8 p.m., Juanita’s. $8.

This “Bottle Rocket”-referencing outfit of melodic soundscapers hails from McAllen, Texas. The group sounds like a lot of other ambitious Texas bands, but it’s set apart, consciously or not, by coming from one of the hottest — no, one of the most scorching — places in America, situated five minutes away from the Mexican border and, until recently, snow-free for over a century. See, if fellow orchestral rockers Arcade Fire evoke Canadian snow and bluster, Dignan tries for the sound of expansive heat and blisters. It’s a reverbed, harmonic type of noise, full of simple dynamism and choral tones ready to lay some ethereal loftiness in suburban familiarity. And with a touring schedule that keeps the four-piece nurturing its sound while on the road throughout half the year, you can expect a show tighter than a two-day-old sunburn. They’re joined by electric folk tour mates Farewell Flight (watch out for their killer cover of “Streets of Philadelphia”), local harmonic power-poppers Whale Fire and long-time bedroom rockers Bear Colony.