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In response to “Locked away and forgotten,” the Feb. 14 cover story on the conditions in two South Arkansas juvenile facilities:


Thank you for this article. There have been far more serious offenses perpetrated by adult staff against juvenile resident than what was detailed here … regardless, these facilities and programs should have never been allowed to degrade to these conditions in the first place. The $58.1 million budget is inadequate to provide these children (yes, they are still children) effective treatment or to hire qualified personnel for this type of work. Many of the residents do not even get the medications they need in a timely manner and often do not even receive them at all. Arkansas has a deeply flawed history with juvenile and adult corrections.

Artificial Intelligence


Well, I’m sure the governor’s tax cut will help the situation tremendously. And the extra $40 million for the new IT contractor at DHS.



In response to Autumn Tolbert’s Feb. 8 column, “The other”:

The GOP has truly created a fear-filled monster in the Christian Right. The thing is, living in this neck of the woods means that we have these folks in our own families. They are Trump fans who are convinced liberals, gays, brown people and Muslims are engaged in efforts to, at the least, relegate them to a subservient position, and at the most, eradicate them entirely. These are not stupid people, and they’re capable of great individual acts of kindness toward others, but they are genuinely convinced their way of life is being threatened.

Richard Hutson

In response to “#Morethanababe Hear them roar about how to judge women” on the Twitter hashtag responding to the annual “Babe Bracket” competition by KABZ-FM, 103.7 “The Buzz,” where female Arkansas TV journalists are ranked, mostly by men:


Do pageants deserve the same criticism? I know they have Q&A and talent sections, but also swimsuit and evening gown. And, the most talented women, without the sought-after look, don’t seem to be in the field.


Darn, I wish I listened to “The Buzz” so I could now boycott them. But alas, I figured out they were a bunch of ignorant, misogynistic (Bazzel et al. will have to look that one up) Bubbas long ago. Other wannabe jocks grew up long ago, but this crew is still counting their farts for entertainment.


“The Buzz” folks apparently know that they cannot defend themselves and have chosen to remove themselves from the debate rather than making an attempt to support their business model by countering the criticism. How mature .


Wonder if The Buzz and their arrested development crew would sponsor a Local Potbelly Contest for themselves and those like them? They’re a bunch of babies who refuse to grow up.

Sound Policy

In response to “AEDC director adds first-class travel costs to ethics forms”:


WWDD (What would Donald do?)? Why, he would say (lie) he was going to release the information (tax returns) to the public, and then would do no such thing. Preston seems like a perfect fit in the @DraftDodgerDonaldTrump administration. Special perks for special people.

Sound Policy

I’m shocked at the expenses he charged the agency, not counting the upgrades. Having traveled to Europe (multi-countries) numerous times, I have NEVER spent what he spent on air fair. Spending $7,000 on coach class tickets is robbery to the tax payers of AR. Unless he booked tickets the day he left, these fares are impossibly ridiculous. Especially once you get to Europe. There are numerous airlines who charge next to nothing to city-hop Europe. Something is fishy about these bills, even excluding the non-,reporting. Of course, with the top-notch ethics regulations, it doesn’t matter if he didn’t report. They are always allowed 30 days to make amendments to reports once they are discovered.

David Smith

The state should contract with an outside firm to manage its travel. Full accountability instead of letting each department make their own arrangements. Corporations use outside vendors that are incented to secure the lowest fare possible and are not reporting to any department head. It sure works to keep costs down.

Tim Hill

In response to “Eddie Cooper, former legislator, pleads guilty to kickback conspiracy”:

“Cooper is the fourth state legislator accused of taking kickbacks from General Improvement Fund money.” Don’t you know their mothers and daddies are proud? And their spouses and offspring embarrassed beyond words? Greed knows no bounds.


Don’t care what party they come from. Hoping maybe if there is a good cleansing of the crooked individuals in our government we might get better quality candidates on both sides.

wannabee conservative

I am shocked, shocked to learn a Dem was involved in accepting GIF kickbacks, shocked. Actually more shocked to see it reported by the Arkansas Times without calling him a DINO. Inquiring minds want to know if any more former Dem legislators in these latitudes are under investigation. Shocked.