If you are a man, or if you are married to one, or if you just so happen to live with one, chances are, you are familiar with “wings”. Somehow, this is a food that all men love. Being the obliging little wife, I tagged along with my husband to check out the new wing joint downtown. 801 Wings, located at 801 W. Markham in downtown Little Rock, opened on Monday. For their second day of being open for business, the place was surprisingly busy. 801 Wings is the second wings restaurant for owners Tori and Derrick Blake. (Their other restaurant is in Bryant.) The wings were good, if you like that kind of thing. However, if you don’t, there’s not anything else to choose from unless you come in on a Friday. On Fridays, they sell fried fish dinners along with their usual offerings. The sides are typical for a wing joint, like coleslaw and French fries, but they also offer onion rings and fried okra. The service was a little shoddy, but that’s to be expected on only the second day. I’m sure that those kinks will be ironed out soon. The prices are not bad either. For $16 we got 20 wings and 3 mountainous side orders. (Um, the picture above might make the portions seem small, but you can ask my hungry husband about that.) If you work downtown, it might not be a bad idea to pick up a menu. I know the men in the office will appreciate it.
Ideally, if they had a salad bar and served the fish dinners everyday, it could be a great little lunch spot. Until then, my husband (and probably yours, too) is happy with just the wings.   

801 Wings
801 W. Markham
Little Rock, AR
Open Monday-Friday 11:00-2:30