Anything but Fox

Last week I spent the better part of two hours in a waiting room at the VA hospital here in Little Rock. As in every VA waiting room, this one had a TV bolted high on the wall and spot-welded to the Fox News channel. The Fox team was doing their best to whip the viewers into a frenzy with steeply slated reports on both recent events and some going as far back as Benghazi. The dozen or so other patients in the room were all in a lather. A comfort animal cowered in the corner with his paws over his ears. I tried to offer the little fella comfort, but I felt as out of place as Plaid Shirt Guy at a Trump rally.


Many veterans have stress issues, some related to combat, while others are related to previous encounters with the VA health care system. The suicide rate among veterans is appallingly high. The VA says they care, but running Fox News 24-7 seems to indicate otherwise. Sometimes I wonder if the VA views suicide as a problem or simply a way to cut down on the workload.

I don’t know what would be a better TV choice for the captive audience of veterans. Obesity is often an issue with this group so The Food Channel is out of the question. The Weather Channel once served as a peaceful oasis, but with constant reports of floods, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and tornadoes, it now looks more like the Book of Revelations illustrated. With all the options available, surely the VA can find a better match for stressed-out vets. Anything but Fox News.


David Rose Hot Springs

“We the People …”


The Preamble, the first words of the Constitution, shapes American democracy by laying out a blueprint for making this grand experiment of government work. Certain words within it are capitalized and much larger than the rest, intended by the Founding Fathers to emphasize their importance.

Article I imparts legislative powers to a congress composed of a Senate and House of

Representatives. Articles II and III address the presidency and judicial system. The last four articles map guidelines for governance, citizen rights, matters of revenue and passage of amendments.

Our Constitution was and is a noble and worthy endeavor: government of, by and for We the People, a more perfect union. Its Preamble is the idea, the heart. Everything else is detail. The first and most important detail is that power to make laws lies with a gathering of delegates chosen by and in service to We the People.


Upon gathering, the Founding Fathers were not all of one mind as to how this dream should be made real. They wanted a country embracing the ideals of liberty and justice for all. They sat, stood, paced, talked, suggested, argued and worked it out. That’s the key; they got together and worked it out. We owe them and ourselves a sincere attempt to do the same.

A true patriot is not necessarily someone who thinks the same as you. A patriot actively supports the details and ideals of our constitution. It shouldn’t be us against them, my way or no way. It was always meant to be We.

Earth has two poles. Opposites exist, but share an attraction. This gives balance, without which collapse is inevitable.

Americans cannot allow themselves to become so polarized as to deny and refuse to consider everything in between. We must not fall into the trap of thinking that partisanship is patriotism. It’s not.

United we stand, divided we fall. Not just words, these speak reality. America isn’t black or white, Christian or Muslim, right wing or left wing. Eagles can’t leave the ground, much less achieve great heights, with one wing. Two wings work together pursuing one goal.

As citizens of the United States our goal should always be to insure life, liberty and justice for all, to provide for the common good. We. The People. Union. Give it real thought if you would be a true patriot.

Jim Frey


From the web:


In response to the Sept. 29 Arkansas Blog post “Brett Kavanaugh’s record raised questions long before the women came along”:

The GOP waits 400 days on Garland and we need to rush this selection through? The GOP is devoid of decency and running scared from the orange blob.

I am pleased that there will be an FBI investigation and hope they can clear the air.

However, in the end, voters must get off their asses and vote … period! How is it that almost half of eligible voters fail to get out and vote one day every two years? This is insane and leads us to the poop pile we have today.

Wake up, folks, drive friends and family to vote. Our country is not this ugly and with greater turnout, things should get better as we avoid what is up until now quite possibly the most embarrassing and destructive president in our history.


Ford’s yearbooks are irrelevant. She may have been drinking at other times when she was underage but that has no bearing on whether her allegations are true. A common tactic to discredit women who have been sexually assaulted is to look for behavior in their past to portray them as unreliable. That is why survivors of rape and sexual assault are afraid to come forward. Past drinking or sexual behavior in no way invalidates a report of sexual assault. Victim blaming is not a defense.


I am 100 percent behind the #metoo movement and support the FBI investigating every charge of sexual aggression against women, men, girls and boys. If the FBI finds no evidence against Kavanaugh no matter what his future is, he won’t have a stain on his reputation concerning sexual abuse.

But far more dangerous to U.S. families is what we don’t know … what the Republican Party is hiding from us concerning Kavanaugh’s time working for Ken Starr, his time working for George W. Bush and his involvement in promoting torture in our wars without end. He is the man who could give us a Trump in the White House for the next hundred years.

The raising of millions of dollars to support a Supreme Court nominee is a brand-new thing and there shouldn’t be such a thing going on for a seat on the Supreme Court, a lifetime seat on the highest court of the land. What could go wrong? Everything for the next 40 straight years! Or forever!


In response to Autumn Tolbert’s Sept. 20 column “No sympathy for Sarah Huckabee Sanders”:

Thank you for putting my thoughts into an acceptable language. You’re absolutely correct, and I must stop before I become uncivilized.

Sharon Harris

The press secretary has got to be the most thankless D.C. job imaginable. There hasn’t been a single one who could shake hands with the truth. The joke of Josh “Not” Earnest and his daily litany of deceit for the Obama admin comes to mind as a recent charade.

Still, Autumn makes the mistake, the cardinal sin of bemoaning Sarah and Trump as liars, while she partakes of the whopper of whoppers by calling Trump racist and sexist.

While there is a case to be made for the chauvinist in Trump, he has enjoyed the accolades of women seeking his power and largesse. When he was talking of “pussy grabbing,” he was talking of women who would enter into that arrangement, would be movie stars, women using their ample assets to attract and gain an advantage for themselves.

The hilarious thing to see are these vag-hatted heifers wearing signs claiming Trump cannot grab their pussy, ignoring the fact that many of these cretins have a hundred Happy Meals past being considered for groping by Trump.

Maybe Autumn needs to talk with those women who support Trump, and the many more that will vote for Trump in 2020, helping him to a second term as prez.