Anyone who has children can tell you that one of the biggest challenges of parenting is figuring out how and what to feed those picky little creatures. My son is so choosy when it comes to his meals that he hardly eats anything at all. Sometimes I’m surprised that he hasn’t fallen into a malnutrition comma.  Faith Anaya was faced with similar challenges in raising her son and she decided to do something about it. She launched her own business in 2004 called Kids Cook. The program is very popular so many of you may already know about it, but here is some info for those of you that don’t.

Kids Cook is a hands-on cooking workshop for kids ages 4 and up. Wearing tiny aprons and working with child-friendly utensils, the kids that participate get to experiment with preparing their own meals in a professional kitchen. The idea is that if you can get the kids involved, you can get them eating. The Kids Cook website says, “If they begin to take some responsibility for their part in making the food, they become part of the family food creative process instead of an onlooker whose only power is the veto.” While the focus is always on providing a fun and creative experience for the child, Kids Cook classes also teach the importance of eating healthy.


The classes are held on the third floor of the River Market and they fill up very quickly. So if you are interested, act fast. Click here to view the website and class schedule.