With winter’s chilly wind starting to blow, it’s time to pull out the hot cocoa.  Some folks settle for powder; others add in marshmallows or cream.  Still others make theirs from scratch, or add an alcoholic component.

A couple of chocolate afficianadoes add a kick of spice to their cups.  Leif Hassell goes for a Mexican version of the warmth bringer:


“Mexican Chocolate (made with cinnamon, vanilla, and raw sugar), heavy cream.  Melt in double boiler till chocolate is dissolved. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  The bomb.”

Kristina Bosch also likes to kick up the heat:


“Hot milk (not boiling) with cocoa powder, a touch of chili powder or cinnamon, a dash of homemade espresso, and hand-whipped cream (not too much) with a sprinkle of baker’s sugar on the top.”

At Chez Robinson, the hubster tends to add in a shot of milk to one of the higher grade powders, such as Land O’Lakes or Godiva.  When I am in the mood, the double boiler comes out with some 65% bittersweet chocolate and heavy cream, melted together and then blended with whole milk until the right consistancy is reached.


How do you do your cocoa?  Share your thoughts and comments.