8 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. $4.

Nathan Brown, a.k.a. Browningham, the smooth soul crooner with a voice to rival Michael McDonald’s, has a unique passion: He loves the eight-track. Brown argues that eight-tracks didn’t catch on because of low fidelity or impracticality, but because of “human error, laziness, irresponsibility or bad decision making.” With his new eight-track project Dead Media — a label, analog recording service, used eight-track store and repair service — he hopes to expose the medium’s true potential. On Monday, in conjunction with Thick Syrup Records Monday night showcase, Dead Media celebrates its first release, “You’re Really Hot!” by the Crisco Kids. The Kids, one of Little Rock’s most unhinged punk groups, will perform along with local folk-rockers Stacy Mackey and awesome-sounding new garage punks the Buttons. Don’t have an eight-track? No worries. They’ll be for sale along with T-shirts and more.