CENTRAL ARKANSAS WATER. A House committee drove a stake through Deltic Timber’s bill to control Lake Maumelle watershed development. The bill got a rare “do not pass” vote, urged by House Speaker Bill Stovall.
REORGANIZATION. The Little Rock School Board okayed Superintendent Roy Brooks’ plan to cut about 100 jobs out of the 320-job administrative staff.
EUREKA SPRINGS. It has some sharp high school students. They raised heck about the religious component of an anti-drug program that a Minnesota organization has been able to market to public schools at $2,000 or so per assembly. Girls were told there’d be “black spots” on their wedding dress if they held hands with a boy.
MINOR LEAGUE BASKETBALL. Nearly 15,000 people attended the Arkansas RimRockers season-ender at Alltel.

LIVING TRIBUTES. Wonder what’s going to happen at Bentonville, where a new library is going to be named for former Wal-Mart exec Thomas Coughlin, who left the board amid an investigation into expense account abuses?
GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE. He underwent surgery for an abdominal hernia. On the other hand, it gave him an excuse to be absent from the legislature, which hasn’t paid him a lot of mind anyway.
The LEGISLATURE. At last report they were still grubbing for money for pet projects and pet developers and doing their best to limit new investments in public schools. School groups say the legislature is $160 million short of meeting cost-of-living and other essential expenses.