In review
I appreciate the Arkansas Times reviewing Gypsy’s. However, I would like to point out that the comments on old oil were completely inaccurate. NEW OIL is what makes the food darker. When oil gets old, it does not have the same capacity to fry and one ends up with a lighter, oil coated product. The reason food is darker cooked with new oil is because it fries much better, but we still have to leave the food long enough to be cooked. Our calamari oil is changed every day or every two days. Our regular oil is changed every five days. It might have been that the food was overcooked, and I can accept that criticism, but the comments on old oil were misinformed and frankly insulting.
If my professionalism is to be critiqued and published, I wish it would be done in a professional manner.
Denis Seyer
Little Rock

Bring on the guns
I loved your editorial on the possibility of the NRA holding their national convention here in Arkansas. You would let your hatred of the NRA, who has many members here in this state, keep Little Rock from making money off them. Speaking of the safety of Washington, the last two years in that city, the annual rate of firearms deaths has been 80.6 per 100,000, one of the worst in the nation. Plus the fact that the law-abiding can’t have a handgun, maybe that’s why the crooks feel they can do whatever they want to in that city. I’m sure that Mr. Ross feels much safer here in Arkansas. I know I do.
Dwight Hollowell

Back from Governor’s School
My son just returned from Arkansas Governor’s School and had a grand time. I did not know about the Angels in America brouhaha until he got home. I read your piece with great interest. Also, a very compelling letter from a Mr. Coston in Fayetteville. At any rate, when I dropped him off on Day 1, all parents were given the first week’s schedule of events. I remember thinking, “I’m surprised that Governor Huckabee would approve of this content, as it is rather ‘edgy’ and certainly not synonymous with a born-again evangelical minister become governor.” I would dare to guess that the majority of parents whose kids attend AGS have no idea about the general content/purpose of the program and would never allow their precious little darlings to be subjected to left-wing ideology and free thinking. I agree with you that this indeed has a “chilling” effect on what is probably the best high school experience any kid could have. My son told me about a young man who is gay and “came out” at AGS, because he was in an environment that was non-judgmental and he felt comfortable. Wow. All that tax money going to waste … (not!!!)
Quinton Smith
Little Rock

I have been challenged to write about today’s chaos. But I can’t do so without screaming first. The multitude of daily hits from the mess of world events has left me festered, stunned, almost speechless. This is my condition, and George Bush says he thinks about the Iraq war, the casualties, every day — every single day, mind you. What an airhead! This he says when our daily lives are being riddled to the core.
What in the name of God are we doing in Iraq? After World War I, World War II, wars in Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf and in dozens of other killing fields all over the world (all within my lifetime), I ask: What are we doing in war again? I can’t without panic call on God. The Religious Right has ruined that line. To tell you the truth, the Religious Right scares me to death. So what shall we do? The present administration has to go, Rove (Bush’s brain) and all. Let’s get rid of them. It’s difficult to believe in the vote anymore, but we have few alternatives. Impeachment is a possibility (Bush’s lies to us are of much more consequence than any told by Bill Clinton, but impeachment is not likely to happen).
So what shall we, the people, do? I suggest we demand and force the resignation of the entire, dishonorable bunch.
Dr. E. Sue Doss

Where’s Rove?
I find it very interesting that the only state newspaper in Arkansas finds it so hard to report on the hottest story in Washington since Watergate. It is quite obvious that President Bush and his entire administration were aware of Karl Rove’s leak of the identity of a CIA agent. Given that we are in a war that is killing thousands of children and now has caused attacks on our English friends, I suggest Bush is guilty of lying to us again and certainly should be asked to step down. How much will the conservatives take before admitting Bush has pretty much ruined all of our lives?
Mickey Cain
Little Rock

Tarnished image
I have just finished reading Colin Powell’s book, “My American Journey.” I found it to be quite interesting. I have long held General Powell in high esteem. That image was tarnished somewhat when he allowed George W. to put the monkey on Powell’s back in the selling to the masses of a deluge of false propaganda.
After reading his book, I have come to wonder even more how he could remain for four years an integral part of an administration that constantly violated the very ideals for which he professed to stand. On page 604 of his book, he states, “America is trusted and respected as no other nation on earth.”
That statement was true when he wrote it in 1995. Does anyone believe that it is true today? The exact opposite is closer to the truth now — how sad!
Bill Black
Mount Ida

Promise kept
President Bush has kept his campaign promise to nominate a “Scalia/Thomas” conservative to the high court. I am certain the majority of Arkansas was pleased to hear that a brilliant constitutionalist such as John Roberts was chosen to help eradicate the “judicial legislation” that has taken place in the court, underscored in 1973 and long before. The inevitable Senate confirmation struggle will have special significance for the state of Arkansas given Sen. Mark Pryor’s recent membership in the “McCain fourteen.” Senator Pryor will undoubtedly be one of the “centrist” Democrats who will have the ability to dictate the manner, speed and fairness of this process.
I implore Pryor to remember that it takes conservatives in the great state of Arkansas to win a statewide election, and we are watching.
Megan C. Gammill