The enemy within

We defeated the Redcoats. Outsmarted the Wehrmacht. Stared down the Red Army and humiliated the Imperial Japanese Army.


The oceans of American blood and tears that have been spent to defend our fragile democracy have etched a trail from Gettysburg to Washington, from the beaches of Normandy to Washington and from Hiroshima to Washington.

For what? So we can have a president who doesn’t believe in military service arguing that military combat is no more dangerous than fighting off STDs in the Manhattan dating scene. Hey, Trump supporters, especially military veterans, offer up your proud and convincing defense of your commander in chief on that slimy score. C’mon, scream it from the rooftops!


What about his taped admission that he sexually assaults women because it’s what they want? No one can deny he said it. So, women for Trump, stand up and espouse your praise for all men who demean and assault women because such criminal and debauched behavior is not in conflict with your skewed values. C’mon, scream it from the rooftops!

And let’s not forget our president regards the Constitution as just scribbling on paper. In his narcissistic world, he and he alone is the governing force; whatever he wants to do he can do. He views the Oval Office as a nation state similar to the Vatican. The Constitution’s three branches of government exist at his pleasure to fulfill his personal agenda. The Constitution, as it was written, has no sway when it comes to emoluments, equal treatment under the law, freedom of speech … nope. Comrade President operates with impunity rejecting constitutional limits of power treating the three branches — executive, legislative and judicial — as portfolio holdings in Trump Properties. All you constitutionalists who support our president’s blatant and unrestrained moves toward totalitarianism, profess your support for creeping despotism. C’mon, scream it from the rooftops!


Little did the brave and unselfish defenders of America’s freedom know that our democratic system would open its arms to the one person who wishes to destroy it. He’s the enemy within. 

And he’s succeeding.

Harry Herget

Little Rock


GOP vs. Pelosi

It seems like every Republican running for the House is campaigning against Nancy Pelosi. They believe that’s a battle they can win. In many cases they can. If Nancy would just announce that she would relinquish the position of speaker if the Democrats take back the house, Democratic success would be assured.

Nancy knows this. The question is, will she put the good of the party and the country ahead of her ego and political ambitions?

P.S.: It wouldn’t hurt for Hillary to keep her head down for a while as well. The Republican rank and file appears to be particularly frightened by grandmothers.

David Rose

Hot Springs

From the web

In response to the May 23 Arkansas Blog post “Two lawsuits challenge 10 Commandments monument at Arkansas Capitol”:

Game on. My money is on the ACLU team.


Sound Policy

This is not the Christian Ten Commandments, this is God’s 10 Commandments he gave to the Israelites. We live on this Earth to follow these commands that God has given us.

Xavier Walls

Xavier, you are free to believe what you wrote, but the rest of us are free not to believe what you wrote, because our country was founded on the principle of freedom of religion. Christianity is a fairly widespread religion, or assembly of stated (as opposed to followed) beliefs, but Christianity is not even universal.

The ACLU is likely to win legal contests, but my read is [state Sen. Jason] Rapert doesn’t care, as his intent is simply to activate the sheep to donate money to him, so he does not have to find a real means of earning a living.


It’s win-win for Bro’ Rapert and his inert Block O’ Rock of moral instruction.

If the suits are successful in forcing removal, Rapert gets to play the bogus victim-of-Christian-persecution card to the hilt (in front of TV cameras) accompanied, no doubt, by a band of nutters attempting to surround the block in an attempt to prevent [the monument’s] removal and provoke arrest.

Should the monument be removed under cover of darkness, as some recent Confederate monuments were removed, one can imagine the subsequent sermons regarding “evil working under the cover of darkness,” “thieves stealing the Lawd’s word”, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

If the suits aren’t successful, Rapert gets to crow (in front of TV cameras) about a “moral victory” and how the Lawd’s will prevailed against “heathen atheists.”


In response to a May 27 Arkansas Blog post about insurance industry worries over arming teachers:

Arming teachers is an especially terrible idea. Yes, the yahoos who pay for a training session to allow them to obtain a concealed-carry permit like to think they are as competent as a trained policeman. They aren’t. Not even close. The insurance companies have it right, and the yokels in the legislature are dead wrong.

Pavel Korchagin