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December 1, 2005

Vol 3 • No 46

TV Highlights Dec. 1-3

AIDS IN ARKANSAS 8 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 1 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) Though AIDS was long thought of as an urban disease — something caught by promiscuous club-hoppers in big cities — the truth is that it can spread anywhere there is a s

Mail fraud

Older Arkansans have been finding in their mail boxes colorful brochures telling them what a grand thing the new Medicare prescription drug coverage is. These brochures are from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. There is no more ruthlessly anti-consumer group

The week that was Nov. 23-29

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … THANKSGIVING. The weather was perfect for stuffing … with stuffing.

Orval Dec. 1

The Observer

The Law of Word Coincidence is the fact that whenever you learn a new word or fact that new word or fact begins to pop up everywhere in conversation, television and books. So one day you hear for the first time the word “nugatory” and the next day a chara

Words Dec. 1

A reader asks why newspapers employ sentences such as “A total of 60 police and protesters were injured in the scuffles …” and “A total of 143 nations joined in approving two resolutions challenging the closing of the observer mission …”

Visit Marvell

As mayor of Marvell I read with great interest your Nov. 17 cover story featuring the wonderful photo journalism by the youth of Marvell. However, I was quite dismayed that your publication would take this hard work of Marvell’s children and use it to giv

This Modern World Dec. 1

What we're reading

Local stores report recent best sellers.

Border jumping

I’ve been in Texas and New Mexico recently and found that their people are very concerned about the number of people who are slipping into their states across the border. Some are looking for jobs, others want to join relatives or friends already in the

Give to receive

There is something unseemly about the direction of recent corporate gifts to the University of Arkansas from Wal-Mart and other companies. The line between practical benefit and selfish manipulation in these cases is admittedly blurry and subjective, but

Girls gone wild

Former KTHV on-air personality and Little Rock native Abby Gregory will star in a new television show that debuts on The Outdoor Channel in late December.

Smart Talk

Planning for new gambling machines at Oaklawn and Southland; that ol' debbil New Madrid Fault; and a historic move for a pizza maker.

No mas

I started getting reports on Black Friday that many of you in the Ol’ Moi Fan Club were already out buying the Christmas gifts that you always bestow on me with such generosity at the Yuletide. Really, you shouldn’t do this. Just your admiration

The greed doctrine

We do not know if Randy “Duke” Cunningham was a crook all his life or just carried the seed, but we know that he looked around after three score years and decided it was time to get his, the American people be damned.

The secret's out

In a largely positive article Sunday about performance-based bonuses for public school teachers, the Democrat-Gazette provided, in passing, the answer to a question that the daily newspaper had ignored for months.

Editorial cartoon Dec. 1

The billion-dollar decade

Colleges have spent plenty on constructin over the last 10 years.

Protection for sexual orientation

The Little Rock School Board may wish it wasn’t news, but by virtue of its apparent rarity, the board’s recent vote to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity is definitely news.

What’s Happening in December

A list of events at area bookstores

Huckabee: Then and now

The governor has changed his tune on highway bonds.

Hamilton’s gift: ‘Great Joy’

Lawrence Hamilton is calling on a few friends to get the holiday season started right in Little Rock.

What we're reading

Here are the top 10 bestsellers from three local bookstores.

The record on bond elections

Historically, voters have been reluctant to approve state bond issues.

Hello, Dolly

Country music star Dolly Parton brings her “Vintage” tour to Alltel Arena at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6. Parton is touring in support of her new album, “Those Were the Days,” a collection of 1960s and ’70s folk-rock covers done in Parton’s infectious blueg

What's happening in December

A calendar of literary and related events.

One more hot Duck Gumbo

STUTTGART — The reputation of World Championship Duck Gumbo Cook-off precedes itself after 25 crazy years.

God forbid a book ends up under the tree

It’s a mite early yet to be mulling books for Christmas giving, and perhaps a better time to be doing some bah-humbugging of the very notion of Christmas booking.

No mas

I started getting reports on Black Friday that many of you in the Ol’ Moi Fan Club were already out buying the Christmas gifts that you always bestow on me with such generosity at the Yuletide. Really, you shouldn’t do this. Just your admiration i

What's cooking-capsule reviews

It’s not just what’s cooking this week, but what we’re drinking: Mallards Bar in the Peabody-Little Rock will be featuring James McCartney, a Scotch Master, at 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 1. McCartney will present the “House of Walker,” the five levels of Johnn

New look at an old horror

Nobody’s ever going to know for certain what happened at Fort Pillow, just across the Mississippi River from Osceola, on April 12, 1864.

Do the bond proposals add up?

On Dec. 13, voters are asked to approve two sizable bond programs at once, both novel twists on traditional general-obligation bonds. One would let the state Highway Commission perpetually raise money to repair interstate highways and the other, which act

Cold reception for ‘Ice Harvest’

On its surface, Noir seems like the easiest film genre to pull off. All you need is a gun, a girl, something everybody in the film wants, a few ulterior motives and voila! Instant “Big Sleep.” As has been proven by Hollywood over and over again, howev

Local artists honor Guthrie at Stickyz

Local artists will go acoustic to pay tribute to Woody Guthrie on Monday, Dec. 5, at Sticky Fingerz.

More picks Dec. 1-7

Colleen Nick, founder of the Morgan Nick Foundation to recover missing children, will serve as the Little Rock Christmas Parade’s grand marshal on Saturday.

Rep opens ‘Beauty and the Beast’

For its annual holiday musical showcase, the Arkansas Repertory Theatre opens its original production of the much-loved Broadway musical “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” on Friday, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m. The magical, funny and romantic family show, directed by

Taylor’s title defense

Little Rock’s Jermain Taylor, who won the world middleweight boxing title from Bernard Hopkins in July, puts that title on the line against Hopkins on Saturday, Dec. 3, in Las Vegas.

She’s baa-aack

Remember Laughing Sally, the animatronic “clown” that used to scare the loving bejeezus out of little kids at Fair Park back in the day? Screechy cackle, face like a zombie Miss America contestant? Well, thanks to Little Rock’s Chris Pipkins, you can shar

Brick House is mighty, mighty

Don’t be fooled by the name. Although steaks are spotlighted on the Brick House Grill’s menu, odds are slim you’ll enjoy a complete meal here without eating something straight from the deep fryer.

Frequent flyer

Gov. Mike Huckabee is still flying high on the taxpayers’ dime and refusing to provide details about it, claiming security interests. The Arkansas Times first reported Nov. 3 about his use of the State Police’s twin-engine Beechcraft King Air 200. He

Against the grain on bonds

Conventional thinking holds that the college bonds proposed in the special election next Tuesday warrant fewer objections than the highway bonds.