Millar v. Bradley I

If you’re a true Razorback fan and your bracket pool buy-in isn’t high stakes (a different number for everyone, but something financially significant), you’re morally obligated to pick the Hogs all the way through. Doing two brackets is a cop-out.

I made my case on the Buzz yesterday, and got the head over heart retort from Justin, Freaky Joe and Pat. Then Pat took it to a new level, and I raised the gauntlet.


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Apparently, I’m hugely in the minority because in our office pool (AKA Arkansas Times v. A Boy Named Sooie) I’m the only one picking the Hogs all the way through. I haven’t had deep sports conversations with everyone in the office, but I think it’s safe to say that A Boy Named Sooie is the only person who actually knows anything substantive about college basketball and beyond him I’m the only one who even occasionally watches SportsCenter. Not that it matters in March Madness.


Here are the brackets:

A Boy Named Sooie
Lindsey Millar
Max Brantley
Erica Schaffer
Doug Smith
Brian Chilson
Leslie Peacock
David Koon
Jennifer Reed
Paul Peterson
John C. Williams
Tiffany Holland
Mindy Shaw
Michelle Miller