Lecture Series

About This Series

In the face of massive layoffs of reporters nationwide, against the odds, the Arkansas Times has grown from four to 11 reporters in just 18 months thanks to community support from supporters, subscribers and advertisers. We have currently assembled one of the finest writing staffs we’ve had in our fifty year history, and we’re just getting started. Be assured, 100% of the proceeds from these events will go toward the planned hiring of two more reporters during the first half of this year.

Note: A tax deductible donation of $100 is requested, which includes a great meal at the Copper Grill.


Nate Bell

“Why I Left the Republican Party”

March 21, 2024

Nate is known for his aggressive, take-no-prisoners brand of conservative political advocacy. However, he will tell you that today’s Republican Party has left him and countless others behind as the GOP has wandered into the MAGA political desert.


Lauren Cowles & Rev. Henry-McKeever

Arkansas Abortion Amendment

February 28, 2024

Cowles is a seasoned policy drafter at the federal level and has brought her talents home to help solidify abortion rights in her home state. As part of Arkansans for Limited Government, Cowles works alongside healthcare providers, faith leaders, and impacted women and families to restore safe, legal abortion in Arkansas. She will give insight into how the Arkansas Abortion Amendment language was crafted, including how the amendment provides meaningful abortion access while accounting for Arkansas’ complicated political landscape.

Cowles will be joined by The Rev. Elizabeth Henry-McKeever, who serves the rector (pastor) of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Little Rock. Rev. Henry-McKeever will provide perspective from the faith community, discussing morality of these sensitive issues.


David Couch

FOIA in Arkansas

February 1, 2024

Couch was instrumental in crafting the successful Medical Marijuana ballot initiative and is now bringing his considerable talents to bear on the FOIA. Well known conservatives such as Nate Bell and Rob Steinbuch have joined with Couch, liberal activists and journalists in response to the governor’s efforts to kneecap the FOI Act in the last legislative session. Couch will give you insight into how this fascinatingly diverse coalition is working together to get an initiated act on the November ballot to put Arkansas’s best in the nation FOIA into the Arkansas constitution.


Baker Kurrus

LEARNS: The Ugly Truth

November 29, 2023


Care to hear someone who really knows what they are talking about when it comes to Arkansas LEARNS? You’re invited to have lunch then, with Baker Kurrus, Arkansas Times education columnist, attorney, and former superintendent of the Little Rock School District.

Baker Kurrus, with his wealth of experience in public education, is the state’s most articulate critic of the governor’s Arkansas LEARNS Act. Kurrus passionately argues that the figures don’t add up and the state is headed towards an irreversible dismantling of our public schools statewide.