Weed Infused Honey
Good Day Farm
152.62 mg THC per jar
Honey harvested from K-Bee Honey out of Sherwood

As a night owl who often has trouble winding down after working nights (I’m a dive-bartender), this honey has allowed me to put down the Benadryl for a more organic alternative. Good Day Farm sells this delicious THC-infused honey that was developed from K-Bee Honey’s farm in Sherwood. It includes a seemingly overwhelming 152.62 mg per jar; however, the product comes with a complimentary teaspoon that divvies out 9 mg servings, with 17 servings per jar. I must admit that I myself have a heavy pour.


I brew up a Sleepytime tea, cut a lemon wedge and deck that shit out with a little fresh citrus and some weed honey. While it has a little bit of that funky taste all of us stoners have come to love in an edible, the taste of the honey shines through, plus you know you’re getting all the allergy-combating enzymes and otherworldly healing properties that honey provides. By the time I’m about three quarters finished with my mug, my eyelids start getting heavy and it becomes increasingly difficult for me to finish the episode of “The Sopranos” I started on HBO. As I drift off into a peaceful slumber, I hear Tony bickering with his wife while my own husband disappointingly asks me if I’m falling asleep. Fortunately for me, I am.

I have only tried this product as a sleep agent, both in tea and drizzled on top of one of my favorite midnight snacks, some peanut butter-banana toast. I’ve had no issues getting to sleep using this tea. I’m not sure how practical it would be if I had to be a girl-on-the-go while sipping on this treat, but, for now, I’m opting to use it to unwind after my frenzied nights. I sure am enjoying the rest.


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