WAY OVER EASY:  The Old Souths eggs, perfectly cooked

  • Kat Robinson
  • WAY OVER EASY: The Old South’s eggs, perfectly cooked

There are a lot of places around Arkansas where you can get breakfast anytime. But finding locally owned joints that serve it up when you want it is harder. I had to wrack my brain a little, but one place that came to mind was where we went late night when I was in college at Arkansas Tech. Of course, I’m thinking about the Old South.


Back then it was the only 24 hour game in the town of Russellville (if you didn’t count the Waffle Houses that sat on either side of Exit 81 from each other). Tech students populated it overnight on a regular basis. You could have a whole booth to yourself, as long as you bought at least one item off the menu. For me back then, it was usually the $1.05 honeybun, which was served up either hot or cold. Sometimes if you ordered it hot, it was microwaved; other times it was obviously fried. You could also get a burger any hour of the day, or breakfast. Yeah, breakfast.

I found myself exhausted coming back from my recent trip to Ft. Smith and in need of coffee and vittles to get back to Little Rock on. What the heck, I decided. The Old South sounded good, and I knew the restaurant would be open.