I still remember when thirty was old, except for I really don’t. I was always an old soul even as child. On my 10th birthday, someone said, “How does it feel to be in the double-digits?” I said “Eh. I look forward to being 27. I will be old enough to be respected but I will still be in my 20’s.” So riddle me this, when did 28 become old?!? Last Friday night, I went out with my cousin Aaron to celebrate his 31st birthday. He wanted to go downtown, and I was immediately disappointed with his preference. Outside of the nightmareish parking situation, bar covers, and overpriced drinks, I was fully aware I would be the odd duck out. The girls would be trying too hard in skirts too short, shirts too low cut, and dresses far too dressy or skimpy for a local bar. My premonition was accurate as I walked into a sea of girls wearing 1/3 the clothing I was wearing. I was fully dressed and still self-conscious. How does that happen?



Friday, 9/5 with my cousin Aaron.