Turnabout fair play
Remember when New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams complained about the amenities in Little Rock during a trip to see the Clinton Library? This is from her July 7 column:
“ANGRY letter from a Sandi Wilkins after what I considered my funny column about visiting her Little Rock, Ark., hometown:
“ ‘You don’t appreciate us, and we do not appreciate you. In New York recently, after the worst play ever, we were at our Marriott Hotel by 10:30 and told we couldn’t have anything to eat, only drinks. I understand why in N.Y. it’s so vital to have a drink!!! No grass, no trees, no sleep because of the constant sounds. People swarmed by peddlers with fake Rolexes. Everyone discourteous, no wonderful lawns or huge homes to relax in. Our waiter said he made $100,000 a year and lived in one bedroom that cost $3,400 a month. You should see what Arkansans have for a whole lot less. I think we will all be happy if we stay out of New York and you stay out of Little Rock.’
“Sandi, hon, it’s a deal.”
Snyder’s war
An editorial in the June 30 Arkansas Times said, correctly, that Rep. Vic Snyder was the only veteran in the Arkansas Congressional delegation. The editorialist then over-extended himself by claiming that Snyder had been a Marine Corps rifleman. The congressman informs us that while all Marines pride themselves on their shooting skills, he was not a “grunt” in Vietnam.
“For about nine months, I was a clerk in the adjutant’s office at the First Marine Division Headquarters north of Danang,” he writes. “For most of my time there, ironically, I helped process inquiries from members of Congress on individual service members. We also all shared in night-time guard duty.
“For my last three months, I was at An Hoa doing clerical chores, including carrying administrative mail to and from Danang by catching helicopter rides. At An Hoa, we also had occasional night-time perimeter duties.”
The smoking paddle
Heard about TheSmokingGun.com? It features copies of police reports, mug shots and other real documents about people and events in the news. We’ve been meaning for several weeks to mention that the website dipped into Arkansas police files recently.
The occasion was the infamous case of the Jacksonville “gentleman’s” club, where strippers administered a birthday spanking to a frisky truck driver. The problem was that the spankers bruised the Bald Knob trucker’s buttocks with a paddle and leather belt after handcuffing him to a pole. He filed a complaint. The strippers were charged with misdemeanor battery.
The money shots: TheSmokingGun has posted the mug shots of the accused strippers. Find them at TheSmokingGun.com. Click on the archives on the home page, then scroll down to “Strippers Busted in Birthday Bash” and click. (Sorry, gentlemen, the pictures are from the necks up.)