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In response to the June 4 Arkansas Blog post “Bill Clinton’s book tour turns to Monica. He gets defensive”:


I don’t think Clinton’s actions rose to the level of an impeachable offense. I do think he is a prime beneficiary of white male privilege and his sense of entitlement is disturbing. That sense of entitlement helped cost his wife the presidency and saddled us with a dictator in the making. Actions have consequences. Unfortunately for the little people, the consequences usually fall on them. We’re the ones who fight your wars and suffer most in your recessions. Last I checked, Bill and Hillary were doing OK financially and Chelsea wasn’t in any danger of having to sign up with the military to make her way in the world.



Sorry, Anna, but you can’t blame Clinton for Trump’s election. That’s way too simplistic in its reasoning.

wannabee conservative


wannabee, I do blame Hillary Clinton for not working harder and taking Trump more seriously. The consequences were likely to be dire — as every day under Trump and today’s Supreme Court ruling [siding with the Colorado baker who was sanctioned for not making a cake for a gay couple] prove. Not only actions have consequences, but elections do, too.

“They were careless people, Tom and Daisy — they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”


I don’t care whether he apologizes to Monica or not, Bill’s time has come and gone. I would argue that if it was a Clinton who “gave” us Trump as president, he’s the one, not Hillary.


He was the genesis of the Democratic Leadership Council, the so-called Blairite “third way” reworking of the Democratic Party that formalized the severing of the party from any vestige of New Deal reformism.

What emerged was an “era of big government is over” Republican-lite party of identity politics and kowtowing to the 1 percent. Unless something changes or new and genuine faces emerge, Trump (or Pence, depending on how things shake out) will be sworn in come Jan. 20, 2021.


OK, you two can duke it out this morning while I bring the commentary to an even lower issue, to say nothing of down and dirty, that of established authors lending their names to usually lesser known writers, taking top billing and raking in the money. Patterson is one of those top authors, not to say writers, in this seamy category, but there are plenty of others.

I’ve always wondered how much work they put in on their “collaborations” — yes, plural to the max.

Better Clinton had said something along the lines of, “We all do stupid things, some more stupid that others and I did hurt people, including my family. I’ll leave it at that.” Forget the “poor me” stuff.

Even so, I am inclined to think he was set up after the fact — think keeping a soiled blue dress in your closet for (how long?).


In response to the May 29 Arkansas Blog post “Supreme Court refuses to hear Arkansas abortion law appeal”:


So the supposedly “pro-life” Republicans, who at the same time support imprisoning immigrant children, making an unlimited supply of guns available to any unstable person who wants them, and unfettered, life-threatening pollution of the environment children have to live in, not to mention eliminating health care for them and their mothers — these same right-wing hypocrites can pat themselves on the back for winning a “pro-life” victory.


All this decision did was vacate the temporary restraining order. The case will still be heard on its merits, and Planned Parenthood may well succeed on the merits once it provides evidence of the damage the law has done and other medical evidence about the procedure. Unfortunately, in the meantime, many women will be denied their choice, unless they can make it to Little Rock.


In response to a June 5 Arkansas Blog post about President Trump calling out the Marine Band to play the National Anthem after football players declined his invitation to the White House:

Trump is so exhausting. I wish, wish, wish, somehow the media could just ignore him, or most of him. Only talk about the important stuff and ignore all of this side-show stuff, his loony Tweets and TV-show-like atmosphere. I feel like the media enables Trump in so many ways. Not always. His policies and such deserve scrutiny and discussion, but all of this personal, race-baiting, identity-baiting, whatever, ugh; can’t we just put him on mute?

Also, I don’t care where Melania is or isn’t. Is this truly a news story? Unless there’s something to factually report, then who cares? It’s gossipy and innuendo-laden “journalism” to wink-wink and wonder, “What’s going on? Where is she? This is so strange.” Is it, though? Or maybe her medical issue was more substantial than reported and she needs or desires recovery time or whatnot. So silly.

All of that aside, it’s good for business. Media, advertising, etc. They would never do it. As bad as things are right now, in so many ways, make no mistake, BUSINESS IS GOOD in America and that’s ALL that matters.

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