8 p.m., Revolution. $12.

Husband and wife Americana duo Over the Rhine perform at Revolution tonight. With Garrison Starr, a long-tenured Southern singer/songwriter.


The New Yorker’s culture blog has an item today about a song Over the Rhine wrote after they visited the White House.

The invite pleased but troubled the duo, who eventually put aside their political reservations and accepted, figuring they’d at least get a chance to meet face to face with some of the folks whose policies they disagreed with. After the appearance, they came up with a sweet little song, “If A Song Could Be President.” With lines like “Emmylou would be ambassador / World leaders would listen to her” and “John Prine would run the F.B.I. / All the criminals would laugh and cry,” it presents quite an admirable Administration. It can be found on the band’s latest CD, “The Trumpet Child,” as well as on its Myspace page.


Localist also has a nice, long interview with half the duo, Linford Detweiler.