UPDATE: Jezebel’s got pictures of Korto’s collection on the runway.

We’ve still got a month left before we get an answer, but after the final six from “Project Runway” debuted their collections this morning at Bryant Park in New York as part of Fashion Week, there are twitter and live blog feeds from the show to parse to death.


So, tidbits:

Little Rock’s Korto Momolu’s collection is inspired by nature. “Everyone knows I’m from Africa,” she tells the audience. But she doesn’t forgot the Natural State, and adds something like, “Arkansas is pretty, too.”


She walks down the runway with her daughter. She dances backstage whilst her models walk the runway. She’s just like us!

Jezebel describes her outfits in words that are mostly meaningless to me. Maybe you’ll have better luck: “a vivid teal stretch column,” “neutral and more voluminous,” “super short, bright green,” “short green dress with interesting neckline. Fabric is folded and pleated and twisted.”


Overall: “hot and tropical and pretty.” Woo-hoo.

Then there’s “Project Runway’s” Twitter. Taken with the Jezbel account, it seems obvious it’s coming down to Korto and LeAnn. The Twitter gives more love for LeAnn, but it could be all about obfuscating.