“Eat it American Princes!” Lauren de Miranda might say if she was snarky and knew who the American Princes were. The top pop singer on the Arkansas charts until recently (when she fell, precipitously, to number seven, tied with Arkansas Jonas Girls), the Fayetteville native could become famous overnight if the tweeners fall for her song “How Long,” which’ll play on “The Hills” on Monday.

According to her promotional bio, de Miranda began her career as a dancer, first with the Western Arkansas Ballet and later with the Joffrey Ballet. Then, her vocal demoes (and picture?) caught the attentions of Run DMC Productions, who were putting together a girl-group called Calico. That didn’t work, so now the vocalist is in LA working with producer Mark Jackson, who’d done work for Eminem, Nancy Sinatra and the top pop singer in Korea. A debut album is expected this summer.


Here’s “How Long”: