Some thoughts on school shootings

Arm teachers and other school employees? Bad idea. They have more than enough to do as it is. Teachers with guns will not deter anybody set on shooting up a school. Those shooters are mentally ill to the point of being suicidal. Most of the ones who aren’t killed by police wind up taking their own lives in the end. Discouraging school shooters by arming teachers is a bit like embedding broken glass in sidewalks to stop disturbed people from jumping off of buildings.


Also important to note, Philando Castile was a licensed gun owner and a school employee. Didn’t really work out that well for him.

Chris “American Sniper” Kyle was, to say the least, trained in the use of firearms. Despite being armed at the time, he was killed by a guy with mental problems and a gun. Which raises the question, how well does Trump intend to train these gun-packing teachers?


More armed guards in schools? My son’s high school has about 10 doors. The arts annex has three; four in the field house. Of course, you will need a sniper at each end of the athletic field as well. There are three high schools here in town and about a dozen lesser public schools. Should be able to cover our town’s whole school system with a force of about 200. We can easily equip, insure and pay these folks for a total of $10 million a year, $15 million tops. Problem solved. Of course, if they are like the law officers at Parkland and show reluctance to put themselves in the line of fire, the system might not work so well.

How about we lock most of the schools’ doors from the inside? Been done. More of a challenge than a deterrent. Can be easily gotten around by a Columbine-type team.


Spot-weld the secondary doors shut? You might have a hard time clearing that with the fire marshal.

Bottom line, putting the onus of school shootings on the schools themselves is just wrong. Rather than giving the teachers guns, perhaps we should get the guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. For starters, I would put Wayne LaPierre high on the mentally impaired list.

David Rose

Hot Springs


Since the Columbine shooting to the recent Florida shooting, there have been many defenseless victims who were unarmed and unprotected. As you saw in the Parkland, Fla., shooting, every kid was defenseless. Parents forgetting to say “I love you” the last time they saw their child that day and kids getting shot to death for no reason is the result of some of these shootings. As the numbers keep growing, we need to stand up and make an efficient plan for what to do when we have an intruder. Kids are not supposed to go to school and get intruded on and killed. But we can stop this. If teachers can have some kind of way to protect themselves and their students, that might help save more lives or stop the next one. Teachers should be allowed to have some kind of weapon that should be locked up at all times to be only used in emergencies. A weapon does not have to be a gun. It could be as simple as pepper spray or a Taser.

So why are we waiting? The numbers have just been growing, so let’s be the change we wish to see in the world. Because it’s not acceptable that our society gets used to hearing the words “another school shooting.”

Grace Holley


From the web

In response to Autumn Tolbert’s Feb. 22 column on the Parkland, Fla., school shooting:

I think what disturbs me is the indifference a lot of politicians are showing toward all of the school shootings. Some are giving anemic, weak agreements that more needs to be done, and some are making ridiculous excuses about it not being the guns’ fault. All of that means nothing to the grieving families. A few politicians have actually been very vocal about passing better gun safety laws. After seeing teenagers on TV making speeches and organizing marches to get gun safety laws passed, I think the Florida school shooting is going to cause some casualties in state legislatures and in Congress.


For the life of me, I cannot understand why the shooter was never mentioned in the above comment. This is where an adult should say, “It was a man with a legally purchased weapon that killed those people, NOT the NRA.” I 100 percent agree that the bump stocks should be outlawed, as well as the legal age to purchase be lowered, but to blame the NRA is simply teaching the kids that they should ALWAYS pass the buck. NEVER accept responsibility for your actions, if you can POSSIBLY blame someone, or something, else. THAT is the problem with America.


Jim Taylor

In response to “Righting Governor’s School,” an Arkansas Reporter on a conservative push to move Arkansas Governor’s School from Hendrix College:

I am very grateful my daughter was able to attend Governor’s School as something that was the only thing on campus. It gave her a feeling of honor and responsibility that she carries with her to this day.  Conservatives like to accuse people who have positions and arguments they disagree with of playing a “race card” or a “woman card” or some other magical card. They don’t have a logical position and need magical thinking. Jerry Cox is playing the Christian card. He thinks it’s unfair that he doesn’t have the whole deck anymore. Governor’s School isn’t part of the deck. It never has been.  Martin Luther decried reasoning as the enemy of faith. Governor’s School is not anti-Christian. It is pro-reasoning. And it is time to call out conservatives’ use of the religion/Christian card for what it is.