Jason Thompson, Johnny Mac and Graham Cobb are the Reds.

The Reds


Formed: Summer of ’05.

From: Little Rock

Johnny Mac (lead vocals, bass), Graham Cobb (vocals, guitar), Jason Thompson (drums).


History: For years, Johnny Mac did the solo thing. Here and there he added two-man support and called them the Reds. Here’s a list of past Reds swiped from a Johnny Mac post from the band’s MySpace:

The Reds are/were:


me, Dave Hoffpauir, Jack – 1 show

me, Dave Hoffpauir, Mike Nelson – 2 shows

me, Jon Rice, Straw – 1 show

me, Straw, Justin Collins – 2 shows


me, Justin Collins, Jeremy Brasher – 2 shows

me, Jason Thompson, Graham Cobb

Sounds like: Spare, bass-heavy, pop rock that’s sort of new-wave-y.

What’s in a name: “Not like communists. Like colors.”
You be the judge: Graham Cobb was one of the hordes who emailed me in disbelief after I dissed Michael Anthony. He was nice and funny about it. He was also nice and self-deprecating enough to send over a high school year book picture of himself where he looks uncannily like Wolfgang Van Halen.

Living the dream.

Where you’ll find them:
White Water, Vino’s. On Monday, the Reds play the Thick Syrup night at Sticky Fingerz with the Magic Cropdusters. Then on Feb. 28 they’re at Vino’s.


“Eddie Leatherwood”

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