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Toast of the Town 2014

Toast of the Town 2014

October 16, 2014

Vol 41 • No 6

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Best of Central Arkansas bars and booze 2014

Times readers pick their favorite watering holes in Central Arkansas.

Arkansas Times Craft Beer Festival 2014 preview

52 brewers, over 250 beers, on Oct. 24.

The story of Jimmy Doyle's Country Club

The last of the real honky tonks.

Goose, remembered

White Water Tavern owner a loveable rascal, friends say.

Bacon, eggs and champagne at U.S. Pizza

It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Little Rock bar bingo

How adventurous of a bar hopper are you? Test your range with our booze-themed, scavenger-hunt take on bingo.

Skip 'The Judge'

By trying to do too much, vehicle for Downey, Duval turns to mush.

'Kill the Messenger' an above-the-fold tragedy

Jeremy Renner stars as journalist Gary Webb.

'Hoop Dreams' at Clinton School

Also, Chris Robinson Brotherhood at Revolution.

Satchemo's serves up creative twists on old standards

With Belly busting bar food.

Prepared for Ebola in Arkansas

Health Department, hospitals scramble to prepare, though chance of the virus traveling to Arkansas is miniscule.

Media-stoked fear sets off mindless stampede

We once prided ourselves on being a pragmatic, self-confident people — more like the skeptical fillies than the thundering herd. But if you believe a lot of what you read in the news media and see on TV, much of the public currently lives on the edge of panic.

Justin Moore plays First Security Amphitheater

Also, Argenta Art Walk in North Little Rock, the final week of the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Flavors of Arkansas at Ron Robinson, a Maya Deren double feature at Few, and Killer Mike and EL-P at Stickyz.

BREAKING: Forwarding racist emails is not OK

Also, the demagogues are out in full force, Mark Martin no-shows, Mike Maggio tries to go on the dole, Arkansas political debates summarized and Bill Clinton turns a good metaphor.

Close ones hurt more

As much as anything else, retrospective dissection is the gospel of college football fandom; and in SEC country, if you aren't combining spirits and profanity to motivate your second-guessing in the aftermath of a tight one, by God, buddy, you're doing it wrong.

The Shoog Radio era

KABF DJs take their love of local music to the airwaves.

So many races, so few words

As a momentous election builds to a climax, it's hard to know where best to deploy 600 words.

Arkansas following Kansas over cliff

This has been an especially informative political season, but the most significant revelation comes from the state of Kansas, where Sen. Pat Roberts and his buddy Sam Brownback have built a Republican empire that has brought the state of Kansas to its knees.


The Observer observed nothing last weekend but the rain. It came down on The Observatory in pails at times, the old oaks in the yard dripping dejectedly, their half-baked fall colors varnished in rain the temperature of spit. In a month, we'll all be November deep in coats and scarves.

The Pinta in Arkansas

Replicas of Christopher Columbus' ships, the Nina and the Pinta, are docked at the Julius Breckling Riverfront Park in Little Rock through Oct. 20. Admission to a tour ranges from $6 to $8.

Change in leadership at Maumelle High School

An interim principal has been named to lead Maumelle High School after resignation of principal Rebecca Guthrie.

Law prof: State challenge the best course on voter ID laws

A Kentucky law professor writes that Arkansas lawyers followed precisely the right approach in challenging the state voter ID law on strictly state grounds. It's a strategy other states should follow, rather than using federal constitutional arguments.

Families arise to defend same-sex marriage in court brief

A friend of the court brief in the challenge of Arkansas's same-sex marriage ban tells emotional stories of love and families built by people discriminated against under Arkansas law.

Mayor begs for people to buy Razorback tickets. It's the long Hog goodbye.

When the mayor of Little Rock has to issue a news release begging people to buy Hog football tickets as a show of municipal patriotism, the future of Razorback football in Little Rock is indeed bleak.

Ebola hysteria tops charts for Republican Senate candidates

The Washington Post reports that Republican candidates for U.S. Senate — aware of rampant Ebola fear — are calling for travel bans from West African countries. Republican Rep. Tom Cotton naturally is joining the list.

What will Mark Martin do to defend invalidated law? Get it wrong, most likely

How does Mark Martin propose to defend a law — the voter ID act — that has been invalidated by the Arkansas Supreme Court? Only he knows, but so far he is not saying.

Menu flexibility is the norm at Mellow Mushroom

Diners will find a diverse and delicious menu at West Little Rock's Mellow Mushroom.

Freight and passenger train in accident near West Fork

KNWA is reporting an accident involving a freight train and a passenger train near the community of Brentwood in the vicinity of West Fork

Judge tosses lawsuit against Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

The statute of limitations bars an assault lawsuit an Oklahoma woman brought against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Just to be clear: There is NO voter ID law UPDATE: Even Mark Martin now gets it

Advice from Secretary of State Mark Martin's office was wrong as usual. All first-time voters are not required to produce a photo ID, as a memo from his office said. Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has issued a statement to clear up confusion created by Martin.

Man with Ebola symptoms at Clinton hospital; false alarm

Van Buren County Sheriff Scott Bradley tells the Times that a man who came to Ozark Health Medical Center in Clinton this morning with symptoms similar to those of Ebola is "in the clear," but referred all further inquiry to hospital administrator David Deaton. Deaton has not returned a call from the Times. Bradley said he and Deaton and County Judge Roger Hooper met together this morning to discuss the situation.

Brummett to grow his media brand

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette columnist John Brummett is adding a new media hat to his wardrobe.

Ross and Hutchinson debate again. Asa still dodging private option question

Gubernatorial candidates are debating on AETN today. Asa Hutchinson is still dodging the pivotal private option question.

Arkansas Supreme Court clears alcohol sales amendment for Nov. 4 ballot

The Arkansas Supreme Court today rejected a challenge of the proposed constitutional amendment that would allow the sale of alcoholic beverages in all 75 counties and end the patchwork quilt of local option elections.

Secretary of agriculture Butch Calhoun announces coming retirement

Agriculture Secretary Butch Calhoun says he'll retire at the end of the year, shortly before the end of the Beebe administration.

Thursday's line is open

The open line and video news roundup.

New mixtape from BLACK PARTY, 'Prototype'

Little Rock's BLACK PARTY released his long-awaited (at least by us) new tape "Prototype" this afternoon — check it out below. Also, if you missed it, here's his new video, for "Hilaro Springs." featuring Google Maps and a psychedelic purple field that looks straight of "What Dreams May Come" (courtesy of Times visionary Kenneth Bell).

Charter Authorizing Panel approves applications for four new charter schools

The state Charter Authorizing Panel met twice this week (yesterday and today) to hear seven separate requests for new public charter schools in Arkansas. The panel approved four of those applications, denied one and tabled the final two until a later date. Those decisions can still be changed by the State Board of Education, which next meets on Nov. 13 and 14.

Circuit clerks get a dose of politics

A Republican legislator today distributed photos of a state employee and state Republican officials campaigning during a meeting of county and circuit clerks in Benton County. In theory, state employees aren't supposed to engage in partisan politics on state time. But they have their ways.

Cinemark Tandy 10 to close

Cinemark Tandy 10 will screen its last discounted movie on Sunday, Oct. 26, according to manager Jonathan Holt. The long time North Little Rock dollar theater (now $2) is shutting down.

Secretary of State Mark Martin's gang still can't shoot straight

The secretary of state's office continues to foul up its handling of voter ID legislation and the important work of certifying ballot initiatives. And the incumbent, Mark Martin, is so certain of his re-election he doesn't show up for debates.

UPDATE: Fort Smith nursing home Michael Morton's big political spending now has Leslie Rutledge at top of heap

Michael Morton continues to pour money into Arkansas political races, almost entirely on the Republican side of the ledger. with attorney general nominee Leslie Rutledge emerging as the leading beneficiary. What does he expect in return?

Homeless man killed in assault; suspect in custody

The Little Rock police said a 39-year-old homeless man was fatally injured shortly before 8 p.m. Thursday in an assault by another homeless man in the 1000 block of West Markham Street, near Chester Street.

Pryor plunges into Ebola scare

Sen. Mark Pryor has announced a meeting with health officials today to talk about responses to the Ebola outbreak.

More than 38,000 consumers covered on the Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace (Tom Cotton would kick them off too)

We often mention the 211,611 who have gained coverage under the private option. Sometimes lost in the shuffle in these conversations is another group of Arkansans — around 38,000 people who have purchased health insurance on the newly created Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace, the health insurance exchange created by Obamacare.

Another reason to vote against Tom Cotton: U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorsement

Extremist Republican Tom Cotton, joined by an assortment of corporate lobbyists, proudly announced today his endorsement by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It is another good reason — a very good reason — to vote against Tom Cotton.

The coming booze battle; the drys may have an edge

A statewide vote is set Nov. 4 on allowing alcohol sales in all 75 counties. For now, the drys appear to enjoy a money edge.

Third Friday means Argenta ArtWalk means Wittenberg, Rockwell, Furr, Holloway and the Best of the South

Argenta ArtWalk REALLY IS TONIGHT, OCT. 17, in downtown North Little Rock, where the Thea Foundation, Art Connection, Argenta Gallery, Greg Thompson Fine Art, the Laman Library's Argenta Branch, Mugs Cafe and other venues will be open from 5-8 p.m.

Wildwood inaugurates Art in the Park

Eight artists are exhibiting work at Wildwood Park in Wildwood's first "Art in the Park" series of rotating exhibits in the Cabe Festival Theatre lobby through Nov. 16. In the show are Vicki Kovaleski, Emily Moll Wood, Tom Tull, Robin Tucker, Gary Wayne Golden, Tim Jacob, W. Michael Spain and Mark Johnson.

Child in zoo accident released from hospital

The three-year-old boy who was injured, perhaps in part by jaguars, after falling into the Big Cat exhibit at the Little Rock Zoo last Friday was released today from Arkansas Children's Hospital.

AFP says the faulty voter registration mailers it distributed in North Carolina originated in Arkansas

Remember the bad voter registration information sent to hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians by Americans for Prosperity? Apparently, the mailers drew information from a similar effort by AFP's affiliate here, which sent information to "potential new voters in Arkansas." AFP says the bad information in NC was just a mix-up, and apologizes, but that leaves a larger question: What exactly is AFP sending to those likely new voters in Arkansas, and why?

Rasmussen has tight races for Senate and governor

Rasmussen finds small margins (statistically a dead heat) in both the races for U.S. Senate and governor in Arkansas.

Law officer one of two wounded in Searcy County bakery confrontation

Fox 16 reports that a law officer was shot in what had been described as a standoff with an armed man in the Serenity Bakery in Leslie. The State Police said the officer's injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

Rick Crawford said what?

Candidates for 1st District Congress met in a debate taped for broadcast this evening on AETN and AP has a brief summary here. The AP report has a slightly puzzling account of answers on the minimum wage.

UPDATE: Arizona joins the march to marriage equality; Arkansas lawyers move to speed up cases

As news comes of another state, Arizona, where the way has been cleared for same-sex marriage, a lawyer in two suits in Arkansas for similar equality has taken steps to speed court consideration of pending cases.

Pryor: Stop non-citizens from W. Africa at border, make Ebola response Cabinet-level job

Sen. Mark Pryor, insisting that he was not politicizing the outbreak of Ebola — "this is above and beyond politics," he said, held a press conference at his office today to discuss things he thinks the federal government should be doing.

Another reason to oppose Tom Cotton and Asa Hutchinson

One of the Duggar clan and the haters of the Family Research Council plan a buscapade starting in Arkansas next week to tout the likes of candidates such as Tom Cotton and Asa Hutchinson.

Free beer, 'New Flame,' 'Serial' the podcast and an Ohio mixtape

Sarah Koenig, a longtime producer on "This American Life," is hosting a new podcast called "Serial" spun off from that show, the difference being that each episode here is a chapter in a single larger story which they'll tell over the course of a season — a kind of heavily reported, audio miniseries. Four episodes have been released so far and they've been great, really gripping and well-produced.

Attorney general candidates debate on Capitol View

Nate Steel and Leslie Rutledge mixed it up Friday in taping a debate to air Sunday morning on KARK. And I have more on dark money and dirty e-mails in this race.

The TGIF open line

Here's your open line and today's video.

The Ebola Panic Edition

Political debates, the end of voter ID and other state Supreme Court rulings, the Little Rock School District and academic distress, the Ebola scare in Arkansas and Costco eyeing expansion in Little Rock — all covered on this week's podcast.

Dahlia Lithwick: Arkansas voter ID decision based on 1865 case protecting ex-Confederates' right to vote

Slate points out a sweet irony in the Arkansas Supreme Court's huge decision this week that struck down the state's voter ID law. In 1865, the court upheld the voting rights of ex-Confederate soldiers. In 2014, using the Civil War-era case as precedent, it upheld the voting rights of those without ID.

UPDATE: Homicide reported on South Rice Street

Little Rock police report about 6:30 today a fatal shooting in the 100 block of South Rice Street.

Former congressmen urge legislature to review rule to protect Buffalo River

Two former Republican congressmen have urged the legislature to act to clear a rule that would protect the Buffalo River watershed from more large hog feeding operations.

For future reference: New rules on IDs at the polls

New rules have gone out to election workers to reflect the invalidation of the Arkansas law requiring photo IDs at the polls. For future reference, I've posted copies of the rules that now apply on polling identification.

Ideas for War Memorial Stadium post-Razorbacks

News of the rise of college fishing teams gives me a bright idea to repurpose War Memorial Stadium after the Razorbacks stop playing football in Little Rock once year.

Bill Clinton returns to Hope to campaign for Democrats — tonight's open line

Bill Clinton is campaigning in Arkansas this weekend and he made a return to his old hometown of Hope to talk up, among others, Mark Pryor and 4th District candidate James Lee Witt.

Leslie Rutledge likes dark money now

A secretive Virginia conservative group that fights political financial disclosure has pumped $1.8 million into an effort to defeat Nate Steel for attorney general. Leslie Rutledge, once a critic of such spending in her own race, isn't likely to denounce THIS group.

Two Saturday night shootings leave two dead in Little Rock

Police report two fatal shootings late Saturday about seven blocks apart.

Carroll County K-9 attacks man handcuffed on the ground

A controversy has arisen over an apparently unprovoked attack by a sheriff's office K-9 on a man stopped by Green Forest police.

Poll: Mixed views on ballot measures

Polling shows voter support for a minimum wage increase but opposition to a government ethics amendment and the proposal to allow alcohol sales in all 75 counties.

Blue Hog: Stacy Hurst undeserving of vote. Ditto.

Blue Hog Report illustrates why Stacy Hurst isn't deserving of election to the state House of Representatives. And why her opponent's family got a deserved apology from the Little Rock school superintendent for a dirty trick done for her campaign.

An open line: Police report threats in neighborhood where two shooting deaths occurred

Little Rock police now think there may be a connection between separate fatal shootings late Saturday night near the State Fairgrounds and are warning about a volatile atmosphere in those neighborhoods.

Jason Rapert: The bully strikes again

Sen. Jason Rapert talks a lot about integrity. He illustrates the reverse, by threatening payback to a Conway city employee for his support of Rapert's opponent.

Preacher arrested during Conway Baptist church service

There's no feud like a good church feud. A long-running struggle for control of the Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Conway led to the arrest Sunday of a minister who refused to leave the premises.

Voting begins today; new polling shows hope for Democrats in 2nd District

Early voting begins today. News includes a Republican rally led by Mike Huckabee and new polling that shows Democrat Pat Hays in the lead for 2nd District Congress over millionaire banker J. French Hill.

The signs of election time: Do they matter?

A 2012 survey of Little Rock voters attempted to get at the question of whether yard signs influence voting patterns. Maybe. Maybe not.

But what about political jingles? Garcia tries one against 'Dennis the Menace'

The political jingle is back this year in an ad by Democratic treasurer candidate Karen Sealy Garcia against Republican Dennis "The Menace" Milligan.

Mark Martin uses tax money to bully his opponent

Secretary of State Mark Martin abuses his office to pester opponent Susan Inman. Nothing new, really, except that Martin just claimed in a Democrat-Gazette interview that he was tired of "childish" back-and-forth allegations in political races.

A little speed for the same-sex marriage case

The Arkansas Supreme Court wants a response by noon Tuesday to a motion to speed the appeal of the lawsuit over the state's same-sex marriage ban.

Safety group plans last-gasp try to block mega-Murphy gas station on Highway 10

Patrick Anders of the Taylor Loop Safety Patrol says his group will turn out in force for Tuesday's Little Rock Board of Directors meeting to make a final pitch that the Board reconsider its approval of a 20-nozzle Murphy Oil mega-convenience store at Highway 10 and Taylor Loop Road.

Two bank robberies in LR; one suspected by a repeat robber

Police say a man who gave a plastic bag to a teller and ordered it filled with cash robbed the U.S. Bank branch at 11402 W. Markham shortly after noon today. The suspect is believed to be the same man who robbed another U.S. Bank branch last Wednesday. An Arvest branch was robbed later in the day.

Another conservative who doesn't believe in the Constitution, Rep. David Meeks

Add Rep. David Meeks to the Republican legislative candidates who think the constitutional right to legal counsel amounts to being soft on crime.

The early voting open line

Monday's open line and video news roundup.

Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co. coming to downtown Little Rock

Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co., a new restaurant specializing in traditional Chinese food, is planning to open in downtown Little Rock in mid-December in the former home of Your Mama's Good Food, according to assistant manager and business development manager Rebecca Yan. The menu will include handmade dumplings, steamed buns and hand-stretched noodles. Service will cafeteria style, similar to Chipotle, where diners travel along a line and pick a base, a protein, a spice-level and among various sides of vegetables — likely including taro chips, pickles and slaw — that will change with the seasons.

Nov. 20 could be another judgment day for marriage equality in Arkansas

Federal Judge Kristine Baker has scheduled a hearing Nov. 20 on the federal lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of Arkansas's bans on same-sex marriage.

Students at Van Buren High School form a secular student group

The City Wire's Ryan Saylor writes in detail about the formation of a Secular Students Alliance at Van Buren High School to talk about religious diversity among other issues.

Arkansas Supreme Court case goes to the dogs

A U.S. Supreme Court case over Arkansas prison efforts to limit the wearing of beards by prison inmates drew a sendup from John Oliver in which he put dogs in the place of Supreme Court Justices to hear the case.

Another tuneful political campaign, for Lackey Moody

Did I say there weren't many jingles any more? I've been apprised of several. This one by the daughter of Lackey Moody Jr., a Democrat seeking a state House seat from Batesville, is getting warm reviews.

Big tobacco seen behind dark money push for Leslie Rutledge

Southern Progress, the Democratic advocacy group, delves more deeply into the subject of the Center for Individual Freedom, the secretive 501c4 group that is pumping $1.8 million into a sleazy dark money campaign against Nate Steel in the race for attorney general. It concludes this is a push by big tobacco to lighten their scrutiny by the state.

New poll gives Tom Cotton 8.5-point lead over Mark Pryor in race for U.S. Senate

A new Talk Business/Hendrix College poll shows Republican Tom Cotton with a 49-40.5 lead over Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor.

Protest planned for Rapert campaign event at UCA

UCA student James Thweatt is leading a protest group that plans to demonstrate at a Jason Rapert campaign event at 7 p.m. tonight at the Reynolds Performance Hall at UCA.

Ross, Hutchinson would retreat on school consolidation

Major candidates for governor both said Monday night in a televised debate that they'd favor changing the law on school consolidation to allow preservation of some smaller districts.

Poll: Race for 4th District Congress nears tossup status

New polling shows Democrat James Lee Witt has closed the gap in his race with Republican Bruce Westerman for 4th District Congress to 2 points.

Police seek woman bank robber UPDATE

The police have released surveillance photos of a woman sought in a Monday bank robbery.

Arrest made in home invasion homicide

Police have announced the arrest of a suspect in the home invasion homicide early Saturday of Terry Lipsmeyer, 52. He was shot when two men robbed people in a house on Rice Street.

Good news abounds even if you don't see it in the polls

Ernest Dumas is back from vacation with a column that chronicles abundant good news in the land and an electorate that either pays it no mind or disbelieves anything could be good on Barack Obama's watch.

Arkansas unemployment rate drops to 6.2 percent in September

The unemployment report shows a drop in the rate in Arkansas from 6.3 percent in August to 6.2 percent in September, plus a net growth of 3,600 jobs.

The march toward marriage equality quickens

The state of Arkansas told the Arkansas Supreme Court today it doesn't object to a request by plaintiffs to expedite the state's appeal of Judge Chris Piazza's ruling striking down the ban on same-sex marriage.

Gov. Mike Beebe will not pardon the West Memphis Three

Gov. Mike Beebe, citing procedural reasons, said he couldn't grant executive clemency to the West Memphis Three before he left office even if he was inclined to do so. What's more, none has sought a pardon.

UALR Friends of the Arts fundraiser tonight, Oct. 21

"6 X 6," the silent auction fundraiser sponsored by UALR Friends of the Arts to benefit the arts and artists at the university, will feature a special exhibit by alumnus Dan Thornhill, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. tonight, Oct. 21, at the Applied Design Studio in University Plaza.

Community group endorses in City Board races

Arkansas Community Organizations, a grassroots neighborhood group, has announced endorsements in Little Rock City Board races, including challengers to two incumbents.

Who balanced that budget, Asa?

Mike Ross nailed Asa Hutchinson in a TV debate last night on taking credit for a balanced federal budget. 15 seconds of VIDEO worth watching.

UPDATE: NYT reporter: Tom Cotton has paid for over $300,000 in "fundraising consulting" from an LLC that "may not exist"

Jonathan Martin, a New York Times political correspondent who's been following the Arkansas Senate race, posted an intriguing dispatch this afternoon from Tom Cotton's campaign finance reports.

Democrats say 1st-day turnout for early voting well ahead of last midterm in 2010

The Democratic Party says the first day of early voting showed a big increase in participation compared with the last midterm election, contrary to some preliminary figures compiled by Secretary of State Mark Martin.

The problem with 'soft on crime' advertising

Republican candidates Stacy Hurst and David Meeks, to name just two, have adopted the popular tactic of calling defense lawyers soft on crime for providing legal counsel to the accused, something guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. It's deplorable and un-American. But the tactic also puts a thumb on the scales of justice, particularly when deployed in judicial races,

The open line and video update

An open line and today's video report.

Now Mark Pryor's college work gets a look

Tom Cotton's writing during student days at Harvard have drawn a lot of attention and now it's Sen. Mark Pryor's turn, with a report on a political science paper he wrote at the University of Arkansas in 1986.

Where to draw the line: Phil Wyrick and early voting today

Phil Wyrick, the Republican candidate for county judge, got in a dispute with election officials today for entering an early voting place — the McMath Library on John Barrow Road — and handing out campaign material. Camoaigning is prohibited within 100 feet of a poll. He was escorted out, a witness said, objecting all the while.

Poll gives Hutchinson lead in governor's race

New Talk Business/Hendrix College polling shows Republican Asa Hutchinson leading Democrat Mike Ross in the race for governor 49-41.

Hear from Little Rock City Board candidates

The Coalition of Greater Little Rock Neighborhoods has a handy website with videos of Little Rock City Board candidates fielding candidate forum questions.

The coming lawsuit on inadequate public defenders

Talk of a civil rights lawsuit is underway as the legislature hears an inadequate request for more money for the Arkansas Public Defenders Commission.

Police arrest suspect in two branch bank robberies

Lt. Sidney Allen of the Little Rock police reports that Bobby Ford, 46, of Little Rock has been arrested in the robberies of two U.S. Bank branches — on West Markham Street and Baseline Road — in the last week.

Jason Rapert, the Bully of Bigelow, again foiled by his own words

Sen. Jason Rapert again with the alibi that he shouldn't be held acountable for his own words — this time some political blackmail of a Conway employee who supports his opponent.

A guide to cheap eats in Little Rock

Eat well without breaking the bank? Here's how.

Arkansas: Not as poor as you thought

The Census Bureau has released a new formula for measuring poverty and the result is that Arkansas doesn't look quite so poor.

Nate Steel endorsed by Northwest Arkansas Online

A newspaper in Republican Northwest Arkansas endorses Nate Steel for attorney general, in part because he's NOT the unqualified Leslie Rutledge.

UA's move online and its threat to campuses such as UALR

Carl Straumsheim of Inside Higher Ed reports here on the tension in University of Arkansas System President Donald Bobbitt's aggressive move into online higher education and the heartburn that has caused for conventional UA campuses.

And speaking of UALR: It's public radio begathon time

The Arkansas Blog matching grant program will again be in force Friday morning as Rosi Smith and Max Brantley make their last appearance on the semi-annual KUAR/KLRE fund-raising drive.

Blanche Lincoln makes top lobbyist list

There's life after U.S. Senate defeat. The Hill puts former Sen. Blanche Lincoln on its list of top lobbyists.

Dispatch from Yonder Mountain String Band's 2014 Harvest Music Festival

Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Music Festival, held Thursday through Saturday at Mulberry Mountain Ranch, where Wakarusa is also held in the summer, served up three days and nights of almost non-stop live music on four stages amid some of the best festival weather there in recent memory.

Shots fired in Canadian parliament

Shots fired in Canadian parliament. Video captures some of it.

Koch group mailing a 'voter history report card'

A mass mailer from the Koch-financed political empire seems to employ shaming as a tool to get people to vote. One Republican, a state election commissioner, wasn't too impressed.

New music from Fresco Grey, Monument, DMP, Devin Nu Phlo and Doctor Nod

If Fresco Grey sold t-shirts I would buy one. Come see him and the rest of the Young Gods of America crew at Vino's tomorrow night (check this week's To Do List for the rest of their tour info).

An open line for Wednesday

Here's the open line and today's news roundup.

Taylor Shepherd, Steve Adair and more at M2 Gallery

Outsider artist Taylor Shepherd and "emerging artist" Steve Adair are showing work at M2Gallery in the Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center on Cantrell. Reception tonight, Oct. 24, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Non-traditional cakes, classic deliciousness

They say you can't bake a cake without breaking some eggs, but that's not necessarily true.

Hotel Pines photo exhibit: Krain, Henry, Ballard, Adams, Worthen and more

In the hope their work will encourage a preservation effort, Rita Henry and her fellow photographers in the Blue Eyed Knocker Photo Club have taken it on themselves to record the ruins of the 100-year-old Hotel Pines in Pine Bluff, a once-luxe spot designed by George Mann and decorated by Paul Martin Heerwagen. An exhibition of their photographs and a documentary video, “100 Years of Light Through the Pines,” runs noon to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, Nov. 3-8, at the High Cotton Event Center, 220 Barraque St. in Pine Bluff.

The Friday Five, spicy edition

It's the Friday Five Open Line! Today we're talking spices, but you can talk about whatever you like.