It was a good week for …

MORRIL HARRIMAN. Gov. Mike Beebe appointed his longtime friend and chief of staff to the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees.


U.S. REP. TOM COTTON. He got married to Virginia lawyer Anna Peckham.

It was a bad week for …


JUDGE MIKE MAGGIO. The Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission is reviewing circumstances of campaign contributions made to Maggio’s aborted race for Arkansas Court of Appeals. The panel already was investigating comments Maggio made under a pseudonym to an LSU fan website, including remarks about women, race and sexual orientation, as well as his revealing information about the confidential adoption of a child in Faulkner County by actress Charlize Theron. Since then, reports have emerged noting the coincidence of timing in creation of political action committees by Little Rock lawyer Chris Stewart. All the PACs got initial contributions from the nursing home empire of Michael Morton of Fort Smith. He also controlled a nursing home on the losing end of a $5.2 million jury verdict in Maggio’s court. Maggio ultimately reduced the verdict to $1 million.

SHERIDAN HIGH SCHOOL. School officials ordered the school yearbook to scrap six planned student profiles rather than include one on Taylor Ellis, a gay student who talked about his experience.


ARKANSAS’S 12-WEEK ABORTION BAN. Federal Judge Susan Webber Wright completed the job she’d started with an earlier injunction: She struck down the 2013 law that prohibited most abortions beginning with the 12th week of pregnancy.

JACK GILLEAN. The former University of Central Arkansas chief of staff was convicted by a jury in Clinton of six burglary charges in supplying a student with a master key to gain access to professors’ offices to obtain copies of tests.

PULASKI TECHNICAL COLLEGE. A proposed 1.9 property tax millage to support Pulaski Tech was soundly defeated at the polls.

GARY MEADOR. The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality fired Meador, a 34-year veteran landfill inspector in Baxter County, because he’d placed an RV for hunting on a landfill he inspected.