EGGS, OVER WELL:  At Trevors Cafe in Dumas

  • Kat Robinson
  • EGGS, OVER WELL: At Trevor’s Cafe in Dumas

This weekend was spent doing research across the southern portion of the state. On the way down, Grav Weldon and I stopped in at a little place called Trevor’s Café in Dumas.


Now, I’d been there before. Photographer Leif Hassell and Hunter and I stopped in for a bite after we’d covered Ding Dong Daze last month. At the time, the place was packed. Trevor’s offers this lunchtime buffet for $8.58 that includes fried chicken, barbecue ribs, fried catfish and more, and the place had packed out. On any other given day, we’d have been all about that. But the festival had been tremendously hot, and all I wanted to do was to sit in the air conditioning and make sure Hunter got food and cooled off.