Here are the Little Rock albums we listened to more than any others this year, the ones that meant the most to us and that we’d push on any out-of-towners who asked what was new in the Little Rock music scene. This leaves out dozens of weird and inspiring records by the likes of Wasted Colors, Doc Casino, Chris Denny, BLACK PARTY, Ginsu Wives, Dead Anchors, Cool Chris, Bombay Harambee, Glittercore, Big Piph and countless others who live in Fayetteville or who we’ve never heard of or who released their album too early in the year for us to remember it. We are sorry to all of them. Despite all the sadness in the Little Rock music scene this year (rest in peace, Gerald Johnson, Larry “Goose” Garrison and T.C. Edwards), it was genuinely fun, too, and it’s only getting better.

Amasa Hines – “All The World There Is”


Kari Faux – “Laugh Now, Die Later”

Jim Mize – “Jim Mize”


The Body – “I Shall Die Here”

Adam Faucett – “Blind Water Finds Blind Water”


Bonnie Montgomery – “Bonnie Montgomery”

Pallbearer – “Foundations of Burden”

Goon des Garcons – “Meanwhile…”

Country Florist – “CF-1”


The Coasts – “Racilia”