Revolving door

In Sept. 2004 Dr. John Daller resigned from the UAMS organ transplant program only 11 months after starting it, but stayed on the UAMS payroll for a few more months.


At the time, UAMS officials declined to say why Daller resigned, and even redacted a significant portion of his resignation letter, citing privacy concerns. But he went to work as medical affairs director for Genzyme, a Boston-based company that makes transplant drugs. He still lives in Little Rock.

UAMS spokesperson Leslie Taylor said that Daller’s departure did not hurt the transplant program, because Dr. Youmin Wu (who Daller recruited) was already in place as the lead surgeon. As for the ethical implications of Daller marketing transplant drugs to a program he helped found and a person he recruited, Taylor said that Wu is an expert who is “not easily influenced” and therefore would not make decisions based on his relationship with Daller. Daller did not return our phone call.


Hillcrest lofts?

It’s not quite a done deal yet, but a couple of unnamed developers have signed a provisional agreement to buy the Masonic Lodge on Kavanaugh in Hillcrest. Mike Rushin Jr., the Masons’ real estate agent, said the sale is pending a feasibility study. The developers are looking at putting a business in the ground floor and possibly a couple of studio apartments or a second business upstairs. They have until Nov. 10 to make up their minds, Rushin said.


Data entry

Anyone trying to grab a little cash from a Metropolitan National Bank ATM before the Razorback game on Saturday was out of luck. What’s more, they couldn’t even call to complain about it. Robert Stebbins, senior vice president and director of marketing with Metropolitan, said the bank’s ATM network and voice mail system was down for about four hours on Saturday after a contractor for SBC accidentally cut a transmission line near the company’s data operations center, located in the Colony West shopping center. Even worse, Stebbins said, was that the phone company’s contractor had downed the bank’s ATMs less than a week earlier by partially severing the same line.

“The first time they just nicked it,” Stebbins said. “We figured they’d be more sensitive to the fact that there’s a big data cable down there.”

Backup from LR

Little Rock native Sara Devine was spotted doing background vocals in Alicia Keys’ video for the “unplugged” version of “Unbreakable.” Devine has her own album and a website (, and one of her songs was featured in the film “Beauty Shop” earlier this year.


New feature

The Arkansas Times has added a reader poll to our home page ( We post questions periodically. It’s thoroughly unscientific and strictly for fun and argument.

So far, we’ve polled the candidates for governor and attorney general. Results in the governor’s race – Mike Beebe, 41 percent; Asa Hutchinson, 32; Bill Halter, 14; Rod Bryan, 11; Jim Lendall, 3. Attorney general: Dustin McDaniel, 46; Paul Suskie, 30; Robert Herzfeld, 16; Gunner DeLay, 8.