What do you do when your aunt gives you an immersion blender for Christmas and your mom gives you half of her rosemary plant? Why, you make rosemary and white bean soup!

We’ve made other soups in the past that require blending and pureeing hot liquids–at least once the hot liquids exploded all over me–and transferring the soup back and forth from pot to blender/food processor is quite a chore. That’s why our cordless blender was such a blessing. No longer do we have to trudge across the kitchen, ladel by ladel, to puree our soups. Unfortunately for our dogs, this means less mess on the floor for them to clean up.


Although the picture of the soup looks a little bland, the soup itself is not. Served up nice and hot, it’s the perfect thing for a chilly night, and the deep flavor is very comforting. Leftovers seem to get better and better the longer they sit in the fridge (but not too long), an added bonus if making the whole recipe just for yourself or only a few people. Although I shy away from labeling the soup as “healthy,” it’s not all that bad for you and is packed full of protein from the white beans. You could even make it completely vegetarian by taking out the chicken stock and substituting in vegetable stock.

Considering we have our own rosemary bush now, expect more dishes with this hearty herb. I’ve already made some garlic and herb monkey bread. Any suggestions or requests for using rosemary?


HELP: A reader who loves white bean soup and laments its demise on the Faded Rose menu asks for suggestions on where to find it in a local restaurant.