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December 29, 2005

Vol 3 • No 50

The Observer Dec. 29

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. That’s what they say. But The Observer says otherwise.

Is this new Hillary a stretch?

Hillary Clinton has been doing some very noteworthy things lately as she gets ready to make a serious run at becoming the first woman president.

Bush unchecked

Do you have a sense that the United States passed a milestone this Christmas season? The president admitted — no, boasted — that government agents at his behest had been eavesdropping on presumably innocent American citizens, perhaps thousands of them,

That's all folks -- Best and Worst of 2005

The year 2005 was a disappointment in many ways, as the entire 21st century has been so far. Day in and day out, the story seemed to be: nothing gets accomplished, there’s no sense of progress, there are no new faces or new ventures, more and more of the

Hot times at Central

Part of the lore of the 1957 desegregation crisis at Central High School is the famous chili incident. Minnijean Brown, probably the fieriest of the Little Rock Nine, finally endured all the taunts she could stand one day in the cafeteria and dropped a bo

An agenda for 2006

Here are a few things that I think need to be attended to in 2006.

Words Dec. 29

“Gov. Mike Huckabee will be available to members of the media today to answer questions concerning the Supreme Court ruling on Lakeview. The availability will be in the Governor’s Reception Room at the capitol at 2:00 p.m.” Gwen Moritz asks, “Is this

Troops as pawns

We’ve noticed that the people who cry “Support our Troops” the loudest seem to interpret “support” to mean “sacrifice.” Their idea of supporting our troops in Iraq is to keep a stiff upper lip as more of the troopers die.

House keeper

Election year 2006 kicks off with a contest in which most of us won’t have the chance to vote. But that doesn’t make it any less important.

The week that was Dec. 21-27

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … HOLIDAYS. With Christmas on a Sunday, it seemed like just about every business and government office in our part of the world shut down for a couple of days before the weekend and a couple of days after.

This Modern World Dec. 29

What if?

What if Arkansas electric consumers had not paid $300 million a year from 1985-95 to Middle South/ Entergy? And that $3 billion had been spent on education?

Editorial cartoon Dec. 29

Rare illness claims realtor

Jerry Oberle Ball wants to set the record straight. Her husband, Truman Ball, a Little Rock realtor who died Dec. 11, did not succumb to mad cow disease.

Time’s pinch

When I was just a lad, my highest ambition was to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It didn’t matter much which ones.

Orval Dec. 29

The war goes on

From the looks of it, those waging war on Christmas lost again this year. Christmas was observed Sunday as scheduled.

Clinton, heat and a HuckaPAC

This week: Bill Clinton and the UN; global warming; and an accounting of Huckabee's new PAC.

New Year’s shindigs

It’s party time, and whether you’re an amateur or not, Little Rock and North Little Rock are planning some big blowouts celebrating the arrival of 2006. Also, with New Year’s Eve on a Saturday, it appears that far more parties have been lined up for Centr

Clubbing into ’06

Highlights of club acts through Jan. 12 The Loft at Sticky Fingerz, 'N' Demand at Cajun's, June at Vino's.

Want to spend that Christmas cash?

I know I’m a little late for the after-Christmas bargain snarf, but if by some fluke of the time-space continuum you haven’t managed to spend all of your holiday cash yet, read on for the scoop on a few new stores who’d love to help you out with that. Or,

Loony guys, Globetrotters

Welcome in the new year with a cowboy — funny man Cowboy Bill Martin, that is — when the Loony Bin Comedy Club in Breckenridge Village presents the Texan for shows through Saturday, Dec. 31.

The dark streets of ‘Munich’

With the question of torture — and what heading down that road can do to a national soul — on the American mind, it might be the best time ever for the appearance of a film like “Munich.” Also reviewed: "Rumor Has It"

Sylvia to make entrance

Who is Sylvia? What is she, that all our swains commend her? She’s Thom Hall, brassy, buxom and in heels, and the gentlemen of Verona ain’t seen nothing like her.

Osaka makes diners say ‘Oh my God’

We've found a Japanese restaurant in Garland County that’s worth the drive from Little Rock: Osaka Japanese Steakhouse.

What's Cooking-capsule reviews Dec. 29

What's cooking: Rick and D’s Fisher’s Cafe, Montana Steakhouse, San Francisco Bread Co., Ozark Country Restaurant. Update: Flight Deck

Good ol’ boy Gatlin channels Will Rogers

Larry Gatlin has been one of the most successful singers in country music, both with his brothers and as a solo act. But it’s been said that when he stepped into the costume of Will Rogers on Broadway in “The Will Rogers Follies: A Life in Revue,” it was

TSO's full house was mind-boggling

When a rock act jumps from drawing 3,500 one year to more than 12,000 the next at the same venue, and the act didn’t release a triple-platinum album in the interim, it begs the question: Whassup?