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picture of best donuts in Little Rock

The best donuts in Central Arkansas

Ranking the glazed donuts of Little Rock and North Little Rock by the dozen.

Intermission's End: A post-pandemic concert fashion slideshow

We caught up with concertgoers at the door of a beloved pizza dive to take the temperature of post-pandemic concert fashion in Little Rock.

Inconsequential News Quiz: 2 Fast 2 Furious Edition

Play at home while humming Loretta Lynn’s ‘The Pill.’
Caroline Morgan

Reproductive rights advocate Caroline Morgan, uncloaked

Pocahontas native Caroline Jackson Morgan fled for bluer pastures a few years ago, moving her family to Rhode Island for an East Coast reprieve from the South’s rightward march. While there, Morgan joined the Red Cloak Society and successfully lobbied to codify the legal right to abortion in the state. In 2020 Morgan came back, bringing a rack full of red robes and her fire for reproductive justice with her.

Inconsequential News Quiz: To Obesity and Beyond! Edition

Play at home while trying to imagine what’s bad enough to scare Hillary Clinton.

'Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Arkansas' is an essential guidebook

It’s springtime, which means you’re probably spending some time outside gazing at the green glory of The Natural State. A delightful new book published by The Ozark Society will help you gaze eruditely.

The Inconsequential News Quiz: The Fast and the Felonious Edition

Play at home, while being thankful you weren’t dumb enough to bust into the U.S. Capitol with a stun gun.

40 years of Arkansas Times Readers Choice

Forty years ago this year, the Arkansas Times first asked its readers to vote on their favorite restaurants. That kind of history makes our annual Readers Choice restaurant poll the gold standard among an array of latecomers by other publications. To celebrate the anniversary, here are some memorable quotes, factoids and other odds and ends from the last four decades

The Inconsequential News Quiz: Compliant Riot Edition

Play at home, while waiting for the FBI battering ram to hit your door.

The Inconsequential News Quiz: The First Month of the Rest of Your Life Edition

Play at home, while not worrying about what Joe Biden is saying on Twitter.

Arkansas beers to try before you die

Twenty years have gone by since Diamond Bear Brewing revived the art of making beer in Arkansas. In the interim, the craft brewing industry has evolved into something of a scene, with everything from sours to saisons available pretty much whenever you want, in the taproom or in the liquor store cooler. Here we’ve aimed to help you navigate those foamy waters with a selection of a few Arkansas beers worth seeking out. 

Inconsequential News Quiz: Our Long National Nightmare Edition

Play at home, while counting the seconds until Trump is out of the White House.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Defense Against the Dark Arts Edition

Play in jail, while still pissed over your broken headphones.

The Inconsequential News Quiz: Let’s Get Ready to Electorally Rumble Edition

Play at home, while swearing on all that is holy you will vote!

The ins and outs of voting absentee: To get it counted, get it right

Thousands have applied to the Pulaski Circuit/County Clerk’s Office to receive absentee ballots, and thousands more are expected.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Black Lives Matter Edition

Play at home, while studying up on how to safely extinguish tear gas rounds.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Emergency Donut Edition

Play at home, while trying not to cry again today.

Maskerade: Arkansas Times readers show us their homemade facial coverings

The Arkansas Times asked to see your masks, and here’s what you came up with.

Inconsequential News Quiz: It's Good to be Tiger King Edition

Play at home, while staring into the abyss, which also stares into you.

It’s the End of the World As We Know It Edition

Play at home, after scrubbing your hands until they’re cracked and bleeding!