The best spooky, late-night summer jam ever.
Rock Candy homie Corporal Bubonic is returning to the airwaves tonight after a three week hiatus. He usually does the 10 p.m.-midnight slot on KABF 88.3 every other Thursday. Tonight, he tells me, is all about summer jams, past and present, evocative and literal.


Which is a good jumping off point to ask, what makes a good summer jam?

Mentioning summer helps. See countless iterations of “Summertime” (but not the Fresh Prince one), Springsteen’s Magnetic Fields-ish “Girls in the Summer Clothes” (a sub-topic worthy of entire mixes) and Kool and the Gang’s Moog-awesome “Summer Madness.”


The Beach Boys, obviously. Or more broadly, maximalist pop. Like muti-part harmonies, lush orchestration, lots of hooks, sunny dispositions. So: Phil Spector, Van Dyke Parks, Jan and Dean, the Elephant 6 bands, Caribou, the New Pornographers, etc. etc.

Ubiquity, but in a way that takes a while to get terrible. Vulture and Idolator and are doing “Umbrella” watches and Summer Jam Tournaments, series of posts that try to guess what this year’s summer jam is going to be. No, no, no to “Love in the Club.” Yes, yes, yes to “American Boy.”


Thoughts? Or favorite summer jams?

Check, too, the Soul Sides spin-off, Soul Summer, for a diverse mix of summer related mp3s.