CHIP’S BARBECUE This place has been operating since 1961. This was our first trip ever, even after living in Central Arkansas all our life. We ordered the rib dinner, 10 ounces of delicious thick loin back ribs, and the 8-ounce chopped beef dinner. The restaurant touts that the majority of their recipes are from scratch. The sides we ate were downright great, not like institutional food service stuff sometimes served elsewhere. The two diagonally cut buttered French bread slices were huge and came with both dinners. The barbecue beans were thick with flavor. The slaw had just the right balance of cabbage and sauce. We’re kind of particular about our potato salad. So we asked about it and were offered a sample. It passed the test. It’s a tasty mix of potato, onion, chunks of boiled egg and other seasonings in a mayo base. They offer several heat levels of barbecue sauce. We liked the mild. We’re just betting that the other appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts on the menu are probably kin to what we enjoyed. 9801 W. Markham. No alcohol. CC $-$$ 225-4346 LD Mon.-Sat.