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October 13, 2005

Vol 3 • No 39

TV highlights Oct. 13-19

DEAD TENANTS 9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13 TLC (Comcast Ch. 68) To paraphrase Woody Allen, some people want to live forever through their art. I want to live forever by not dying. From the number of shows about ghosts and the paranormal on TV these day

The Observer Oct. 13

Here’s a guy who works at Heifer International, doing the Lord’s work, and even though Little Rock’s temps averaged about 150 degrees F. this summer, he chose to pedal a bike to the office rather than suck up fossil fuel.

'Rabbit' fever

While many cartoons I loved as a kid have lost their Technicolor sheen (though others, like Looney Tunes, and anything by director Tex Avery, just keep getting funnier), one kiddie series that always brings a smile to my face is the “Wallace and Gromit” s

He thinks he's shocked

What women get by with these days! Gilbert Baker is flabbergasted. The state senator and Republican state chairman from Conway announced that he was “really shocked” to learn that hurricane evacuees had obtained free abortions at Arkansas clinics. And the

Bruce James calls the Hogs

Auburn in a close one.

The 'cue is rocking at Roland's

Barbecue lovers around Hot Springs will agree that McClard’s sets the standard for ’cue. But that doesn’t stop a plethora of other Spa City ’cue-meisters from putting out some delicious meat and fixings. Occasionally you’ll hear the “it’s better than McCl

Revolving door

In Sept. 2004 Dr. John Daller resigned from the UAMS organ transplant program only 11 months after starting it, but stayed on the UAMS payroll for a few more months. At the time, UAMS officials declined to say why Daller resigned, and even redacted a

Ask Mr. Columnist

Q. What is the Arkansas connection with this Harriet Miers, the Supreme Court nominee? Also, isn’t she the Dee Dee Myers who used to answer questions for President Clinton? Is she any kin to the Meyer’s Bread people? Also, I’ve heard that our war policy

Editorial cartoon Oct. 13

Get in the game

My brother and I went to the Razorbacks game last Saturday. When we took our seats, he told me that the match-up was a no-win situation for Head Coach Houston Nutt.

If it keeps on raining ...

With broken levees helping drown more than 80 percent of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, one couldn’t help but be reminded that Little Rock is a city by a river — a river that has, in the not-too-distant past, risen up and waylaid the city w

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Local Fountain; El Porton. Capsule reviews: Grab-A-Bite; Great Wraps.

Letters Oct. 13

Why on earth did the Times send Jim Harris to cover the Motley Crue concert in Little Rock? An Edwardian octogenarian could not have had less of a clue at such a show.

Notes from the basement

I got a little nutty over the weekend, hunched over a computer on the dark lower floor of my house, warmed not a bit by the glow of the computer screen or the messages it related. My thinking became even more binary than normal — 1/0; yes/no; go

Perfect weekend: Screaming jets and football fans.

The weekend was darn near about as perfect as one could expect — until the Thunderbirds began their repeated fly-bys at the Little Rock Air Force Base late Sunday afternoon.

Edwards' war on poverty

In the last 41 years, the Democrats have won the White House only when their candidate has been a Southerner — Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. They tried again in 2000 with Al Gore of Tennessee, and, indeed, another Southerner was elected

Words Oct. 13

You don’t go down to St. Jame’s Infirmary, either: “Frank Sinatra Jr., accompanied by a 36-piece orchestra, sings a concert of Frank Sinatra standards at Reynold’s Performance Hall for UCA’s homecoming on Oct. 13.”

West Memphis soul, part 1

Horn player Wayne Jackson was born Nov. 24, 1941, in West Memphis, and helped craft the Memphis rhythm and blues sound especially typified by Stax and Hi Records.

This Modern World Oct. 13

Smart Talk Oct. 13

What happened to Sharon Lee? Get ready for high gas bills. Bradley Gitz is wrong again.

The week that was Oct. 5-11

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … BILL HALTER. An unknown political wannabe who happens to be a Rhodes Scholar, former Social Security administrator and Stanford University trustee announced that he has $500,000 for a Democratic primary race against Mike Beebe

Warhol served 'A la cARTe'

Martinis, fondue and Andy Warhol should make for a popular pop party Thursday, Oct. 20, when the Arkansas Arts Center Young Patrons Group hosts its first “a la cARTe” event in the Stella Boyle Smith Gallery.

Slim governor's pants too tight

One thing we don’t cotton to in Arkansas is getting too big for your britches. I’d say “breeches,” but that would be getting too big for them.

More picks Oct. 13-19

Too much stuff to count, from Christian rockers Casting Crowns at Alltel, to an NBA game featuring Little Rock native Joe Johnson.

The triumph of cronyism

Every self-proclaimed hero, to paraphrase Emerson, becomes a bore at last. Except in the case of George W. Bush, who has slipped past boredom into something infinitely worse, whatever you call the condition when millions of voters recognize that they’ve

Here's your hat

Though her gig on KATV’s 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. morning show lasted barely five months and ended with a lot less ceremony than it began, former “Daybreak” chatter Shareese Kondo says: no hard feelings.

Orval Oct. 13

Shakers at the Sticky shack

Don’t be sad that the fair is ending: A virtual musical carnival will be at Sticky Fingerz on Saturday, Oct. 15, with headliners Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers. The Shakers are a strange homebrew of hillbilly, punk, bluegrass and low-down dirty blues and wou

Steinbeck on stage

Robert Hupp’s penchant for John Steinbeck’s work is nearly up there with his love for Shakespeare, and everyone around the Arkansas Repertory Theatre knows how much the company’s producing artistic director enjoys presenting plays by the Bard.

Evacuation order

At the end of September, a group of Pulaski County officials met to discuss what could be learned from hurricanes Katrina and Rita. County Judge Buddy Villines was interested in worst-case scenarios. “What will we do,” he asked, “if the decision i

After the storm

“At least we won’t have to hear the word, ‘Contraflow,’” Kevin Griffin said with a laugh.