It was a good week for …

JERMAIN TAYLOR. The Little Rock middleweight boxer won an undisputed world title with a split decision over Bernard Hopkins in Las Vegas. He’ll get a rematch and a bigger payday, and the Razorback state suddenly became fight crazy.
GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE. He became chairman of the National Governors Association, which will inject his name in news articles on all kinds of subjects for the next year.
COMMUTERS. The highway department is finally working seriously on solutions to the bottleneck at Interstates 430 and 630. If somebody would only come up with $61 million or so, it could be done. This, by the way, is another example of the folly of tax-cut talk by the governor and his ilk.
MIKE WILSON. The former Jacksonville legislator and lawyer sued to attack the legislature’s pork barrel spending as unconstitutional local legislation. This is trickier legal ground than it may appear, but his effort could only have a positive effect on the greed heads.
It was a bad week for …
LT. GOV. WIN ROCKEFELLER. He announced just at our deadline that treatment for blood cancer required him to drop out of the 2006 Republican race for governor. It’s bad form to say, of course, but this clears the road to the GOP nomination for Asa Hutchinson, who had trailed Rockefeller in fund-raising in initial campaign finance filings.
GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE. His announced theme as NGA chairman of achieving a healthier America through personal responsibility is a snoozer, though, by calculation, it is unlikely to rile tobacco, candy and soda pop lobbies. No snoozer, but meanly calculating, is his big idea to cut Medicaid costs by imposing new fees to discourage poor people from seeking medical care.
COMMON SENSE. The Legislative Council approved its part of a plan to spend a quarter of a BILLION dollars to pump water from the White River to 900 farmers who’ve already ruined the East Arkansas aquifer. After the White River, then what?