June 25-July 1, 2008

It was a good week for …



The UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS-FAYETTEVILLE. John White served his last day as chancellor and David Gearhart assumed the office. That means the departure of the last of the major figures who played key roles in the athletic soap operas that dominated UA news the last few years. Back to class. Maybe.



SAVING GAS. Metroplan decided to improve an on-line program that lines up people to share rides to work.



RON MATHIEU. He was named executive director of Little Rock National Airport.


U.S. REP. VIC SNYDER. The 60-year-old congressman announced his wife, Rev. Betsy Singleton, 47, is pregnant — with triplets.



It was a bad week for …


The TRUTH. Gen. Wesley Clark said getting shot down in combat wasn’t a qualification to be president. True. But this was immediately interpreted as a slap at John McCain’s patriotism. It wasn’t, but Hillary Clinton can tell Barack Obama that the facts don’t matter much when the media has chosen sides.


VICE MAYOR STACY HURST. Her decision to get the city to pay $1,770 for a flattering profile of her in a society magazine led to hot controversy and her subsequent decision to repay the money.


HELENA-WEST HELENA MAYOR JAMES VALLEY. He was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for releasing stray dogs in woods because of inadequate care at a city shelter.



CLEAN AIR. With cheerleading by an industrialist who sits on the commission, the Pollution Control and Ecology Commission declined to define the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide as a contaminant. It’s not for Arkansas to keep up to date with science.


UNION COUNTY JP JACK REYNOLDS. He was arrested for firing an assault rifle at hunters in March.