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Bake a pie

Bake a pie

November 27, 2014

Vol 41 • No 12

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Cook like a chef

With pro touch to holiday repasts.

Lil Flip comes to Club Elevations

Also, Punksgiving at Pizza D, North Mississippi Allstars at Revolution, Sebastian Bach at Juanita's, CALS crafting workshop in the Arcade Building and 'Chained for Life' at Vino's.

Sorting through Ferguson evidence

Here in the United States of America, we're not supposed to have political show trials. People should be put at risk of felony conviction only if evidence clearly supports a criminal indictment — not to solve political problems, provide weeks of suspenseful cable TV news programming, or to pacify mobs.

Little Rock trans people and the police

LRPD Chief Buckner issues new policies regarding interactions with transgender citizens.

Meaty Potbelly impresses

Fast, cheap, good.

Tell us next time

I'd like to respond to the recent review your writers completed of my restaurant ("The good, the bad, the rubbery," Nov. 20). Fantastic China has a long, successful history (nearly 20 years) in The Heights area, and we have always been dedicated to providing the best quality food to the residents of Central Arkansas.

2014 holiday gift guide

A Christmas catalogue for the discerning (or desperate) Arkansan.

Brantley: the fear factor at Arkansas Capitol

Surely you've read the recent articles about research that indicates conservatives are, on average, more fearful than liberals.

Here comes equality

Also, Obama and "a better future," Beebe and drug pardons, the University of Arkansas (Texas) and Walmart's high rank on equality index.

Benghazi goes way of other GOP scares

One more fear-mongering diversion sidetracked, but how many more to go?

Amy of Arabia

The Observer has had some far-flung deputies from time to time, but rarely have they been flung as far as our friend who shipped out in late summer to teach kids in the wild, western deserts of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Amy's just that kind of person, the adventurous sort.

Adam Hunter at The Loony Bin

Also, "The Toughest Job: William Winter's Mississippi" at Ron Robinson.

Here come the expectations

The Bielema Bandwagon pit crew has done some hellacious work getting the wheels road-worthy again. Now it may take the installation of a governor under the hood to keep everyone rational after two historic, emotionally gratifying games have pushed expectations toward the stratosphere for the rest of the season and years beyond.

Sticking to the story

Jon Stewart's 'Rosewater' is no screed.

'50 Phenomenal Women' include historic Arkansans

The first same-sex couple to be married in Arkansas are featured in a Glamour magazine article about "phenomenal women who are making a difference."

The Thanksgiving Day open line

The all-day open line for news and views on a crisp Arkansas Thanksgiving.

Arkansas Chamber hires Republican spokesman to 'educate' on limiting damage lawsuits

None dare call it lobbying, but the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce has a new taxpayer-subsidized nonprofit headed by a former Republican mouthpiece with the aim of making it harder to file damage lawsuits or win big verdicts in them.

18 legislators object to free speech by UA chancellor

It's belated but important to note a letter signed by 18 Arkansas legislators objecting to University of Arkansas Chancellor David Gearhart's call for the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce to 

Women's City Club window debate heads to Little Rock City Board

The windows in the historic Women's City Club building, now home to the Junior League of Little Rock, remain a bone of contention for the Little Rock City Board. A showdown is set Tuesday.

Group complains about Huckabee's political exploratory ruse

The American Democracy Legal Fund has filed complaints with the IRS and the Federal Election Commission about Mike Huckabee's use of a nonprofit front group to lay groundwork for a 2016 presidential campaign.

Memorial service 1 p.m. Monday for Doug Smith

Memorial service for Doug Smith, 74, retired associate editor of the Arkansas Times, will be at 1 p.m. Monday at Ruebel Funeral Home. It will be led by Marie Mainard O'Connell. Memorials: Central Arkansas Library Foundation or the ACLU of Arkansas.

Mayor Stodola defends city employee insurance plan

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola today distributed a copy of a letter he'd sent to Jarred McCauley, president of the Little Rock Fraternal Order of the Police, defending the city's decision to switch employee insurance coverage to the Arkansas Municipal League's self-insurance program from Qual Choice.

The Black Friday open line — Santa arrested in Walmart protest

The Friday open line includes news of protests at U.S. Walmarts by a group seeking higher pay and more hours for the retail chain's workers.

Mike Huckabee and Ferguson, Mo., and the threat to police

A Huffington Post columnist finds a Mike Huckabee angle in the controversy in Ferguson, Mo. It's not flattering to the potential 2016 presidential candidate.

Little Rock Board considers grant for William Woodruff house

The Little Rock City Board will consider a proposal Tuesday for a grant of almost $100,000 to help restore the historic William E. Woodruff house on East Eighth Street, a project of the Quapaw Quarter Association.

About that Battle Line Rivalry: Why not a Bootheel trophy?

Re the Arkansas-Missouri football game. Battle Line Rivalry? What battle line? We propose the Bootheel Trophy.

The Saturday open line

Today's open line.

Starkville, Miss., shows the way for Fayetteville: Fairness is good for business

The issue in Fayetteville Dec. 9 — to preserve legal discrimination against gay people or not. Starkville, Miss., adopted the very ordinance now up for debate in Fayetteville and the result, based on a New York Times article Saturday, has been good for the city.

Tom Cotton continues to point to Mexico as source of Islamic terrorism

U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton makes it to Meet the Press and draws a headline for emphasizing the need for more Mexican border security. The fact is, security is strong and illegal immigration is declining. He did not discuss mass deportation.

The Sunday open line: Free thinkers welcome

The Sunday open line includes news that the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers is erecting a winter solstice display on the Capitol grounds for the sixth year.

A clemency request for Gov. Beebe in murder case

The Innocence Project continues to press for clemency for Belynda Goff of Green Forest, convicted of killing her husband 20 years ago in a case with a notable lack of evidence of her guilt.

Where were the shoppers? Black Friday not so black

Black Friday weekend was something of a bust for retailers, but opinions are mixed about what that means. Recession over or not? Are shoppers time-shifting?

Militant group claims killing of Egyptian oil worker with Fayetteville ties

A militant group last night took responsibility for the August death in Egypt of Bill Henderson, a long-time oil worker for the Apache Corp. He'd lived in recent years in Fayetteville.

Hate group sponsors gathering in advance of Fayetteville ordinance vote

The Family Research Council, the Southern Poverty Law Center-labeled hate group led by Tony Perkins, is sponsoring a gathering of preachers Tuesday in Fayetteville (local cheerleader Jerry Cox is sending out the call) that seems likely to be intended to organize opposition to the Dec. 9 vote on repeal of Fayetteville's civil rights ordinance.

Guest Mix: Sarah Stricklin

It's safe to assume that most people (all people) are, to some extent, preoccupied with being cool. I can say that, without a doubt, it is much harder to ignore the impulse to attain "cool" after people have told you that they think that you are cool.

Dogpatch to be open for a look-see before restoration

A Missouri TV station reports on progress by Charles Pelsor to restore the former Dogpatch USA theme park at Marble Falls in the Arkansas Ozarks. The property will be open for people to take a look around this weekend.

'The Duggar Family Kama Sutra'

Paul Rudnick in The New Yorker writes about a Duggar family sex manual.

Van stolen after stabbing at University service station

Michael Armstrong, 30, was stabbed twice in the back and robbed of his Windstar van after stopping at Zimmerman's Exxon at 5223 S. University about 1 a.m. Sunday morning. A 17-year-old suspect was arrested driving the van and charged in the crime.

Forbes talks with Walton leader on charter school effort

Forbes magazine interviews the Walmart heiress who's pressing the family's charter school agenda. It makes the usual assumption about charter schools, without objective evidence.

Search suspended for missing Searcy child

Channels 4/16 report that the Searcy police are suspending the search for two-year-old Malik Drummond, reportedly last seen at his home more than a week ago. The police also say they are now treating the case as a criminal investigation, but further details are not available.

The Dec. 1 open line, plus video roundup and a robbery plea

December starts slowly. Perhaps you can fire it up on our open line.

Announcing the 2015 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase

Musicians, the search is on for the 2015 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase, to be held at Stickyz throughout January and February. Performers of all genres will compete for an array of prizes (including money!) and any acts with at least four songs of original material are encouraged to enter. The finals will be held at the Rev Room in March.

Tom Cotton, critic of Obama, worked himself to delay deportation of illegal immigrants

Tom Cotton and other Republican congressmen who've harshly criticized President Obama for his order to delay deportation of unauthorized immigrants have taken action themselves to protect immigrants in the U.S. without authorization.

Deputies search for man following homicide

The sheriff's office is looking for a man shown in a security camera photo following a homicide Monday night in North Little Rock.

UPDATE: Lottery negotiations with Intralot continue

The Arkansas Lottery still hasn't concluded a deal with Intralot, the Greek vendor that has been paid about $11 million a year to provide on-line lottery ticket sales.

Crime and punishment on legislative agenda this morning

Parole and programs to reduce recidivism are on the agenda as legislative committees meet this morning on prison issues.

Report: Arkansas is 7th least charitable state

Wallet Hub issues a report that finds Arkansas is the 7th least charitable state.

State tax revenue looking up — a little

The Arkansas economy is gaining strength modestly according to the latest state revenue report.

Truck art show by Watts ends Saturday with reception

Bentonville artist Louis Watts will hold a closing reception for his exhibition "Work: Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Communication and Labor" on Saturday, Dec. 6, in his unique venue across from 21c. All works are for sale by bid.

Oil pipeline proposed to carry crude across the Ozarks; politicians for it, right?

Arkansas politicians love the Keystone XL pipeline, which will carry heavy crude across the Great Plains. But what about heavy crude crossing the Arkansas Ozarks from the same Oklahoma terminal to which the Keystone will be linked? Property owners aren't happy. But what about Tom Cotton? And Tim Griffin? And French Hill?

UPDATE: Where's the love? Equality sign defaced

Somebody defaced a sign opposing repeal of Fayetteville's civil rights ordinance with a spray painted pejorative term for a gay man. A group supporting the ordinance says it still believes Fayetteville is a fair city and that this will be an isolated incident. Churches are leading the campaign to repeal the ordinance, which provides civil rights protection to gay people

Hearing officer appointed in treasurer's office cases at Securities Commission

Arkansas Securities Commissioner Heath Abshure has appointed North Little Rock lawyer Jack Pruniski as a hearing officer to hear two cases growing out of controversial dealings between former Arkansas Treasurer Martha Shoffner and an Arkansas securities firm.

Dive teams at work in search for Searcy child

Acting on a tip, dive teams and cadaver dogs have been dispatched in White County to the Little Red River as part of the search for Malik Drummond, the Searcy two-year-old missing for more than a week.

Thief steals Little Rock Wind Symphony trailer loaded with instruments

A trailer loaded with $60,000 worth of musical instruments belonging to the Little Rock Wind Symphony was stolen from the parking lot of Second Presbyterian Church early Monday morning.

Recidivism rate among Arkansas parolees is 57 percent, says corrections official

A few extra notes on the report from the Arkansas Department of Community Correction (ACC), which Max mentioned earlier this morning

Tuesday's open line and headline roundup

Here's the open line and video Arkansas news report.

A Heights branch bank promises ruckus at City Board tonight

A Regions branch bank proposal, which requires rezoning of residential lots to commercial use, has neighbors in the Heights upset and it promises a vigorous Board debate tonight.

Judge enjoins federal loan guarantees for Buffalo River watershed hog farm

Federal Judge Price Marshall ruled today in Little Rock that two federal agencies hadn't done an adequate environmental assessment before guaranteeing loans for a major hog feeding operation in Newton County near a tributary to the Buffalo National River.

Asa Hutchinson plans leadership change at State Police

Col. Stan Witt, director of the Arkansas State Police, will be among the state agency heads changing under the administration of Gov.-elect Asa Hutchinson.

UPDATE: Little Rock City Board: Grassroots government at its finest

The Little Rock City Board is wrangling tonight over historic preservation and Chenal Valley development.

Laughingstock material: Jonesboro City Council rejects Bloomberg money

The Jonesboro City Council wants no part of money from a charitable group supported by Michael Bloomberg, no matter how much good it does across the country. There's a taint in liberal money unacceptable to 10 Council members.

Walmart pork supplier targeted for animal treatment

Mercy for Animals has scheduled a Little Rock news conference today to publicize undercover footage that allegedly illustrates abuse of animals at a food processor that supplies Walmart with pork.

14-year-old found shot outside elementary school

Little Rock police report that a 14-year-old female was found with a gunshot wound to her abdomen about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday at the entrance to Wakefield Elementary School at 75 Westminister Drive in Southwest Little Rock.

Two arrested in slaying near North Little Rock

The sheriff's office has arrested Ashley Williams, 17, and Stacey Jones, 20, both of Little Rock, and charged them with capital murder in the shooting death Monday evening of Karel Perez.

Junior League staying busy at City Hall

The Junior League of Little Rock isn't quite through with City Hall business yet. Some parking lot plans remain on the Board of Adjustment calendar.

Opinion: The Keystone pipeline is dead

Interesting analysis from the Fiscal Times that says the Keystone XL pipeline is "almost certainly dead."

State official pay commission announced

Appointees have been announced to a commission that will take over the job of setting pay for state elected officials.

Hutchinson names former DEA agent as his State Police director

Former Drug Enforcement Administration agent Bill Bryant will be director of the Arkansas State Police in the administration of Asa Hutchinson.

Judge sets aside jury convictions of water bottler John Stacks

Federal Judge Leon Holmes has set aside a jury's conviction of John Stacks, a water bottler, for making false statements to get federal disaster loans.

New music from Bob for Apples, Mvk Lxui$, Bartin Memberg, Christian Cordan and more

Comfortable Brother's Bob Gaiser also makes music as Bob for Apples, including this new self-titled record for Fayetteville's Let's Talk Figures. Here's a video for "Pineapple City," a great and aimless downer-rock anthem that sounds kind of like a Silver Jews song.

Mike Huckabee: Michael Brown shot because he behaved like a 'thug'

Mike Huckabee says Michael Brown wouldn't have been killed if he'd "behaved like something other than a thug."

No charge against New York officer who strangled unarmed man

The New York Times reports that there will be no charges against a white officer who put a chokehold on an unarmed black man he was arresting for selling loose cigarettes outside a ferry terminal.

The Wednesday open line and headline roundup

The open line and Today in Arkansas video.

Bielema mentioned as Nebraska coach candidate; jockosphere runs wild — briefly

A provocateur insists that I mention that Razorback coach Bret Bielema's name has emerged as being a target of the search for a new coach at Nebraska.

Downtown design district draws detractors

That bomb you heard going off around noon at the Lafayette Building at Louisiana and Sixth Street was dropped by the Little Rock Downtown Partnership, in the form of a proposed design overlay district for Main Street and its neighbors.

Come watch 'Blue Velvet' with us at Ron Robinson on Dec. 18

This month, we’ll be screening David Lynch’s powerful and deranged 1986 classic “Blue Velvet” as part of the Arkansas Times Film Series co-sponsored by the Little Rock Film Festival. The Los Angeles Times has called it “the most brilliantly disturbing film ever to have its roots in small-town American life” and the New York Times deemed it “an instant cult classic … one of a kind.”

Bill Walker won't be staying in Hutchinson administration

Bill Walker won't be retained as director of the Arkansas Department of Career Education under Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

Word from the UA Athletic Department on the Bielema rumor mill

The University of Arkansas Athletic Department responds to questions about Bret Bielema and talk of contract changes for football coaches. If contract changes are in the works, the department isn't ready to say so.