I woke up to this on NPR the other day. I may figure out a way to rip the audio and program my alarm to always wake me with James Brown and Pavarotti.

Richard Ford, who we often claim as an Arkansan for his summers spent in Little Rock, has left longtime publisher Knopf and editor of almost two decades for Ecco, an imprint of Harper Collins. Ford is scheduled to release a novel tentatively titled “Canada” in 2010. His new publisher describes it as a “novel of revenge and violent retribution set on the Saskatchewan prairie, in the early 1960s.” Ford added, “If Cormac McCarthy can write dark, bloody woman-less prose about the desolate southwest, why can’t I do the same for Canada.”


Surely you have the new Re-Up Gang mixtape, “We Got It for Cheap, Vol. 3.” Clipse!

Finally, an mp3 leak of the new surprisingly good R.E.M. Plus, a fairly boring video for the song.


There’s a video for the best song on Kanye’s latest. It’s a bit ponderous. And cleavage-y.

John Cameron Mitchell contributed a fairly awesome 70s soul mix to Soul Sides, the best mp3 blog going. Part one and two.

Killer collage via Meathaus, a regular afternoon-killer.