The Little Rock Film Festival, May 15-18, posted its schedule today. I haven’t had a chance to really delve into it (more later), but after a quick run through, I’d be surprised if anything got me more pumped than “Blood Car.” Here’s the synopsis:

In the near future gas prices are at an all time high, nearing almost forty dollars a gallon. Archie Andrews, an environmentalist, vegan schoolteacher, is determined to find an alternate fuel source. While experimenting with various wheat grass concoctions, he accidentally stumbles upon a solution. Blood. Blood is the solution. Human blood. Archie soon becomes the only person driving a car and attracts the attention of a slutty, sex crazed, sex slut named Denise. Unable to turn down her advances, Archie gets attached to her filthy sex and the only way to continue getting that filthy sex is to keep the car running. But Blood Cars don’t drive themselves. They require the blood of humans! Clouded by thoughts of Denise (censored)ing in his (censored), Archie begins grinding up local town folk in his self made Blender Trunk. A string of random murders does not go unnoticed though. A handful of halfwit government agents are dispersed to obtain the Blood Car and Archie’s choice of whether to kill people for sex or not pales in comparison to the decision he will be forced to make. Let’s just say it involves the government. And children. Lots and lots of innocent children.


The girl from “My Girl” stars. Not as the “slutty, sex crazed, sex slut.”