.

The Obamacare open line

Tonight's open line includes news that Arkansas Democrats are rallying around bread-and-butter populist themes — an increase in the minimum wage and support for expansion of health care coverage. (Pssst: That last thing? Just don't call it Obamacare.)

How they roll in Rogers, Ark.: More from the Ben Lipscomb file

Rogers City Attorney Ben Lipscomb faces an investigation for claiming to be a law officer to get VIP treatment at a concert. Crime or no crime, it's not the first time he's demonstrated poor judgment. A new Arkansas lawyer recounts his experience with Lipscomb and his then-boss, the bumptious U.S. Rep. Steve Womack.

Harrison, Ark., embarrasses itself again by refusing visit by delegation from Ghana

Harrison has scrubbed a visit from a delegation from Ghana on account of fear — unsupported — of the Ebola virus. The mayor said it is "hysteria" at work.

Democrats ramp up field operation to hang onto Arkansas

Molly Ball writes in The Atlantic about the massive operation by the Democratic Party to turn out the vote in November to save U.S. Senator Mark Pryor's seat and perhaps propel some more Democrats to victory elsewhere on the ball.

Summertime and the line is open

The line is open on a typical August day.

Beware the nursing home star rating system

The New York Times reports today on flaws in the Medicare-developed star system of rating nursing homes. Top-rated nursing homes often turn up with serious problems, in part because ratings rely heavily on self-reported data.

Cargill chief credited for climate remarks; urged to do better in Buffalo River watershed

Jack Stewart, vice president of the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance, landed an op-ed in the daily newspaper in Minneapolis, base for Cargill, the agri giant behind a mass hog feeding operation in the Buffalo River watershed.

Mark Darr's state debt referred to the attorney general

Mark Darr, who resigned as lieutenant governor Feb. 1 amid controversy over his abuse of state and campaign expenses accounts, still hasn't repaid almost $10,000 in improper expenses he charged to the state. But Attorney General Dustin McDaniel says the check may soon be in the mail.

Crittenden Regional Hospital to close Sept. 7

Crittenden Regional Hospital in West Memphis will close Sept. 7, despite voters' recent approval of a county sales tax to help keep the doors open. The hospital informed its some 400 employees this morning and also said it would accept no new patients after today.

Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates resigns; reporter will return to Jonesboro Sun

Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates has resigned his job.He said he wanted to take responsibility for his mistakes in dealing with the local newspaper and one of its reporters.

Hog quarterback's truck set on fire

Fayetteville police say three vehicles were burned in two separate fires early this morning. One of them was a Chevy Avalanche belonging to Hog quarterback Brandon Allen.

Up to 33 trains carrying over a million gallons of oil traverse Arkansas each week

An AP story this weekend filled in some crucial numbers on the volume of highly flammable oil transported across Arkansas by railroad:  up to 33 trains per week that use Arkansas rail lines are carrying crude originating in the Bakken shale formation in the Dakotas, according to correspondence between rail operators and the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management that was obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request by the AP.

Beebe appoints Fayetteville business council employee to state Board of Education

Among other appointments today, Gov. Mike Beebe appointed Kim Davis, director of External Relations and Economic Development at the Northwest Arkansas Council, to succeed Brenda Gullett on the state Board of Education.

Frontier suspending flight to Denver from Little Rock

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport confirms a traveler's report that Frontier Airlines is suspending its four-day-a-week flight to Denver effective Oct. 26. On a positive note, the airport said Southwest plans no additional flight reductions at Little Rock in the immediate future.

Get your chips ready: Cheese Dip Championship set for SoMa

The 4th annual "Cheese Dip Championship" for the best creators of Arkansas's favorite food is on the calendar: Set aside 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 25.

Marriott beefs up with fishy Heritage Grille Steak and Fin

The Little Rock Marriott has changed the look, menu and name of its restaurant, replacing Pancetta with Heritage Grille Steak and Fin. The dining area now includes a bar — moved from the lobby (where a new bar is in place) — and a larger menu.

Monday's open line and video roundup; also school transfers in Garland County; vets for Mike Ross; prisoner on the loose; Huckstering

Today's open line and news roundup. Also, Garland County school districts want to be free for students to transfer regardless of racial impact.

State rep candidate Clarke Tucker: opposition research regarding his 4-year-old son's application to pre-k by Stacy Hurst is "completely unacceptable"

An emotional Clarke Tucker, joined by his wife Toni, denounced Republican oppo research involving his four-year-old child at a a press conference this morning at his campaign headquarters in the Heights. The candidate for a District 35 House seat is running against Republican Stacy Hurst, a Little Rock City Director. "My opponent in this campaign for state representative has come after my four-year-old son and my family in a way that is completely unacceptable in a political campaign," Tucker said.

Tax preparer pleads guilty to federal fraud charges

Christopher Craig, 47, has pleaded guilty to federal charges that he prepared fraudulent tax returns while working as a tax preparer in Little Rock. His scheme cost the government more than $1 million, the U.S. attorney said.

Pitching in for the land commissioner's race

Is there a statewide race that commands less attention than the race for state land commissioner? Doesn't mean that Democrat Mark Robertson isn't making a strong bid to challenge incumbent Republican John Thurston, something of a surprise winner four years ago.

Black legal group to seek records of Little Rock police brutality against blacks

The National Bar Association, a network of African-American lawyers and judges, will seek records of police brutality in 25 cities, including Little Rock. The open records request is described as part of an effort to end police misconduct and brutality that leads to death of unarmed people.

At U.S. Pizza, Judy's Favorite is ours, too

U.S. Pizza owner Judy Waller has one pizza she calls her favorite — and we are inclined to agree.

Art online, ILoveMakkonnen, Rosalia’s sunset tea, Fleetwood Mac

A belated edition of Arkansas Times Recommends includes a possible jam of the summer, loose and jovial illustrations, Fleetwood Mac worship and the super-chill Pavlovian response to cherries.

10-year-old wounded in Little Rock drive-by shooting

Fox 16 reports a 10-year-old girl was wounded by gunfire last night from a passing pickup near 21st and Pine Streets. No suspects so far. She was struck in the arm and chest.

Democrats press equal pay; lots to work with

Democrats tout equal pay for women on Women's Equality Day. They have plenty to work with — explicit opposition to legal protection for women on the part of such Republican candidates as J. French HIll.

Charlaine Harris' post-mortem of HBO's 'True Blood.'

Charlaine Harris has talked to about the last episode of HBO's "True Blood," which saw its season finale on August 24. Numerous spoilers on tap, as well as Harris adorably calling the mysterious Members Only Jacket Guy from the last frames of the "Sopranos" series finale "the guy in the Maker's Mark jacket."

State insurance and pensions under discussion this morning

Benji Hardy will be reporting later on the legislative committee meeting this morning on the differences in state employee and school employee health insurance coverage plus the surprise topic of a potential merger of the two big state retirement systems — public employees and teachers.

Glen Campbell film to open Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival in October

A documentary about country music legend Glen Campbell will kick off the 23rd annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival at the Arlington Hotel and Spa, running from Oct. 10 to 19.

Tom Cotton voted for Ebola (well, not exactly)

A new Mark Pryor ad links Ebola with a Tom Cotton budget vote. Cotton says Pryor is desperate.

Surprise: The public prayer crowd welcomes only certain types of prayer

The town that won a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on public policy has adopted an exclusionary policy on who may pray in public meetings. Hint: Not atheists or agnostics.

Razorback Fan No. 1, Liz Honey, is back

Remember Liz Honey, the Hog-hatted fan from Nashville who went viral with a song parody last year? She's back and getting wide attention — here on Jezebel — with another video sendup.

Johnny Allison gives $5 million to Arkansas State to enhance football stadium

Arkansas State University has received a $5 million gift to its athletic department from Johnny Allison as part of its stadium improvement.

Republicans attack Ross on old issue; he calls it slanderous

The Republican Party had dredged up a seven-year-old issue — Mike Ross' sale of the family drugstore — as in issue in this year's race for governor.

Obamacare premiums in Arkansas projected to drop 2 percent in 2015

Insurance companies have proposed a net reduction in premiums of 2 percent next year for the Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace, the health insurance exchange created by the Affordable Care Act. The Marketplace includes all of the plans used for the private option, the state's unique plan which uses Medicaid funds to purchase private health insurance for low-income Arkansans.

Group from Ghana in business exchange Thursday in North Little Rock

A delegation from Ghana will be in North Little Rock Thursday for a meeting with people from the Arkansas Delta about sustainable agriculture, economic development and tourism. They'll get a warmer greeting than a group from Ghana turned away from a planned visit to Harrison.

The open line and video roundup

The open line and video roundup.

Legislature discusses merging teacher and state employee insurance, but won't touch separate retirement systems

Combining the insurance systems for public school employees and state employees might help teachers with premiums in the short run, but unless it's accompanied by a big infusion of cash it will harm state employees. As for combining retirement systems for teachers and other public workers? Not happening.

Shooting at Jermain Taylor's home

Channel 4 reports that two men are in custody, one with a gunshot wound in the leg, following report of intruders at the home of boxer Jermain Taylor near Msumelle. Developing.

Boxer Jermain Taylor arrested for shooting cousin in altercation at his home

Middleweight boxer Jermain Taylor, scheduled for a title fight later this year, was arrested at his estate near Maumelle last night and charged with first-degree domestic battery and aggravated assault in the shooting of his cousin.

Inside the Koch retreat: Tom Cotton and fat cats' mutual admiration society

Remember the Koch retreat at a fancy California resort that caused Tom Cotton to miss the Pink Tomato Festival in Warren. Shades of Mitt Romney. A tape of the proceedings has emerged. And it includes rich praise for Tom Cotton, particularly his votes against the interests of Arkansas farmers.

Marriage equality: Tradition doesn't justify discrimination, judge says

States attempting to defend discrimination against gay couples in marriage had a tough time in arguments yesterday before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. Commentary from Judge Richard Posner, a Reagan appointee, was particularly sharp. Where are Arkansas judges?

Pizza or calzone — the Layla's conundrum

Layla's Gyros and Pizza is serving up some of the best calzones and pies in town.

'Why is Arkansas, of all states, becoming the Obamacare poster child?'

Arkansas is becoming a poster child for Obamacare. So why does just about every Republican running for office in Arkansas this year want to get rid of it.

Chris Christie in Arkansas for Hutchinson

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will campaign in Arkansas today for Republican Asa Hutchinson. We could use some advice for bridge-related traffic jams, what with the Broadway Bridge closure looming.

The open line and video report: Plus, honor for Math and Science High and battle for women's equality

Here's the day's open line and video news roundup. Also:

About those emails Republicans FOI'd in the Stacy Hurst-Clarke Tucker race

The somewhat seedy saga in the campaign for District 35 state representative between Democrat Clarke Tucker and Republican Stacy Hurst drags on. Now Hurst supporters argue that an email — one of the results of the GOP FOI request — conflicts with the Tuckers' account of what happened. The Tuckers respond that their account was truthful. Does anyone care? You decide, readers. FOI'd emails included for the curious.

Rasmussen poll has Mark Pryor up 1 over Tom Cotton

Rasmussen poll shows Mark Pryor with a one-point edge over challenger Tom Cotton in a sample of 750 likely voters earlier this week.

Bonnie Montgomery, Deuce One, sfits, Rodney CoLe and the Jesse Kelly Band

This week's singles round-up is a day late since I've been out of town for a week reporting on rare mushrooms in Star City, but I promise it represents the very best of the new Arkansas music you missed in the last several days, with country songs and weed raps and doom metal that doesn't sound anything like doom metal.