ART LOVERS. Alice Walton unveiled the Walton Family Foundation’s plans for a gorgeous park and $50 million Bentonville art museum stuffed with American art. Taxpayers be proud: You’re providing the world’s richest family with almost a 10 percent discount on the tab through a state sales tax break.
SEN. MARK PRYOR. He got lots of attention for being at the center of an effort to work out a compromise on the Senate impasse on judicial nominations and the filibuster rule. In time, we’ll know if that was a good or bad thing.
SCHOOLS AND LOCAL GOVERN-MENT IN PULASKI COUNTY. The state Supreme Court reversed lower court rulings on a 1996 reappraisal that could have required $15 million in taxpayer refunds.
ST. VINCENT INFIRMARY. It recorded a small profit in 2004, after several years of losses, and also reported improvement in mortality rates and treatment of heart attack patients. Maybe it’s those good union nurses. Think how much more compassionate it would appear if it would allow the Arkansas Times on the property.
BIG-SCREEN TV. War Memorial Stadium will spend $1 million to put giant TV screens up so fans can watch instant replays of the action they’ve just witnessed.
AFLEET ALEX. Despite a collision at the top of the stretch, the Arkansas Derby winner ran to a victory in the Preakness Stakes.

The LITTLE ROCK HOUSING AUTHORITY. It moved to evict a resident who complained to the Arkansas Times about malfunctioning fire alarms during a deadly high-rise fire. (More on this page.)
CHARTER SCHOOLS. The Academics Plus Charter School, the pioneering open-enrollment charter in Maumelle, finds itself mired in a growing number of lawsuits, accounting problems and questions about testing procedures. So much for the presumption that sticking the title “charter” on a school is a ticket to smooth sailing.