Deltic delay bid

While Central Arkansas Water awaits a ruling from Circuit Judge Mackie Pierce on its request for an expedited trial on the condemnation of Deltic Timber property in the Lake Maumelle watershed, Deltic has asked the judge to put off the trial for a year.


Watershed management director Bruno Kirsch, in an update to interested parties, said Deltic wants Pierce to delay the trial until September 2006 “due to conflicts.” Kirsch didn’t specify what the conflicts were.

Deltic nearly succeeded in stripping CAW of its condemnation rights in the last legislative session so that Deltic could proceed with its Ridges at Nowlin Creek development, which would be in the most sensitive watershed area, Zone 1, of Little Rock’s water supply. Some observe that by putting off a trial until just before the 2007 General Assembly, Deltic could gain lobbying time.


Sky high

Looking for a skybox from which to watch college basketball? If you have $20,000, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock may have one for you to lease.


When the Trojans moved their home games from Alltel Arena to the new Jack Stephens Center on campus, skybox owners at Alltel were given the first chance at the 12 boxes in the Stephens Center. All except one, we’re told, were purchased. A skybox leaser gets 14 tickets to the game and has a space with 10 plush leather seats and four upright chairs, a kitchenette, bar and TV, plus four parking passes.

The skyboxes line the top of the south-side stands in the center.

Local talent

Hang around for the credit reel at this Friday’s showing of “Loggerheads” at Market Street Cinema and you’ll see the name of Kathryn Tucker of Little Rock, who was associate producer, assistant to the director and still photographer for the critically acclaimed indie. Stick around a little longer and you’ll get to take part in a Q. and A. with Tucker after the 7:30 p.m. screening of the film.


Set in North Carolina in the early 1990s and starring Tess Harper, Bonnie Hunt and Michael Learned, “Loggerheads” weaves together the stories of people dealing with weighty personal issues like homosexuality and adoption. The film has been a selection of several prominent film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival.

Tucker is the daughter of downtown developer Rett Tucker and his wife, Becky.