8 p.m., Alltel Arena. $45-$75.

In 1988, three catering employees appeared on the streets of New York City in identical regalia performing for passersby and staging unusual experimental theater and underground cabarets. Fast-forward 20 years and you have the international phenomenon known as Blue Man Group, a multimedia rock ‘n’ roll experience centered around three homologues, creatures approximating real male humans, static in appearance, earless, with bright blue heads and nondescript utilitarian clothing, who command and instruct thousands of people in the tried-and-true art of achieving megastardom. This is accomplished primarily by demonstrating moves and antics prescribed in its Rock Concert Instruction manual. Rooted in tribal percussion, BMG is backed by a bulletproof band performing mind-bending arrangements against a psychedelic neon backdrop of colors and self-invented instruments. Expect plenty of audience participation, odd props, sophisticated lighting and a humorous, energetic and thought-provoking satire on modernity when the BMG returns to Alltel Arena


—Paul Peterson

Q: Your touring schedule is pretty rigorous. Days off are few and far between. Later next month you’ve got a 10-show run in Paris.


A: Yes it is. We usually do about 10 shows in 11 days. Europe’s next. We’ll do about two weeks there after that we’ll travel around Europe for a week we’re going to Brussels then we go to Korea for two weeks

Q:  For someone who saw your Little Rock show 1 1/2 years ago, what can a returning fan can anticipate for the 2.1 gig?


A: There’ll be some elements of the show that are the same. It’s a continually evolving thing. We’re super process-oriented. There’s never really a result. Even tonight, you’ll never see the same show twice but at the same time there’ll be stuff people who are really big fans will appreciate. There’s stuff we bring back.