9 p.m., Easy Street Cabaret Room. $5.


I haven’t hung out there in a minute, but well-placed sources tell me that Fayetteville is going through a moribund period musically. Here’s hoping that David’s Pegasus picks the scene up and carries it on its back. Using video game sound effects to make music isn’t new — it’s called bitpop — but David’s Pegasus has taken that model one step further and created an 8-bit videogame world to accompany and the tell the story of its music. There’s King David, a refugee from a Bible trivia game, and Pegasus, a winged equine hero of Rainbow Pegasus Land. If we’re lucky, the band will have its A/V display in full effect on Saturday. Regardless, Barry Brinegar’s doleful lead vocals and the band’s moody, electronic shaded music are strong enough to stand on their own. The Always Already, out of Austin, Texas, describes its sound as “post-punk meets new-wave dance-pop.” With honking keyboard lines and skittish drum machine beats, the duo is bound to have the kids dancing — or at least convulsing a little.