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Fall Arts 2014

Fall Arts 2014

September 25, 2014

Vol 41 • No 3

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2014 Arkansas Fall Arts Guide

Our guide to the season's biggest music, art and theater events in Arkansas.

Art in America

Converging at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Hot docs at Hot Springs fest

Luke Wilson, George Takei and 'Hoop Dreams' at this year's Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.

2014 Arkansas fall music preview

Your guide to the rest of the year.

A variety-packed fall theater season

From 'The Game's Afoot' to 'A Quiet End.'

Arkansas fall arts calendar (Oct. 2-Dec. 25)

Music, theater, film and more.

Kemuri: Spectacular

Robata? Arigato, Mr. Barakat.

The not-so-great Arkansas gubernatorial debate

Also, Tom Cotton pants on fire, cont.; the viral video of the week; Boston's unyielding antipathy towards Nate Bell; the freedom to discriminate; sympathy for the devil at Arkansas State and the Arkansas Razorback's real live giants.

'Disfarmer': behind the camera

The strange case of Arkansas photographer Disfarmer, subject of a new play opening this weekend.

A simple twist of fate for St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Paul Janeway had given up on music, then opportunity knocked.

Peterson case offers opportunity for changing corporal punishment policy

For those already ambivalent about the American football industry, the start of the 2014 season has only made a bad situation worse. I admit to spending more than a few hours weekly reading about, thinking about and watching football this time of year. But this focus on football comes with a deep unease because of the self-inflicted wounds that the sport has suffered at the start of the 2014 season.


The Observer is a great and passionate lover of words, these bare squiggles that enable us to do what no other creature can do, which is, of course, to pass our knowledge on beyond the point of our own end and thereby potentially live forever, or at least until the sun burns out or all the paper crumbles to dust, whichever comes first.

Hogs on a roll after decisive wins against Texas Tech, NIU

If Bret Bielema was terribly dejected by his Arkansas team's second-half showing against Auburn in the 2014 season opener, the ensuing three weeks of football prowess have likely done much to change his disposition.

Suggs at Parkview

Recently, Dr. Dexter Suggs, Little Rock School District superintendent, made a very bizarre appearance at Parkview High School. All Parkview seniors, including myself, were instructed to go to the auditorium where the superintendent led an assembly that quickly spiraled out of control.

Cotton's foe: Obama

The remarkable thing is that an aloof, bookish fellow like Tom Cotton is running for the U.S. Senate anywhere, much less in darkest Arkansas.

Zoo Brew with Kevin Kerby and more

Also, it's Arkansas Gospel Heritage Month.

The gang's (almost) all here

Past and present employees and contributors of the Arkansas Times at a 40th anniversary celebration.

Single-payer is cheaper

The enemies of Obamacare and Arkansas's peculiar version of it, the "private option," exposed what they hoped would be a dirty little secret the other day: The government spends more on the private option than it would have spent on plain-vanilla Medicaid, the undiluted Obamacare that other participating states follow.

Talk, talk

Kevin Smith riffs in 'Tusk.'

Take these politics and...

I'm taking a mid-election season vacation and glad of it.

Juveniles getting A+ learning at Alexander

Not just marking time.

Speak, Arkansas: Zabe Barnes

In the latest edition of "Speak, Arkansas," in which Arkansans tell their stories in their own words, we hear from Little Rock's Zabe Barnes, a self-described "master healing teacher, gifted channel, modern-day shaman and transformation catalyst."

Avett Brothers at Walmart AMP

Also, ACANSA, the JR's Lightbulb Club 25th anniversary show, Dr. John at Walton Arts, "The 78 Project Movie" at Ron Robinson and Arum Rae at Juanita's.

Fact-checkers unaninmous: Tom Cotton is a liar

Tom Cotton has hit the fact-checking trifecta: All three major fact-checking operations says his ad blaming his vote against the farm bill on President Obama is dishonest.

Bill Clinton sounds caution on charter schools

A singular voice, former president Bill Clinton, sounded a note of caution about charter schools in a speech in New York yesterday and thank goodness.

S.C. shooting illustrates: Police dash cameras should be mandatory equipment

A South Carolina state trooper (white) shoots a black motorist for reaching into this car to get his ID after being stopped for a seatbelt violation. Would he have been charged with assault without dash cam video?

Arkansas Supreme Court sets back class action case over diabetes drug Actos

The Arkansas Supreme Court, asked by a federal court in Louisiana to clarify a point of state law in a class action case over the diabetes drug Actos, answered it in a way unfavorable to the plaintiff.

Holder to step down

Attorney General Eric Holder will step down as soon as President Obama can name a successor the post, NPR reported this morning. That could be as late as next year.

Pat Hays now playing hardball against French Hill

Pat Hays goes negative with a campaign ad noting opponent French Hill's financial support of convicted former treasurer Martha Shoffner, who put state money in his bank.

Republicans, they're just like us!

A new video campaign from a former Romney ad man aims to show that Republicans are people too.

Matthew McClure talks about Indian influences in his cooking

Cool video from the website Tasting Table of The Hive's Matt McClure talking about drawing from the flavors of Indian cuisine in his modern Southern fare. The recipe for McClure's garam masala chicken and cabbage doesn't look that hard either.

The private option's 2014 costs could go down. Here's how.

The private option, the state’s unique plan using Medicaid funds to purchase private health insurance for low-income Arkansans, has had plenty of good news, with more than 200,000 people gaining coverage, the uninsurance rate cut in half, and what appears to be a positive impact on the Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace.

This weekend: 'Breaking Bad' scientist comes to UCA, 'RuPaul's Drag Race' winner comes to Sway

Renowned meth expert Dr. Donna Nelson, whose day job is as a chemistry professor at the University of Oklahoma and formerly a science adviser to the TV series "Breaking Bad," will give a talk in the UCA Student Center Ballroom Room 205 7 p.m. Friday.

ATF, FBI investigating Greenbrier fatal shooting scene where explosives found

A spokesman for the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office said that agents with the ATF and FBI are investigating a case in Greenbrier, following a fatal shooting last night in which responding officers found explosive materials at a home that was apparently being used as a hospice for the elderly.

Legislative review of disabled-care reform will be delayed until next year

The Community First Choice Option, which would provide home/community-based care for thousands of families with developmentally disabled children, has become a legislative lightning rod. The head of the Department of Human Services told the Public Health committee today that his department will wait until 2015 to request approval for the CFCO. Some advocates think that lessens its chances of passing considerably.

Settlement nets six figures for Medicaid

The state Attorney General's office announced today that a settlement against a pharmaceutical company has netted the Arkansas Medicaid program $619,894.13.

Police make arrest on charges of kidnapping, rape

The Little Rock Police Department is investigating a case in which a 20-year-old woman said she was kidnapped from a downtown Little Rock bank, forced into a taxi cab and taken to a Little Rock apartment complex where she said she was held overnight and raped.

Little Rock opens massive 12th Street police substation

The city of Little Rock celebrated the opening of the Little Rock Police Department's massive, new 12th Street substation today. It's 44,000 square feet and will house the LRPD's major crimes division and patrol and detectives' offices.

Supreme Court appoints master in minimum wage challenge

The Arkansas Supreme Court today allowed the backers of a proposed increase in the minimum wage to intervene in defense of the ballot measures, which millionaire Jackson T. Stephens Jr. is trying to get tossed off the ballot. It also appointed a special master, retired Court of Appeals Judge John Robbins of Hot Springs, as a special master to be a fact-finder in the case.

Arkansas Insurance Department to expedite release of 2015 Marketplace rates; release expected in a week to ten days

The Arkansas Insurance Department (AID) will release 2015 rates for the Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace — the health insurance exchange created by Obamcare — in a week to ten days. The governor asked AID to expedite the release of the rates, presumably in response to a fact-challenged letter from the Arkansas Congressional delegation.

Cotton on climate change: Yes, it's probably real, but let the market handle it

At a lunchtime panel today on energy policy, Cotton devoted most of his time to criticizing Obama's energy and climate policy. But he also acknowledged that there just might possibly be a relationship between a warming planet and the activities of mankind, albeit in the most qualified and circumspect way.

Mike Ross takes aim at the Governor's Mansion — in 2006

From our back pages for Throwback Thursday, a 2006 profile of Mike Ross by Warwick Sabin, which begins like this: "On a recent Saturday afternoon in Prescott, U.S. Rep. Mike Ross was in a quiet cow pasture, setting up his skeet machines."

Open line: today's video roundup

Today's video roundup: bad news for disabled-care reform, Pat Hays bites back, Tom Cotton on global warming, farmers unhappy with Cotton on Farm Bill, and new insurance rates coming out.

Rove group to spend more than $1 million attacking Pat Hays in 2nd District congressional race

Karl Rove's Super PAC American Crossroads is jumping into the race for Congress between Pat Hays and French Hill, buying up more than $1 million of airtime in Little Rock.

Pryor campaign press call features Arkansas farmers criticizing Cotton over Farm Bill vote and false ad; Cotton doubles down

The Pryor campaign today held a press call with three Arkansas farmers, who criticized Cotton for his vote on the Farm Bill and his inaccurate ad defending his vote. When asked about these critiques, Cotton was disdainful. "Just because a liberal reporter calls himself a fact checker doesn't make anything he says a fact," he said.

Mark Pryor is a consensus builder; attorney general talk proves it

The fact that Sen. Mark Pryor is even mentioned as a potential nominee for attorney general is solid proof — as evidenced by right-wing news sources — that he's the candidate in the race this year who offers some promise of being a bipartisan consensus builder.

Joint Public Health discusses Government Accountability Office report on private option

The Joint Public Health Committee met and discussed the recent report from the Government Accountability Office on the private option. Hilarity ensued.

LR School Board extends superintendent's contract by an additional year

The Little Rock School Board voted tonight to extend Superintendent Dexter Suggs' contract by an additional year.The vote was split, 4-3, and the two newly elected members of the board did not participate in the vote.

Three seasons, four squash, and one great pasta from Ken Dempsey

Chef Ken Dempsey shares a pasta recipe that showcases his love of making things from scratch.

Tom Cotton's evasive maneuvering on the Farm Bill

Rep. Tom Cotton continues to take a ribbing for his recent ad attempting cover on his vote against the Farm Bill (Cotton, you'll remember, claimed that Obama "hijacked" it and turned it into a food stamp bill; factcheckers pounced). Cotton is trying to have his row crops and eat them too, claiming he supports farm subsidies while voting against them.

Arkansas chef getting high praise for new Brooklyn restaurant

Chef/restaurateur Robert Newton, a Mountain Home native, gets high praise for his new Brooklyn restaurant in the latest New York magazine. Wilma Jean, named for Newton's grandmother, surrenders to the rib-sticking, home cookin'-style Southern food Newton largely resisted in his beloved, but recently shuttered restaurant, Seersucker, where he aimed for more "refined" fare, New York mag reports.

Proposed ban on new large hog farms in Buffalo River watershed punted today in Public Health

A proposed ban on new controlled animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in the Buffalo River watershed was on the agenda in Public Health today, but the committee decided not to take action today, instead taking up the matter in a joint hearing with the Agriculture committee. No date has been set; it will likely be a full-day hearing with testimony from both sides.

Police: NLR real estate agent missing after showing house in Scott

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Department is currently searching for a North Little Rock real estate agent whose husband reported her missing after she apparently disappeared while showing a house in Scott.

Walmart getting in the checking business

Walmart announced earlier this week that the retail behemoth will offer low-cost checking accounts to its customers.

Pro-term-limits group rolls a Trojan Horse downtown

The "Vote Against Issue 3" campaign this morning brought a 10-foot-tall wooden horse to the parking lot at the corner of Capitol and Izard this morning to represent their opposition to the legislatively referred constitutional amendment, Issue 3, which would tighten some ethics rules but loosen term limits. Where lawmakers now are limited essentially to six years in the House and eight years in the Senate, the amendment would allow lawmakers to serve 16 years consecutively in the House or Senate. The title of the amendment says it "sets" term limits, which opponents say is misleading. Thus, the Trojan Horse

Nashville bladesmith Jerry Fisk gets his closeup on reality TV pilot

The craftsmanship and skill of Nashville master bladesmith Jerry Fisk features prominently in a new reality TV show pilot called "American Craftsman" — a show which Fisk, host Jesse James and James' production company hope will get picked up by The Discovery Channel.

Anti-private-option Republicans learn to love the low-cost Medicaid program

Something to behold: the irony of Tea Party Republicans howling that the semi-privatized health care expansion in Arkansas is more expensive than regular old Medicaid expansion would have been. Plus, why the point is moot when it comes to policymaking in Arkansas.

Barbie, all dolled up, at Esse

“Barbie®: The Vintage Years, 1959-1972,” an exhibition of Marsha Stone's collection of Barbie dolls, goes on exhibit Sunday at Esse Purse Museum at 1510 S. Main St., next door to the Root Cafe. A reception from 1-4 p.m. at will include Barbie cookies and mincupcakes.

Hung jury in May 2013 road rage shooting in LR

A Pulaski County jury told Judge Leon Johnson today that they couldn't find consensus on the charges against a driver who police say shot another motorist at I-30 and E. 6th Street during a traffic altercation in May 2013. The deadlock resulted in a mistrial.

Prostitution sting nets six Arkansans at Choctaw Casino

40/29 TV in Northwest Arkansas has details of a prostitution sting at the Choctaw Nation casino in Pocola, OK on Wednesday night in which police arrested 10 suspects, six of them Arkansans.

Lucinda Williams, 'Problematic,' Women in Clothes, Aby Ngana Diop and Momma Tried Magazine

This week, a hearty recommend for Lucinda Williams' lovely song "Sweet Ol' World," which she wrote as a response to the suicide of the Arkansas poet Frank Stanford, who shot himself three times in the heart in Fayetteville in June 1978.

Beheading in Moore, Oklahoma

Horrifying story from Moore, Oklahoma, where 30-year-old Alton Nolen allegedly beheaded a coworker after being fired from his job at a food processing plant.

Southern Salt's McCants opening store in SOMA

Paris Candy Antiques is not going to be a bricks and mortar home for Lauren McCants' Southern Salt Food Co., but antiques shoppers and neighborhood nabobs will be able to enjoy coffee and sweet and savory pies when work on the former liquor store at the northwest corner of 23rd and Arch Streets all comes together. "It's a work in progress," McCants said.

Police: driver shoots himself after high speed chase near DeQueen

Crazy details coming in about a high speed chase in Southwest Arkansas this morning that ended when, police say, the suspect shot himself after being forced to a stop.

Mike Ross and Asa Hutchinson to debate in Jonesboro on October 20

The Northeast Arkansas Political Animals Club and others will sponsor a debate between gubernatorial candidates Mike Ross and Asa Hutchinson in Jonesboro on October 20, Talk Business reports. The debate will air live on KAIT’s 8.2 digital channel and stream online at

Open line: today's video roundup

Today's video roundup: Cotton's evasiveness on the Farm Bill, Dexter Suggs' extension, the CAFO ban punted, Pryor says no thanks to AG gig, and a Rove Super PAC is going after Pat Hays.

The Tom Cotton 99 Pinocchios Edition

Tom Cotton and the farm bill flap that won’t die, a blow to disability rights in Arkansas and a vote to extend Little Rock School District Superintendent Dexter Suggs — all covered on this week's podcast.

Chelsea Clinton announces the birth of a daughter

Chelsea Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky announced on Chelsea's Facebook page last night that she had given birth to a daughter: Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.

Old-fashioned Razorbacks in the brave new SEC world

Here's a little pre-game reading. Over at ESPN's Grantland, Matt Hinton took a look at Bret Bielema's Razorbacks and their old-fashioned grit-and-grind offense, an outlier in the increasingly spread-happy Southeastern Conference.

Search continues for missing real estate agent in Scott

Search parties have gathered in Scott this morning for the second day of searching for real estate agent Beverly Carter, 49, who apparently disappeared after going to show a house at 14202 Old River Drive near Scott on Thursday around 5:30 p.m.

Tennessee continues to look for Medicaid expansion deal; expansion states see big reduction in uncompensated care

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is continuing intensive discussions with the feds over a deal for the state to expand Medicaid. Haslam has reportedly been interested in some elements of the Arkansas-style private option, but has had trouble finding an agreement palatable with the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Meanwhile, earlier this week HHS released a report finding that hospitals are facing $5.7 billion less in uncompensated care costs because of Obamacare, with states that expanded Medicaid getting the bulk of that benefit (about three quarters of the reduction took place in the expansion states).

Salute silliness

The Dem-Gaz is still dogging Obama for his method of saluting with photo no. 2 on the editorial page today.

Tom Cotton's 2000 law review article on the Arkansas ballot initiative

Tom Cotton's 2000 article in the Arkansas Law Review displays young Cotton's distrust of populism and his exaltation of the wise and virtuous few selected to represent the people.

Mike Ross goes after Asa Hutchinson for flip-flops

Asa Hutchinson's flip flop on the minimum wage was as egregious as it gets. Mike Ross is noting another Asa flip flop, on pre-k (expanding pre-k was the wrong direction, Hutchinson said this summer; now "we need to expand pre-k," he said to the Northwest Arkansas Political Animals on Thursday). See the video above, from the Ross campaign. Hutchinson is triangulating away. A bemused Ross said, "Wow, I knew Congressman Hutchinson had changed his position on the minimum wage, I didn't know he'd changed it on pre-k too," to hoots and laughter from the audience.

Woo pig open line

The Hogs are winning and the line is open.

Chuck Todd proposes KARK debate; Tom Cotton accepts, no response yet from Mark Pryor

During a taped segment Friday with local KARK-4 reporter David Goins, NBC's Meet the Press host Chuck Todd suggested that the two co-host a debate between Senate candidates Tom Cotton and Mark Pryor, with Todd suggesting that he would come down to Little Rock for the event.

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky: Clintons post baby pictures

Via the Twitter accounts of Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea, pictures of the family meeting the newest Clinton.

How the South became dead red

Good piece in Politico from Stanford sociology professor Doug McAdam on the roots of our modern partisan divide. McAdam tells the familiar story of how the South flipped, as yellow dog Democrats in the old Confederacy abandoned the party in the wake of the Civil Rights movement.

Lake House Open Line

A late-night open line. Sorry for the delay, technical difficulties. Over to you, night owls.

Bench warrant issued in disappearance of Beverly Carter — UPDATE

A bench warrant has been issued for a man named Aaron M. Lewis on one count of kidnapping in the disappearance of Beverly Carter, 51, a Crye-Leike real estate agent who disappeared after going to show a house on Thursday afternoon. With updated information as of 10:30 p.m..

Adventures in headline writing at the Democrat-Gazette

"Islamic State underrated, Obama says." The D-G's headline writers meant that U.S. intelligence underestimated the threat posed by ISIS. But surely some Arkansas Tea Partier somewhere spit out their coffee this morning — their long-held theory of the terrorist-palling, secret-Muslim President Obama finally confirmed! The Islamic State ain't so bad, he says. It's underrated!

Bill Clinton coming to Arkansas to campaign for Democrats

The Arkansas Democratic Party announced this morning that former President Bill Clinton will take some time off from grandparenting to headline rallies and campaign for Arkansas Democrats in Conway, Jonesboro, Fayetteville and Rogers on October 6 and 7. Clinton will speak at University of Central Arkansas, Arkansas State University, the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, and the John Q. Hammons Convention Center in Rogers.

The minimum wage issue in Senate races, and why Tom Cotton and Asa Hutchinson choose not to take a principled stand

Joni Ernst, the GOP candidate in a tough battle for a U.S. Senate seat in Iowa, is taking a big risk with her opposition to a hike of the state minimum wage. Here in Arkansas, Tom Cotton and Asa Hutchinson are taking no such risk, with their transparent election-year ploy — as soon as the wage hike initiative made the ballot, they suddenly said they were for it. And we applaud them for their support! Just don't call it principled.

Arkansas Food Twitter: fancy, vague

The Washington Post reports on a study by researchers at the University of Arizona which examined 3.5 million tweets from October 2013 through May 2014 and featured a hashtag related to food or eating. The researchers did a state-by-state breakdown to determine which foods were most often mentioned on Twitter. By far the lamest winner came from Arkansas.

LR Police: fleeing man loses leg, thumb after being hit by a train

Gruesome details in a police report from the LRPD in which, police say, a man attempting to flee from officers tried to roll under a moving train, only to have his leg and thumb amputated.

Police: Suspect in Beverly Carter disappearance in custody

Pulaski County Sheriff's Office just sent out a release saying Aaron M. Lewis, who had been sought on a bench warrant for kidnapping in the disappearance of realtor Beverly Carter, is in custody.

Boscos closes its River Market location

Memphis-based brewery closes River Market location.

Fayetteville City Clerk's office certifies signatures — civil rights ordinance will go to a public vote

The Fayetteville City Clerk's office has certified that enough signatures were gathered to trigger a special election on Fayetteville's new civil rights ordinance, the Fayetteville Flyer reports. The effort to force a popular vote on the ordinance, led by a Repeal 119, a church-led group, gathered 5,714 signatures. Petitioners needed 4,905; the City Clerk's office began certifying the signatures last week and stopped at the end of the day Friday once enough signatures had been validated. The ordinance to discourage discrimination in housing and employment passed in the City Council 6-2 last month. The vote came after 10 hours of discussion, with many conservatives furious because the classes of people protected included gay and transgender people.

Catholic Bishop: Yell County priest permanently suspended for 'predatory behavior' against parishioners

A homily delivered by Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of the diocese of Little Rock and posted yesterday on the website says that a priest from Dardanelle has been permanently removed from ministry after admitting what Taylor called "multiple acts of sexual misconduct with multiple adult victims."

Guest Mix: Pepperboy

Here's a collection of 9 records that's really had an effect on my career. These records have touched me in many ways ... some are very personal and even disturbing at times when I hear them, because of certain situations I been through where those records were playing in the background. I'm proud to share this 9 track soundtrack with Arkansas Times because these records mean so much to me and I hope you enjoy!!!

State of the Cotton-Pryor race

All of the polling aggregation and forecast models currently give Tom Cotton the advantage over Mark Pryor, in some cases a substantial one. The race is by no means over and is indeed close — even the most pessimistic models still give Pryor a one in five chance of prevailing. But if these forecasts are to be believed, Cotton is a clear favorite at this point.

Shoog Radio kicks off Arkansas music series at the Afterthought with The Casual Pleasures and Pockets.

Local DJs Kara Bibb and Aaron Sarlo are staying busy. As if putting together a weekly playlist full of exclusively Arkansas artists and bands for their Tuesday afternoon Shoog Radio show on KABF wasn’t enough, they’ve just rolled out a new weekly live concert series at The Afterthought featuring some of Arkansas’ best local bands

Listen to the 911 call that led to an arrest in the disappearance of Beverly Carter — UPDATED

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office has released audio from the 911 call this morning that led to the arrest of Arron M. Lewis, 33, on a bench warrant for kidnapping related to the disappearance of North Little Rock Realtor Beverly Carter.

Monkey business from Americans for Prosperity

Stay classy, Americans for Prosperity.

World Trade Center Arkansas receives grant from Economic Development Administration, which Tom Cotton voted to abolish

Sen. Mark Pryor, along with Republicans Sen. John Boozman, Rep. Steve Womack and Rep. Tim Griffin, were on hand today in Rogers to announce a $600,000 federal grant for the World Trade Center Arkansas, an affiliate of the University of Arkansas. The federal money will be used "to expand its outreach services to diversify and strengthen the state’s economy," according to the university. The funds were available via the Economic Development Administration, which Tom Cotton voted to abolish.

The debate over Pryor-Cotton debates

The tedious debate over debates continues, with the Cotton campaign slamming Mark Pryor for not agreeing to the KARK debate and the Pryor campaign slamming Tom Cotton for not agreeing to the AETN debate.

Manic Monday open line

Our video roundup covers today's news.

Hot Springs firing range declared a "Muslim free zone" by its owner

The owner of The Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs, Jan Morgan, announced yesterday that she is banning the presence of Muslims in her business. Her reasoning: "Why would I hand guns and ammunition to people whose religion commands them to kill me and my non-muslim patrons?" OK, let's get that lawsuit rolling.

Pryor campaign declines KARK-4 debate

The Pryor campaign today informed KARK-4 that Sen. Mark Pryor would not participate in a proposed debate with Rep. Tom Cotton hosted by the station.

Beverly Carter's body found in shallow grave on Highway 5 in northern Pulaski County — UPDATED

The Pulaski sheriff's office reported early this morning that the body of Beverly Carter, the real estate agent apparently abducted while showing a home near Scott Thursday evening, had been found in a shallow grave near Cabot. The charges against Arron Lewis, her suspected abductor, have been upgraded to capital murder.

Americans for Prosperity sends out hundreds of thousands of mailers with fake voter registration information in North Carolina

North Carolina's ABC affiliate reports on hundreds of thousands of mailers with false information about voter registration sent by Americans for Prosperity, the right-wing advocacy group backed by the Koch brothers. The official-looking mailers gave the wrong deadline for voter registration and told people to sign up with the wrong state agency. The mailers also gave the wrong office for questions regarding voter registration, the wrong zip code for turning in a voter registration form, and inaccurate information about how people would be notified of their precinct.

Great Park Avenue Barbecue cook-off coming to Hot Springs

Got skills behind the grill? Show them off at the Great Park Avenue Barbecue cook-off.

Arron Lewis: targeted Carter because 'she was a rich broker.'

KLRT has video of Sheriff's Office investigators walking Arron Lewis out of the PCSO investigations division this morning just before 6 a.m.

Democratic state rep candidate Leah Williams gets endorsement from GOP Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt

A little bipartisanship: Democrat Leah Williams, a member of the Bentonville City Council running for state rep in District 93 in northwest Arkansas, has received an endorsement from former Republican Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt, who represented northwest Arkansas in the U.S. Congress from 1967 to 1993. Williams is running against far-right Tea Partier Rep. Jim Dotson.

Tonight: Lecture on Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House

Jeff Shannon inaugurates the Architecture and Design Series 2014-15 lecture series tonight with his talk “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House: A New Perspective,” 6 p.m. at the Arkansas Arts Center.

Sen. Jason Rapert reacts to Beverly Carter's death with proposal to abolish parole in Arkansas

Sen. Jason Rapert reacted to the death of Beverly Carter with a proposal on social media to abolish parole in Arkansas. Seeking to do everything in our power to construct public policy that curtails crime and protects citizens is of course vitally important. Indeed, keeping folks safe is a foundation mission of having a government — of having a society — in the first place. Awful tragedies happen, in Arkansas, and the rest of the nation. Events like these rightly shake us. They rightly force us to examine our policy choices. But to conclude that the panacea is locking up more people, and locking them up for longer periods of time, strains credulity. Thoughts on criminal justice and incarceration in the wake of a tragedy, and a conversation with Rapert.

Tom Cotton agrees to AETN debate, criticizes Mark Pryor for declining KARK debate (UPDATED with Pryor response)

Here's the headline from the latest e-mail blast from the Cotton campaign: "Pryor said he won't accept KARK's debate unless Cotton agrees to AETN. So what's his excuse now?" You could see this one coming. Last night, the Pryor campaign declined the proposed debate from KARK, which would have featured Chuck Todd of NBC's Meet the Press. Now Cotton has finally accepted the AETN debate.

Cell phone, other electronics key to solving Carter case

Information on Beverly Carter's phone and other electronic data provided the clues to track down the suspect in her murder, Pulaski County Sheriff's Office Capt. Simon Haynes said at a press conference today. KARK Channel 4 provided livestream coverage of the press conference, held at the Pulaski County Jail.

Jeb Bush in town campaigning for Asa Hutchinson

Former Florida governor and First Brother Jeb Bush was in Sherwood this morning to stump for Republican gubernatorial nominee Asa Hutchinson. The two toured LISA Academy, a Sherwood charter school.

Mark Pryor highlights Cotton votes against Paycheck Fairness and Violence Against Women Acts

Sen. Mark Pryor today began what the campaign is dubbing a "Women for Pryor" statewide tour. Pryor is highlighting Cotton's votes against paycheck fairness legislation and the Violence Against Women Act (all together now: the only member of the Arkansas congressional delegation to do so). Pryor was joined by his mother, the former first lady of Arkansas Barbara Pryor, at this morning's event at the Fresco Cafe in Fayetteville. Events will be held across the state to mobilize women in support of Pryor to vote.

CDC confirms first Ebola case in U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control has confirmed the first suspected Ebola case in the U.S., in Dallas, NPR reports.

Questions raised about legality of ad coordinated between attorney general candidate Leslie Rutledge and Super PAC

Southern Progress, an organization aimed at bolstering Democrats in the South, yesterday highlighted what appear to be legal problems with an advertisement from the Republican Attorney Generals Association for Leslie Rutledge, the state's Republican nominee for AG.

Open Line: today's news roundup video

Today's video roundup on Beverly Carter, Jason Rapert, Leah Williams, Americans for Prosperity, and the "Muslim free" firing range in Hot Springs.

AG candidate Leslie Rutledge's voter registration cancelled by Pulaski Co. clerk

Leslie Rutledge has been kicked off the voter rolls in Arkansas due to the fact that she is concurrently registered out of state. Does that mistake make her ineligible to run for statewide office?

Collection of Crittenden County sales tax to fund now-bankrupt hospital enjoined

The Department of Finance and Administration yesterday announced that a sales tax enacted by voters in Crittenden County for “repairing, improving, renovating, equipping, operating and maintaining” Crittenden Regional Hospital will not be collected. CRH closed and filed for bankruptcy last month. The Crittenden County Circuit Court last Friday issued an order enjoining collection of the one percent county-wide sales tax.

Republican operative compares cancelling of Leslie Rutledge's voter registration to violence against women

K. Ryan James, campaign manager for Bruce Westerman — the GOP candidate for Congress in the Fourth District — compared the cancellation of Leslie Rutledge's voter registration to the Violence Against Women Act, which Democrats support because it aims to protect women from domestic abuse, rape and other forms of violence. I suggested to him that this was an ill-considered analogy; he didn't see it my way. Plus, some sympathy for Leslie Rutledge.

Arkansas Education Association fires executive director after less than a year on the job

The state’s largest teacher union, the Arkansas Education Association (AEA), has dismissed Tom Dooher, its executive director. Dooher was only hired in February of this year. A veteran labor organizer and former president of the 70,000-member teachers union in Minnesota, Dooher came on board at the AEA with an ambitious plan for elections, advocacy and organizing. It's unclear exactly why he was asked to leave.

Another Round Pub impresses in West Little Rock

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a beer, a veggie burger and a football game, then one of Little Rock's recently opened restaurants may just be the place for you.

New York Times examines turning of the political tides in Arkansas

The New York Times does a well-written and probing deep dive into Arkansas politics. The story is familiar — how Arkansas has gone, slowly but surely, from one-party domination by Democrats to dead red. In the wake of the Civil Rights movement, Dixie flipped, but Arkansas lagged behind for years. Lots of good stuff on Mike Beebe, including ladies that want to have his babies.

Beebe appoints retired Harrison judge as special justice in same-sex marriage case

Gov. Beebe has appointed Robert W. McCorkindale, a long time circuit judge in Boone County, as special justice in Nathaniel Smith, M.D. et al v. M. Kendall Wright et al., the appeal of Circuit Judge Chris Piazza's ruling that the state's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

New music from Blood Feathers, Rino El Camino, Charlie Virgo, Doc Casino and Mothwind

Alright, this band is based in Philly and also they broke up last year. There's no getting around that. But, and I don't think this is irrelevant, the band was mostly Little Rock people — e.g. Clay Simmons, Ben Dickey and Sam Murphy — and this album, their third, is only now getting released next week (Oct. 8) via Little Rock's own Max Recordings. Rest in peace, Blood Feathers, you made a great record.

LRPD's new police dispatch site up and running

The LRPD kicked off their new online police dispatch log today, a website that allows citizens and the media to see the time, location and basic nature of all LRPD dispatches in the city on a 30 minute delay, with dispatches disappearing from the site 8 hours after they're made.

Asa Hutchinson is a strapless wedding dress ...

... in a bizarre new digital ad from the College Republican National Committee.

"And then, I ... " went to Helena: Satterfield's first installation

Barbara Satterfield's interactive ceramic sculpture tour, "And then, I ...," grouped clay figures of women in conversation that she hopes will spark feedback on the project's webpage on art and "pivotal moments" in women's lives, has opened in Helena, the first stop on the tour.

BloombergView reports on broadband access for Arkansas schools

Here's a little national coverage on the fight between broadband providers and education advocates (joined by other business interests) who want to allow K-12 schools to access the public fiber optic network for colleges and universities, ARE-ON.

Forget voter registration issue, Leslie Rutledge's ignorance of law and attacks on county clerk make her unfit to be attorney general

Republican candidate for attorney general Leslie Rutledge is positively hyperventilating over Pulaski County Clerk Larry Crane's cancellation of her voter registration. This morning, her campaign emailed out a press release with the heading, "Unbelievable," in which Rutledge calls Crane's action "desperate Chicago-style, partisan politics," a "reprehensible and ... desperate attempt to help the campaign of a Democratic candidate," "arbitrar[y] and without cause" and a "case of big bureaucrat, big government, crooked politics interfering with a basic government right." She also said Crane violated state and federal law. She's wrong.

Head of Secret Service resigns

Julia Pierson, who was put through the ringer yesterday in a congressional hearing, has resigned as director of the Secret Service. Her resignation follows the Sept. 18 intrusion onto the White House grounds by a man who leaped the fence and made it all the way to the Green Room before being subdued.

Blue Canoe Brewing shooting for Nov. 1 open on E. Third St.

Earlier this week, we talked to Patrick Cowan, the Little Rock attorney who forms a third of the founders of Blue Canoe Brewing Company, soon to open next to Andina's at 425 E. Third Street near the River Market. Cowan said that while there's still a lot of construction and paperwork to be done, they're hoping for a Nov. 1 open.

Philander Smith College names Roderick Smothers new president

Philander Smith College, a historically black college in Little Rock, has hired its 14th president. Roderick Smothers, currently vice president of advancement at Huston-Tilloston University, succeeds Johnny Moore, who resigned abruptly earlier this year.

The bad day for Leslie Rutledge open line and video

It's open line time.

Mark Pryor, fiscal conservative?

In two new ads, Pryor attacks Cotton for voting "against women." In a third spot, though, the senator talks up cutting taxes and rolling back regulation.

Main Street Food Truck Festival, HarvestFest, Chili Fights in the Heights and St. Mark's Shrimp Boil all happening Oct. 4

Food festivals are out in force on Saturday, Oct. 4, from downtown to midtown for the Main Street Food Truck Festival, HarvestFest, Chili Fights in the Heights and the St. Mark's Shrimp Boil.