A boy named Sooie writes to plug a new blog obsession of his:

Just a quick note to shake those of you sleeping on major sports media developments out of your ESPN-induced slumber. The Sporting News, apropos of being the weekly sports rag that arrives three days too late for its great baseball coverage to be remotely relevant, has all of a sudden staffed the hell out of its online division.  The Sporting Blog is a one-stop-shop a la Deadspin, sans the increasingly pasty and painful Will Leitch, with Dan Shanoff, the veteran print journalist who’s made the best transition to flippant but penetrating online dispatches, leading the charge.  Keep up with Berman-Gate, Rocket-Gate, Isaiah-Gate, and whatever other lurid -gate that befalls the sporting world!  And all with the best guides in the business!  Add it to your reader today!


Looks good after a quick perusal, where I learned that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit gallery is up for those of you with offices, secure cubicles or lax work policies on browsing pics of nearly nude women. In other words, its generally NSFW. Plus, the exposure of Chris Berman’s inner-assholeish is pretty great.