In today’s Dem-Gaz.

THE 411 ON 607: Regarding an earlier item on local rapper 607 (Adrian Tillman) schedule to appear at Riverfest, turns out I wasn’t fully informed. He’s known for performing for and with the children he volunteers with through a hip-hop afterschool program, leading one to conclude 607 alters his show to fit his audiences.


That followed this letter from Mr. Morbid and 607’s dad, Bobby Tillman. Best letter ever? And not because of the Times props. He makes some strong points, works in a dig about the Dem-Gaz’s pay-for-content website and signs off brilliantly.

Bias Ignoramus? Your article in Wednesday’s edition of the Arkansas Democrat
Gazette paper trails, not only slandered/demeaned 607 but manifest your desire to judge the Musicians Showcase. The Arkansas Times newspaper plainly and
unequivocally announced 607 winner… an unquestionable fact! And if you
haven’t notice, presentation and professionalism varies according to age and audience. Even Elvis Presley during prime time appeared tame.


Had you researched the costly Arkansas Democrat Gazette, you would have
discovered 607 societal contributions. Maybe you are as frighten as your parents were in the 1950’s & 1960’s…the beginning of Rock & Roll and Jerry Lee Lewis era? Beware, lest you mistake your prejudices for convictions. Fear sometimes make people unwilling to listen to Hip-Hop, fear that their own social mores may be challenged?
Because of the gracious and  free Arkansas Times, we have precise, succinct, quality information at no cost to the public… an organization unwilling to fleece a public which already struggled to survive economic hardships. Not to mentioned rising fuel prices!

The Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase forges new opportunities for local aspirations. The 2008 Riverfest – Memorial Day weekend offers hope, while
proving this great state embraces entrepreneurship, hard work and talent, through noble and legitimate efforts.


Note to you – consider yourself “microphone” checked by the proud father of Mr. Morbid and 607.