THE SPICE: From Native Green Wellness' in-house grow operation.

The Spice
Balanced Hybrid (50% Sativa/50% Indica)
Genetics: Hawaiian Sativa x Hawaiian Indica)
Cultivator: GOLDEN
THC: 22.6%
Price: $31.50 per 1⁄8 oz
Top Three Terpenes: Humulene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene

When I arrived home from a pleasant walk to my local voting site earlier this week, I promptly celebrated the exercise of my civil liberty by rolling up a joint of The Spice, a strain from dispensary Native Green Wellness’ in-house grow operation, known as GOLDEN. Toking up on my front porch with a ginger-lemon tea and some freshly cut strawberries was picturesque. Upon my first whiff, I knew that this bud would pair perfectly with my afternoon snack as soon as its earthy, citrus aroma fragranced the air. Its taste is a bit woodier than its fruity smell, but the herbal flavor helped The Spice live up to its name.


The coast up was smooth and easy, like the beginning of a road trip with no traffic. The bolt of energy and surge of creativity led me to hit my studio where inspiration promptly struck. As an artist, I often use marijuana to provoke new ideas while soothing my anxiety. This even hybrid did the trick. I was nervous that the indica blend might couch-lock me and dampen my motivation. However, it was a pleasant surprise to experience the grounded feeling in my body without sacrificing my energy level.

The coast down was comparative in ease. My thoughts remained at a manageable pace and my mood continued to be uplifted, in contrast to come-downs that have led to irritability and sleepiness. I would recommend this strain to a friend who wants the mental or creative stimulation of sativa while maintaining the meditative and calming effects of Indica.


Mary Jane Doe is a local stoner-socialite here to provide you with hot gossip on fresh bud, best strains, and how to make the most of your high.

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